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March 31, 2015

Can These 2016 Prospects Seek Higher Office and Re-Election?

Can These 2016 Prospects Seek Higher Office and Re Election?

Rubio could run for president in 2016. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Senate class of 2010 produced a handful of GOP rising stars, some whom may run for president or vice president as soon as 2016.

But the timing presents a problem for these Republicans: Not all states allow candidates to appear on a ballot twice. This would negate their ability to run for re-election to the Senate and president or vice president at the same time.

Roll Call often addresses this issue in its weekly series “Farm Team,” which examines the future candidates and politicking in every state. Here is how three could-be contenders stack up with state laws:

  • Sally

    Didn’t we go through this with Paul Rand? He nearly lost his seat (in his hometown even!) because people usually don’t like it when guys get ahead of themselves..’gee, I’m running for VP so I can’t be bothered to campaign here in Minnesota, but please vote for me for Congress TOO just in case Mittens blows this for me!” Or something. Make a decision guys, then live with the results (hint: NO GOPer is going to win the WH in 2016.)

    • terjeanderson

      Paul Ryan, not “Rand Paul,” was Romney’s running mate in 2016.

      • JayfromBrooklyn

        To the best of my knowledge, Romney does not plan to run in 2016.

        • terjeanderson

          Touche… 2012 obviously.

          And you really never know about Romney…. he’s tried twice already, maybe he’ll think third times a charm.

        • SCOTT

          no more stupid GOP billionaires!


    • JayfromBrooklyn

      Do you refer to Paul Ryan, congressman form Wisconsin, who won reelection by double digits?

    • teapartyidiots

      Ryan, and he won by 8.

  • terjeanderson

    Just as important to the question of whether someone can appear on the ballot twice (if they are somehow able to end up on the national ticket) is date of the filing deadline for their re-election bids.

    Rubio, for example, can wait until the beginning of April to see if he has flamed out in the presidential primaries (he will) before formally filing for re-election back in Florida. (Although that will piss off a bunch of candidates who would like to take his place.)

    Paul has more of a problem, since the filing date for KY primaries comes much earlier (end of January), so filing for re-election in the midst of an active Presidential campaign would send a message of lacking confidence in his Presidential prospects (and, once more, piss off ambitious politicians who would like to run against him).

  • JayfromBrooklyn

    Two separate questions-

    1. Can they run for president and still run for reelection? This would depend on the timeline for the respective primaries, not the general- because no one runs for president and for senate on the same ballot

    2. Can they run for vice president, and for reelection on the same ballot. Rubio and Ayotte would seem like natural VP selections, but i don’t really see anyone picking Rand for VP…

    • teapartyidiots

      I could see Ayotte being VP if someone like Christie is the candidate, I don’t think she’d accept it from Ted Cruz, she’s made her distaste for him very public.

      • JayfromBrooklyn

        No one offered a slot on the ticket says no

        • teapartyidiots

          No, but they can convey very publicly that they don’t want it. That has happened before.

    • SCOTT

      gop lying bigots all!

  • teapartyidiots

    Rubio isn’t going to run, and he may have trouble holding his Senate seat in a presidential year. As for Rand Paul, I think Beshear would veto a law change.

  • southerndemnut

    KY is not likely to pass legislation to allow Paul to appear twice until either the state House flips to the GOP or after Gov. Beshear retires in 2016. By then, it will likely be too late for Paul to cross file without it getting complicated.

    Ayotte is more of a possible VP pick, the problem for her is that 2016 will be very competitive in a Presidential race (and likely D if Hillary runs) which would complicate a VP run if she is also faced with a strong Senate opponent. I suspect if she gets a strong opponent she will be off the list.

    Rubio, he is likely to be off the list now considering the last year has been a rough one. Like Ayotte, if he draws a top tier challenger he will have his hands full.

    • teapartyidiots

      I guarantee you Rubio draws a top tier challenger because Dems smell blood in the water. Florida Dems have a pretty deep bench.

    • teapartyidiots

      As for Rand Paul, I think given the success of Obamacare in Kentucky, that may be the one red state where an open seat race would not be preferred.

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