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February 8, 2016

Chamber of Commerce Battles Tea Party in Alabama Special Election

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a group that regularly spends millions to boost business-friendly congressional candidates, will endorse former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in Alabama’s 1st District special election on Tuesday.

The chamber will endorse Byrne over GOP businessman Dean Young, a social conservative whose views align with the tea party movement, in the Nov. 5 GOP primary runoff to replace former Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Ala.

The Byrne endorsement marks the chamber’s first big move to combat tea party conservatives in the GOP whom they blame — along with many Americans — for the shutdown of the U.S. government earlier this month.

Their support also helps boost Byrne a week out from the GOP primary runoff, which will determine the next member of Congress from this deeply conservative district. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney received 62 percent of the vote here in 2012.

The chamber is not the first major endorsement Byrne has received in this race. The National Rifle Association threw its support behind Byrne. Bonner also backed Byrne’s candidacy earlier this month.

Alabama’s 1st District is rated a Safe Republican contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • OldmanRick

    Remember, folks, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce favors amnesty, cheap foreign labor, and more foreign worker visas in lieu of employed American workers.

  • pitch1934

    Well, the tea party also favors cheap labor. They just want it to be citizens of the good old U.S.A. who are working on the cheap.

  • Craig Morehouse

    Sorry, that’s the Demodummies who want everyone to be on minimum wage. Comrade Obama has put more people on part-time, minimum wage work that anyone else in history.

  • pitch1934

    Let’s see, the financial market collapsed in 2008, before the elections. The great I’llbomya was inaugurated in 2009. Yep! You’re right Craig. It is all the demmies fault, but it began with NAFTA and has continued since.

  • ivan

    Oh boy,,can hardly wait for folks in the tea party to get control of the white house. Social security will be cut along with medicare medicid . No more food stamps for the poor or the millions that lost their jobs thanks to trade deals that were bought by corporations through the publican party and may of the democrats using lobbyist money which all politicians claim does not give them favoritism. Lets not forget either that women will no longer have abortion of any kind to use even or their own health . Heck, they may even lose their right to vote. Count on two things to happen – congress will get a pay raise, two , taxes for their wealthy friends and themseves will be cut.

  • Sam Osborne

    Conservatives have circled the firing squad atop Boot Hill, and blasting away at the extreme right are word slingers of the far right that have come down in time from Republican President Taft’s U.S. Chamber of Commerce and are ever more promoting downright greed as high virtue—Happy Halloween America. GOP President Teddy Roosevelt, long ago when there was one (1910), warned his party that blood sucking was not a good thing for the American people—this in his New Nationalism (Square Deal) speech in which Teddy reminded:

    “The essence of any struggle for healthy liberty has always been, and must always be, to take from some one man or class of men the right to enjoy power, or wealth, or position, or immunity, which has not been earned by service to his or their fellows. That is what you fought for in the Civil War, and that is what we strive for now.”

    By 1912, Teddy’s party had become Taft’s so totally and so much an instrument of the hoarders of the nation’s wealth, that TR bolted from the GOP convention and ran for president as a Progressive. This elected a Democrat into the White House who proved to be as ineffective as President Obama when it came to Lincoln’s purpose in the Civil War: “That government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the Earth.”

    From Taft to Coolidge the conservative success piled atop success and became the bales of greed that broke the camel’s back with the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, then Teddy’s Square Deal serving as the blue print of FDR’s New Deal growth of the middle class, and put the wardrobe of the Republican Party in mothballs for 50 years until actor Reagan came along, dug out a Walter Mitty costume for the opening act of a sequel to the Roaring Twenties.

    When the curtain comes down on this 30-year run of a class-b bummer, will it be once again followed by a remake of the 1930 flick “Chasing Rainbows,” that contained FDR’s campaign song “Happy Days Are Here Again, or will it be an all too real version of “Les Misérables” and a Reign of Terror that spilled out red in the French Revolution.

  • Sam Osborne

    Lest anyone forget, the original tea party that is looked back to an event of rebellion that rooted a part of the American Revolution was directed a British Empire equivalent of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce named the East India Company. Colonials got upset that they were forced to pay a tax on their tea which went to big commercials interests of the East India Company; so they threw a boat load of their tea into Colonial Boston Harbor.

  • Craig Morehouse

    Let’s se … NAFTA was done under Clinton, whom I believe was a Democrat. Correct me if I’m wrong. Since Obama has been President, another 18 million people have gone on food stamps and the national debt has risen to 17 Trillion, greater than the Gross Domestic Product. Obama has run up more debt than all the previous President combined. Yep he’s done nothing but make a bad situation vastly worse.

  • Craig Morehouse

    Actually, the first thing we’ll do is to find out what Government handouts Ivan is living on, and make him get out of Mommy’s basement and work for a living.

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