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February 8, 2016

Arkansas: Pryor Disses Bloomberg’s Gun Control Media Blitz

Pryor is considered vulnerable in 2014. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The first sign that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $12 million gun control ad campaign targeting senators might not go as planned?

One of 2014’s most vulnerable Democratic incumbents, Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, is using the media blitz to demonstrate political space between him and Bloomberg.

“I’ve gotten a lot of questions about NYC Mayor gun ad. My response? I don’t take gun advice from the Mayor of NYC. I listen to Arkansans,” Pryor tweeted Monday afternoon.

Bloomberg announced over the weekend that he plans to fund advertisements in 13 states during the Easter recess targeting vulnerable Democratic senators, including Pryor, and Republicans representing competitive states. The goal, according to The New York Times, is to pressure senators he believes could be persuaded to support universal background checks for firearm sales.

Democrats and Republicans view Pryor as vulnerable in 2014, although he has not attracted a top-tier GOP opponent. National conservatives are recruiting freshman Rep. Tom Cotton to challenge him.

Bloomberg has been the country’s most vocal — and well-funded — voice pushing for Congress to pass stricter gun control measures.

Last month, Bloomberg spent more than $2 million to boost Robin Kelly, a Democrat running in the special election for Illinois’ 2nd District, who supported additional gun control measures. Kelly easily won the primary, and now she is expected to win the general election next month in the heavily Democratic district.

  • Sean Kirkendall

    Senator Pryor might not care what NYC Mayor Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns think, but he should take heed of what professional law enforcement and public safety leaders are saying about gun trafficking and the universal background checks. The National Law Enforcement Partnership Against Gun Violence is a national coalition of the leading law enforcement professional associations, and they are firmly behind assault weapons ban, large capacity magazine limits and the universal background check to close the gun show loophole and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other dangerous people.

  • abe

    Has there EVER been any criminal that has concerned themselves with any of those concerns? the only target you are aimed at is law abiding citizens.
    Admit it.

  • Snake Plisken

    How do you enforce “universal background checks” without creating a Federal gun registry of every gun and owner in America?

    Please answer this.

    As for the assault weapons ban, not gonna happen. Heller already declared a ban on arms in Common use for lawful defense of self and others being necessary for the security of a free state is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. AR-15’s and their STANDARD capacity magazines of 30rds fall under that description. We are to be as well armed as our police force. They’re civilians just like us.

    And there is no gun show loophole. Stop lying. Man reading your comment, looks like a page right out of Obama’s OFA’s talking points memo. How long did it take you to memorize all that? You sound like a drone.

  • CMP

    Nice try, the group you site is a joke. Most Sheriff dept’s and ELECTED law enforcement groups and beat cops are completely against the proposed legislation. Bloomberg is a Facist and the only law enforcement behind his group and the one you cite are the useful idiots bought and paid for Police Chiefs and Progressive Groups who are political animals and appointed by the likes of Facist McBloomberg. No doubt this will all end up in the Supreme Court and OVERTURNED as being Unconstitutional.

  • Major

    You really need to read up and stop drinking the koolaide. Tell me this…do you really think that sticking it to all LAW ABIDING citizens…legal gun owners who have gone through all the hoops you clowns made them going to stop some criminal gang banger from getting a a gun on the streets? Which they do now quite easily. Furthermore…it’s Eric Holder that has proven to be the criminal and the worst example of the government running illegal guns to Mexico. Forgot about that did you? Not one..NOT ONE law abiding resident of Texas or Arizona had a hand in that crime. Just out chief law Enforcement office in the US committed that crime.

    And you trust the feds? We don’t…and you shouldn’t either.

  • GarandFan

    Last month, Bloomberg spent more than $2 million to boost Robin Kelly,
    a Democrat running in the special election for Illinois’ 2nd District,
    who supported additional gun control measures. Kelly easily won the
    primary, and now she is expected to win the general election next month
    in the heavily Democratic district.

    So where is the liberal OUTRAGE about buying an election?

  • shaun

    I am an LAPD patrol ofcr assigned to South Los Angeles..16yrs on the job and 6yrs Marine corps…Trust me,we patrol ofcrs are calling our chief about this and complaining because they don’t speak for us and are using the lie of our safety to push this agenda….strange how there is no care for our safety about drunk drivers…a police chief is a political assignment so they have an agenda to match the mayor…Trust that
    wthey don’t speak for the vast majority of officers…

  • Randall Bielke

    Why would Illinois which is in terrible budget shape ever vote for another democrat, could some one from the land of Lincoln tell me?

  • Sarah Conner

    Bloomberg doesn’t get to have an opinion about other people’s rights. He is not a god.

  • johnnydrama

    so cute when liberals pretend to be conservatives. I hope we’ve all learned that lesson. see: Manchin, Joe.

  • Denny Landon Elrod

    Sean, you’re not very smart, are you? Call your doctor and get a dose of common-sense.

  • Richard Persing

    Big surprise, liberal democrat Robin Kelly easily won in a liberal democrat district against more centrist candidates…wow…(sarcasm)

  • Polish Rifle

    Liberal fool. Do you get paid to post such tripe? People like you, who insist on relegating my Constitutional rights to the whims of Progressives are the real problem. Trust me champ, we’re taking notes…

  • Shelley Eckhardt DeMucha

    Amen, Shaun. As a retired LAPD, I could not agree more. In general the rank and file were against these gun grab “control” laws.Management was always trying to toe the politically correct line. Funny, when you think how often patrol officers deal with people who carry all kinds of firearms vs. the inside types at PAB (or whatever they call it now). When was the last time a Deputy Chief got shot at?

  • jerry joghnson

    tom cotton for u. s. senate

  • StingRay


  • StingRay

    Bless you!

  • Tukas

    Certain voters (which are low information types) are ingrained from birth to only vote for the person who has a “d” after their names. If they do not know the name, the go with the letter.

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