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February 13, 2016

2020 Redistricting? The Arizona GOP Is ON IT

Quayle, a Republican, lost re-election last year when he faced another GOP member in a redrawn district. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s never too early to start planning for redistricting, right?

On Monday, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham announced he has formed a new committee of GOP election experts to monitor the state’s independent redistricting process — in 2020.

Local Republicans remain angry after the party got shellacked in the most recent congressional redraw ahead of the 2012 cycle. The next time the decennial redistricting process come around — eight years from now, after the 2020 cycle — the GOP does not want to be caught flat-footed again. “The 2010 redistricting results left Arizona voters with a destructive redrawing of our communities and did a terrible injustice to our elected representatives and the constituents they serve,” Graham said in a news release. “We are going to be fully prepared to look out for the interests of our voters, and I am excited that these fine people have agreed to serve and ensure that the next process is conducted with fairness and transparency.”

In 2011, the Grand Canyon State’s delegation had five Republicans to three Democrats, and the party held a super majority in both branches of the  Legislature. An appointed commission of five members — two Republicans, two Democrats and one registered independent — determined this decade’s map.

But Republicans howled when the commission drew a map that created four safe Republican seats, two safe Democratic seats and three competitive seats.

The redraw pitted Rep. David Schweikert against a fellow Republican, former Rep. Ben Quayle, in one of the 2012 cycle’s most brutal member-vs.-member races. Democrats carried all three competitive seats and took control of the state’s delegation to the House.

After the map’s release, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer accused the designated independent, Colleen Mathis, of “neglect of duty and gross misconduct” (Mathis’ attorney denied this charge). The state Legislature eventually impeached Mathis, but the state Supreme Court overruled the maneuver.

This cycle, Republicans are quietly searching for a registered Independent who can get appointed to the committee to help the GOP in the next round of mapmaking after 2020.

“The key to Arizona redistricting is that you need to find an independent who is on your side,” said an Arizona Republican consultant, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly.

The local GOP’s new committee includes Republicans from every House district in the state, and attorney Mike Liburdi will serve as chairman.

  • Arizona Eagletarian

    A committee of alleged redistricting experts… Nothing but names were listed. No evidence of credentials. One of the so-called experts is (one of several) plaintiff in the current lawsuit challenging Arizona’s current Congressional map. Another is the husband of a physician who is a birther who currently serves in the state senate and yet another is a tea party member of the state House of Reps. No indication that there is ANY expertise on the committee. Even Liburdi is just a back seat rider in the current lawsuits.

  • Poughkeepsie

    If our decision making is to be free of external interference, boundaries must be set to establish limits inside which the agents and dictates of the state cannot meddle.

  • azwi

    Was Quayle even mentally competent to me in congress? He surely was the worst congressman ever during his short time in congress.

  • Steven Robinson

    @azwi, there’s no doubt about your lack of competency. It’s clear from your 5 year-old posts.

  • Steven Robinson

    Republicans running for the House Seats received 200K more votes than the Democrats in 2012. Because of the completely dishonest and illegal (as well as unethical) actions of Colleen Coyle Mathis who lied about her affiliation (hubby was a Democrat treasurer for a failed Democrat Candidate); the Lines made the four Republican Districts 65%+ advantages in them while making the three closely contested districts 50.5%-49.5% advantage GOP. The two Democrat Districts were Voting Rights Act districts of minorities. The fraud occurred in those three contested Districts.
    This story by Abby Livingston was deliberately or carelessly deceptive. Not too surprised.

  • azwi

    Wha’s funny here is people like you actually “get off” by trying to insult people that disagrees with you. It only shows your immaturity!

  • Steven Robinson

    Do You mean insulting people such as you questioning the mental competency of a US Congressman? I didn’t insult you, YOU insulted yourself with your reply! That’s not “immaturity”, it’s STUPDITY! LOL (And cowardice, since you hide behind a silly moniker)

  • azwi

    Whatever A O

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