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February 5, 2016

NRSC Chairman: Senate Map Has Expanded to 12 States

In the 2014 elections, Moran leads the NRSC. (CQ Roll Call)

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jerry Moran said Tuesday the GOP’s pickup opportunities have expanded to around a dozen states — twice as many as needed to take control of the Senate.

“I think we have a good map in the sense that we have good candidates and good states,” Moran told CQ Roll Call’s Niels Lesniewski. “The map has expanded over time. In my view, [it] started out with six or seven — now 10 or 12.”

Republicans have clear advantages in South Dakota, West Virginia and Montana. About three months before the elections, the party is also in a better position in Iowa and Colorado than it was at the beginning of the year, and the GOP is giving Democratic incumbents strong challenges in states including Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Alaska.

Beyond that, Republicans are hopeful in Michigan, New Hampshire, Minnesota and a couple others, though Democrats remain favored in each of those.

“Again, all — all circumstances are positive for having good candidates in states that they can win,” Moran said.

Of course, Republicans also have reasons to be concerned about their chances: Democrats are raising significant amounts of money, the GOP lacks a track record of defeating Democratic incumbents and the Republican brand is highly unpopular.

Democrats are also targeting the GOP-held seats in Kentucky and Georgia, though Republicans remain favored in both.

Click here to see the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call ratings map.

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  • Layla

    I think Congress is going to be absolutely shocked at what’s coming your way at the polls in November.

  • Militiades

    The party of business will win. Democrat or Republican. It always wins. Only in the “greatest country in the world” would the minimum wage be 25% lower than all those “socialist” modern countries that can also afford national health care. Like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britan, Italy, Norway….etc…etc. Don’t worry though…..we get to have that great “abortion” debate every 2 years ever since we put a man on the moon. How I love political reruns.

  • SamSmart

    If Obama declares amnesty for illegals, all twelve of those Democrat senators will be in big trouble.

  • Mad Patriot

    Higher wages without higher productivity = higher costs and less jobs.

  • fedup

    blah blah blah blah

  • Poppa

    you say the R brand is unpopular – I say obama has ruined the dem brand for a generation.

  • Layla

    The ENTIRE Congress will be in big trouble. Boomers and Millenials make up the largest voting blocs in this country and both are suffering as a result of Democrat policies.


  • Southernationalist

    One thing you can count on- Obama will be the first and LAST Black President

  • jasonm1980

    The “R” brand is unpopular obviously because of democrats but also because of independent conservatives, like myself, who have an unfavorable view of both parties. However, I am still ready to vote AGAINST the dems this fall.

  • usagoingbroke

    I wouldn’t say President Obama would be the “LAST” black President. If our nation has any longevity to it, there will no doubt be many more Presidents of all colors, sexes, ethnicities, etc. It is destined to be so.
    I just think most Americans will vet future Presidents a little more. President Obama and his administration are a hard lessoned learned for our nation. Under his leadership our nation has takend a large step back on so many fronts.
    Besides, if Ben Carson would run for President, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat! And not because he’s black……

  • Billy

    Hopefully, another US Senate turnover like 1980, where 12 seats went from Dim to Republican. That would hamstring PBO, but all he does now is golf and fund raise, anyway…

  • Titletown1

    “Boomers?” A large part of the reason we’re in this horrible position is BECAUSE OF Boomers!

  • LuapLeiht1

    Yeah…Perhaps Layla meant Generation X and Millenials. The “Bickeringest Generation” of Boomers is the worst since the one preceding the Civil War.

  • LuapLeiht1

    I don’t think he will be last, but increasingly I recall a conversation I had with a black minister neighbor of mine back in 2008. He was supporting candidate Obama primarily for the history-making nature his election would be (because he is black).

    However, he was deeply worried even back then about the blowback to the black community if Obama messed it up. I’m glad that there hasn’t been any blowback against the black community and the frustration / anger has been directed toward the policies President Obama has championed.

    There will be other presidents of all types in the future, and hopefully now that we’ve gotten the “historic” election out of the way we can better vet them before electing them.

  • Eric

    Generation X has been waiting for two decades for the boomers to get out of the way. They have already stolen Generation X.s money and are working on the millennial’s now. When Generation x is finally handed the country, it will be the first time in history that the generation before hand gave it to them worse off then they got it. We are here now because the Boomers were the first generation that was allowed to live with cradle to grave entitlements and they don’t want to sacrifice for the good of their children and grand children. But peace, love, dope worked real well.

  • Judy Belle

    I agree with you. But look what he has done to blacks.
    I personally know folks who never once thought of skin color when addressing other folks. Now they say they hate blacks. Sad friggen day for us all.

  • Judy Belle

    You would vote for him because you are interested in YOUR nation, not an agenda.

  • Pragmatic Conservative

    You would vote for him because you haven’t learned the lessons that came from electing an inexperienced individual just because they can give a good speech. No disrespect to Dr. Carson, who appears to be a very intelligent and capable person, but what experience does he have that would justify making him president? We need to start vetting our candidates more carefully to ensure they are truly qualified, not just pick the party’s biggest celebrity.

  • RomanKGB

    He also uses his pen and phone for more “transformation of America”

  • Crutch

    Republicans ought to be running an ad constantly in every Senate election State: “Democrats want to give your jobs to illegal aliens. Vote Republican.”

  • fbailey

    I hope Cochran loses in Mississippi. The NRSC deserves it.

  • daniel155

    If things go well for the Republicans then they could win a 55-45 majority in the Senate. But a lot could happen in three months.

  • daniel155

    Ben Carson needs to run for a lower office and serve there to see how he does before running for President. We are paying the price for electing a rookie to the presidency.

  • daniel155

    Not really, a qualified candidate will have a chance in the future regardless of race. Not fair to blame a whole race for this president.

  • tedshepherd

    I’d be glad to vote for Black for U. S. President if he has the right qualifications, experience, temperament, and dedication to the United States Constitution. Maybe the American electorate has had enough of “affirmative action” candidates (racial minority or woman) in the White House, but Hillary leads all potential challengers in the poles I’ve seen. I’d be very glad to vote for a woman, though, if she has the qualifications of Susana Martinez (born July 14, 1959). She is an American politician who is the 31st and current Governor of New Mexico. A Republican, Martinez was first elected Governor in 2010 and was sworn into office on January 1, 2011. She is a two-fer, also. Letting me vote for her shows that I have no bias against Hispanics and none against women as such. I oppose statists (Obama and Hillary, for examples) of any color or sex.

  • tedshepherd

    I’d add “contrary to the will of American citizens and the limited powers he has under the United States Constitution and his sworn obligation to preserve and protect our Constitution.” Your shorter version, though, may pack more punch.

  • James Weeks

    Minnesota and New Hampshire are a little optimistic. Michigan is plausible but does favor the D’s. I for one am just glad we have such a large list of possible pick ups in the toss up states as well as the 3 likely pick ups in SD,WV, and MT

  • daniel155

    If Republicans hold Kentucky and Georgia and win the three likely pickups that you mention then that gives them 49 seats. That seems more likely because the candidacies of Alison Lundergan Grimes and Michelle Nunn are weakening.

    That leaves a whole bunch of states; many that have a 50-50 race to pick up two seats.

  • James Weeks

    My money is on Arkansas, Louisiana, and possibly Iowa for toss up pick ups

  • daniel155

    I think Kay Hagen’s strength is overstated in North Carolina and it is actually a 50-50 race. Those tend to flip in the same direction. But we will see.

  • Judy Belle

    I would vote for him IF he was the best choice. Or if he were the only choice against a dem.
    But that was not point. I was commenting that conservative voters vote for their country, not an agenda or for skin color.

  • Judy Belle

    I now live in Fl but was born in WV. In the old days of patronage, an elected repub was a novelty. But Arch Moore was a repub loved by all, even if he was corrupt.
    With what is now a change from the strangulation of dems, Moore’s offspring was a darn good bet to win the seat long held by the arrogant Rockerfellow.

  • matmanjohn

    The question is will GOP win enough Senate seats to survive the inevitable bounce in 2016 when the map isn’t so favorable. 2014 majority looks to be a done deal.

  • xian

    so? we have the reverse situation: higher productivity with flattened wages.

  • Wynstone

    That’s supposed to be a secret. Otherwise, the top 10% can’t claim it was their own ingenuity that was responsible for their massive gains.

  • 4KixAfter6

    “The “R” brand is unpopular obviously because of democrats”

    Typical ‘R’ statement, it’s always someone else’s fault. Perhaps it’s because the ‘R’ agenda sucks.

  • Manny Bartow

    As new ideas, goods, and services percolate among us, the spontaneous social processes of trial and error help clarify their usefulness, determine their appeal, and identify needed improvements.

  • guest

    ted the sucker. If your buddy ms martinez called the cops and told them you were stalking her or worse, that you hit her, you would go to jail – no questions asked. Just because she said so. No evidence, no injuries – just her word and your life is over. And if you think you can fight it because you’re innocent the criminally corrupt courts in this country will put you right back in your place by fixing your trial then covering it all up like they do in the socialist state of indiana. Never trust a narcissist bitch like this wise latina women that ted pledges to throw himself off the bridge for. Has she ever stood up against this unjust discriminatory bill – the violence against women act. Such BS.

  • guest

    Really, 96% of blacks voted for the black man. Damn near sounds like the whole race.

  • guest

    What agenda are you referring to that sucks? The only agenda a rep has is to not say anything that the MSM can trash him relentlessly for. Reps don’t stand for anything and dems are 100% straight communists.

  • guest

    How about that. This creep has numorous options of places to live that have just what the dope wants yet this communist would rather live in a hell hole like this. I’ll pay for the one way ticket comrade.

  • daniel155

    I feel sorry that I have to explain this to you but the previous poster was making the point that people would not vote for a black candidate for president because Obama was black but Obama is a bad president for reasons other than his race and that it would not be fair think that future black candidates would be poor presidents simply because of their race.

  • Militiades

    they raise the minimum wage every now and then and it NEVER cost jobs, imbecile.

  • Mad Patriot
  • Militiades

    Couldn’t get past high school huh? Oh well, Too bad for you. I’ll send you a postcard next time I’m in Paris. Hint: higher education pays off. Good luck pal.

  • fedup

    Your snark perfectly encapsulates and illustrates the mental vigor of the intellectually inbred left.

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