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February 12, 2016

Republicans Make Massive TV Reservation For Mike Coffman’s… Wife

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Mike Coffman is a Colorado Republican. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A Republican group reserved $2.6 million in Denver television time for a House incumbent’s wife who is running for Colorado Attorney General.

The Republican Attorneys General Association Colorado PAC reserved the air time from Oct. 7 through Election Day to boost Colorado Chief Deputy Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. She is the wife of Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., who faces one of the most competitive House races of the cycle.  

“RAGA is investing heavily in this race because Colorado voters are rejecting the Obama agenda and making it clear that they want leaders like Cynthia Coffman who will rein in the federal government,” RAGA political director Scott Will said in a statement.

Mike Coffman’s 6th District is in the Denver suburbs — so there’s a chance he might benefit too from the blitz. He faces former state Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Both men are running strong campaigns and are top fundraisers.

The 6th District race is rated Tossup by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Sally

    “rejecting the Obama agenda?” Oh, you mean the agenda that believes in health care for Americans regardless of income, fixing our crumbling infrastructure with good paying jobs, equal pay for women, equal rights for women and minorities, equal rights for gays, talking over bombing, and kids getting a quality public education? Yeah, I guess I can see where a few Coloradans with mush for brains might be against that (oh, and a few millionaires maybe.) Everyone else ought to be banging drums for that horrid ‘agenda’ of helping people. Sounds rather Christian to me.

  • Average_Voter

    Sally neglects to mention that the Obama agenda has taken the U.S. deficit from $10 billion to $17+billion in just five and a half years. The current budget is already half a billion in red ink. 74% of the national GDP is devoted to the U.S. debt. Without a doubt, this is unsustainable and condemns our children and grandchildren to a stark and desperate economic future.
    Talking over bombing? Wasn’t it our Nobel Peace Prize winning president the one who was all gung ho to bomb Syria, but found little Congressional or popular support?
    No wonder support for Obama is dwindling in Colorado to the point that Mark Udall, John Hickenlooper, and Andrew Romanoff won’t even let themselves be seen with him when the president is in the state!

  • Matt

    Put the crackpipe down, please.

  • docb

    One of them will need a job because birther personhood coffman is losing his…She is no better than Gessler the crook that currently hold the job!

  • docb

    Utter debunked bagger claptrap, avie! The debt and deficit are down and PPACA is one of the reasons.. Hick played pool with the President 2 weeks ago, Udall missed a fundraiser but did show up later and romanoff is a lite weight but will beat birther coffman! Lies, Liars, and damn lies!

    kff,org debunks the claptrap you spew!

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