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February 9, 2016

National Democrats Hit Tom Cotton on Social Security

tom cotton

The DSCC is helping Pryor with another ad in Arkansas. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a new TV ad in Arkansas Thursday that continues a theme of portraying Republican Rep. Tom Cotton as someone voters can’t trust.

The DSCC’s latest spot is part of a total $3.6 million investment to support Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, whose brand has helped make him competitive for re-election in this Republican-leaning state and in a challenging national environment for his party.

The ad targets the freshman congressman on Social Security. It features Brett Smith of Helena, Ark., vocalizing his concern for his retirement.

“I can see my retirement from here, but every time I see Tom Cotton I feel it slipping away,” Smith says in the ad.

In earlier ads this month, the committee had accused Cotton of voting against funding for a children’s hospital — something Cotton disputed in an ad of his own.

The Cotton campaign also released a new ad Thursday to help introduce the congressman statewide. It focuses on his military service, including being stationed in Iraq and at Arlington National Cemetery, and shows him in uniform.

“Serious times demand serious leaders,” Cotton says in the ad.

The race is rated Tilts Republican by The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • St. Clair

    Yea well ever think it’s all crap? A vote D or R is a vote for the same thing. This smear crap should be illegal giving those preconditioned brainless voters a person to vote for based on NOTHING BUT PROPAGANDA. They both are same slaves for diff interest that pay for there rises to the top. And they both laughing at u for…. Well….. For saying nothing.
    1. What was the bill to end social?
    2. If social isn’t privatized will it not fail?
    3. Who where and when did he attack women and children’s health rights?
    4. I favor no one because they are liars that allow no class campaigns
    that influence American ppl.

  • St. Clair

    Facts, facts, facts, not vague

  • Lets_Think_Again

    “If social isn’t privatized will it not fail?”. NO, it won’t. Just another piece of lying far-right propaganda. You should know better than to believe and repeat such garbage


  • Centurion53

    This website is obviously Far Leftist, pro-illegal immigrant and Pro Obama.
    Pryor is an Ultra Liberal Political Hack. Tom Cotton is a patriotic military veteran who’s trying to stop Obama and the Demo Rats from flooding America with Millions of Unskilled and illiterate peasants and MS-13 ultra violent gang members, drug smugglers and Islamic terrorists. Pryor is the Enemy Within!! Get rid of him and EVERY Demo Rat in Congress this November!! Take YOUR country back from these America Hating Demo Rat Devils!!

  • Centurion53

    Funny to see a supposed “man” so vehemently outraged about the stupid and phony war on women. Put your dress back on you Obama Zombie Numb Nuts!!

  • Centurion53

    So says the deranged Obama Zombie……you Demo Rat Jerk Off’s are going to get your a s s e s handed to in November…and I can’t Wait!!!!!! HA HA HA HA……..

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