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February 8, 2016

Chris McDaniel Estimates More Than 10,000 Voting ‘Irregularities’

chris mcdaniel

Chris McDaniel is a Republican from Mississippi. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel said in a Friday radio interview that he expects to find over 10,000 voting “irregularities” in his campaign’s investigation of the June GOP runoff.

Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., was officially declared the winner of that runoff by a margin of more than 7,600 votes. But McDaniel has not conceded the GOP nomination, and his supporters are examining ballots in every county in Mississippi to determine if there was any deliberate voter fraud or if anyone voted in the runoff who was ineligible to do so.

On “Focal Point,” a radio show hosted by Bryan Fischer, McDaniel gave no specific timeline for the challenge, saying that going through the thousands of pages of election records would take time. Earlier this week, his campaign’s lawyer said a challenge to the results could be filed within the next 10 days.

Once the alleged irregularities were all counted, McDaniel said, the first step would be “some review in front of the Republican Executive Committee.”

“If they don’t give us any relief then naturally a court challenge will ensue,” he added.

McDaniel took particular issue with what he deemed “race baiting” by the Cochran campaign before the runoff.

“What they did, they hired Democratic operatives to go out into Democratic communities and call me a racist,” he said. “That’s despicable … It’s the way Democrats campaign. It’s the way liberals campaign.”

“It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged,” he said.

He also attacked Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus when asked about the fact that he had not condemned the alleged corruption.

“The Republican Party right now obviously lacks leadership, particularly nationally, because the silence is problematic,” he said.

McDaniel said his efforts were for a greater good.

“It’s so much bigger than me,” he said. “This isn’t about a candidate.”

“We have to protect the integrity of the Republican Party,” which he said was “sacrificed on the night of the 24th due to desperation.”

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  • blogasaurus


  • Iben_Hadd

    I am so conflicted!
    Regularly I rant about democrats being the only politicians who know how to rig and steal elections.
    And now I find a Republican with the skill to do just that. Why am I upset ?????????????????????????????????

  • raypc800

    Ah but the real point here is it truly was not the Democrats. Ships came down from the planet Venus and they voted! Yes a real case of illegal aliens coming to Earth to cast votes against Tea Party members. Even the space Aliens know that the Tea Party is dangerous not just to Earth but the Universe!!

  • George Smith

    Hilary Clinton stepped up applauding Thad Cochran for his race baiting ads. Now all you republicans that voted for Thad see who agrees with your vote.

  • opinionated1234

    I find the fact that some of the MS people are fine with the possible / likely voter fraud. They accept it without blinking an eye because of the level of corruption in that state. What an honor to come in #1 out of 10 of the most Corrupt states I guess you deserve it! I hope he gets another chance to beat Cochran and gets his chance to go to DC….I will take a man with balls and honesty anyday to represent me!

  • opinionated1234

    Do you people in MS really know what is going on? The Democrats and the RINOs which include Cochran and the Barbours are being bought off by the Chamber of Commerce who represent Microsoft, Google, FaceBook, Hewlett Packard etc. hundreds of large corporations who are laying off thousands of American workers and replacing them with illegal immigrants because they work for cheaper wages and they don’t have to pay for their benefits….the government does!

    They have been doing this since the 70″s and it’s getting worse. Construction is also on the list of people being laid off and replace with illegals…..why do you think they want immigration reform???? GET A CLUE AMERICA….WE ARE BEING REPLACE FOR CHEAPER WAGES! EVENTUALLY WE WILL BECOME THE POOR AND THE ILLEGALS WILL BE THE MIDDLE CLASS….IT’S COMING. LISTEN TO SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS WHO HAS BEEN AGAINST AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS FOR YEARS.

    What is in it for the President and the Democrats….they sign up all the illegals to a contract saying they will vote democrat and we will give them food stamps and the president gets all new voters to the party! We get screwed and get the shaft!

  • daddyoyo

    Make sure you turn out and vote for the Rinos Cochran and McConnell this November like good little sheep.

  • Ryan

    First it was 8300. Now it’s over 10,000. By the time he gets a court date it’ll be 15,000. By the time a judge actually demands evidence it’ll be three dozen.

  • E Brown

    “It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged,”
    They did something like this in North Korea recently. It was widely reported that the purge was done by executions.
    I wonder how he purposes to do it?

  • E Brown

    Amazing observation.

  • E Brown

    Good question.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    McDaniel has a good point;so does Ann Coulter

  • stafford123

    Only if you count the ones on the top of their heads.

  • stafford123

    So many things wrong in your post. For example, food stamps are only available to persons with legal status in the country. Abby the way, have you got an example of that so-called contract between the Democrats and aliens without legal status?

    Didn’t think so.

  • stafford123

    Funniest line in the whole article: “it’s not about me”. I call BS on that one.

  • Charles Reid

    McDaniel supporters will be shocked to learn that he requested voters personal information, but Miss.Sup.Court denied him access to voters social security numbers, telephone numbers, and birth dates and age information. 2014M00967.
    He has proven that he is no constitutional conservative by asking for voters personal information which would have exposed voters to identity fraud and misuse of their personal information.

  • Vornak
  • Guest2

    FYI – the voters’ records he did get for verification had birth dates,and ss numbers, redacted before the records were given to him. Verify it for yourself – it will make a bigger impact on your retaining the facts.

  • Guest2

    I see you don’t believe in integrity. It is about him and MORE telling on the liberal RINOs and their BS!

  • Little_Tin_God

    Oh WOW opinionated1234! It truly is wonderful hearing from someone who knows exactly what is happening!

  • Little_Tin_God

    Seriously? And we’re supposed to just believe this?

  • Little_Tin_God

    So why is it when a Republican/Tea Party wacko looses and election they cry foul and voter corruption when it has never EVER been proved?

  • AwakenNow

    Social Security and telephone #s are NOT on poll rolls. Someone born in 1895 should not have voted — would have been DECEASED. Election integrity at stake.

  • Vornak

    No, you’re supposed to attempt to disprove it and learn something in the process.

  • AwakenNow

    7/17/14 – South Texas – “Six Women Arrested on Voter Fraud Charges” read the article and view mug shots. link: Any and all voter/election fraud must be investigated and prosecuted.

  • AwakenNow

    See True the Vote’s Exhibits and Affidavits filed 7/17/14 attached to “Bill of Particulars in True the Vote v Delbert Hosemann and MSGOP” – the 2nd document on linked page – the 11 page document plus 83 pages of exhibits link:

  • Mike Davis

    > “He has proven that he is no constitutional conservative by asking for voters personal information”

    Not only that, he has proven he’s a grandstanding m0r0n. His reason for wanting the birth dates was to distinguish between voters with the same name. As the Jefferson Davis County Clerk pointed out in his response to TTV’s frivolous suit, McDaniel’s crack team of ballot inspectors could just use the unique Voter ID # every voter is assigned.

    I would think the Chairman of the Mississippi State Senate Elections Committee would know something like that.

  • Mike Davis

    I love that site. I also loved the Jeff Davis Co Elections Committee’s reply. To paraphrase: McDaniel has access to the poll books, but they weren’t interested in looking at them. What he says they want is voters’ birth dates, which is prohibited by law and he doesn’t need. Why doesn’t the frigging idiot use the Voter ID# if he has two voters with the same name.

    Pure comedy gold.

    What are the odds this TTV suit will get bounced just like the others?

  • Mike Davis

    Funny, because it’s probably true.

    Sources say “questionable” names McDaniel’s Lost Cause Brigade have found include some written in different color ink or those pressed harder than others. Sadly, this is not a joke.

    This dude needs an intervention.

  • grumpy_old__man

    Because your blinders concerning the Republican party have been removed and now you have to face the truth.

  • Exodus20II

    “We have to protect the integrity of the Republican Party,” which he
    said was “sacrificed on the night of the 24th due to desperation.”

    Exactly Chris McDaniel .. DEO VOLENTE, the next US Senator from the Mighty Mississippi!

  • JRD_1

    Haley Barbour’s “Bought and Paid For” troll has checked in.

  • JRD_1


  • JRD_1


  • Guest

    Funny but the chairman of the Democrat Party in Mississippi agrees with McDaniel and posted it on his Facebook page.

    Haley Barbour is corrupt and Stuart Stevens ran campaigns for 3rd Word dictators.

    Too bad you are “Bought and Paid For.”

    Mississippi is #1 state in the nation for corruption and you are a disgrace who is on the take.

  • Cory Tyler

    Except True the Vote is from Texas and has nothing to do with Chris McDaniel.

  • Mike Davis

    Uh huh, they’re just a disinterested third party.

  • Mike Davis

    Yeah I’ve read both Claude McInnis’ nonsense and the stuff from Rickey Cole.

    Cole’s story, and the response from Lane Murray, who Cole says was involved in this somehow, is just laugh out loud funny. Really gives you a taste of Mississippi politics and the kind of whackadoodles still running the Dixiecrat Party down there.

  • Dirk Diggler

    ““It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged,” he said…. Sounds like we heard this in Germany in the late1930’s.

  • Catfish

    Y’all know Chris McDaniel comes from Laurel, Jones County, Mississippi, right?

    Well, there’s another famous McDaniel from Laurel. His name is Edward Lenox (E.L.) McDaniel, and he “was instrumental in organizing the Ku Klux Klan in 1962 in Mississippi as the Grand Kleagle for the whole state. He started a state Klan in Laurel with the White Knights and was instrumental in drawing up that constitution. He was also elected Grand Dragon of the United Klans.”

    Here’s some links:

    By reorganizing the KKK in Mississippi just before Freedom Summer, the elder McDaniel bears some responsibility for the murders of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, and all the terrorism committed in its name.

    I wonder if Chris is kin to “Uncle E.L.”? Seems likely in such a small town…

  • Sally

    I really doubt anyone born in 1895 did vote. Nor did Mickey Mouse. And since he can’t prove that anyone voting in his primary voted for or against him (votes are still private) I’m not sure what his point is except to spend taxpayer dollars and stay in the news.
    Election integrity is what he’s worried about? Right.

  • Sally

    What exactly is a liberal RINO? I bet you weren’t the least bit upset about ‘integrity’ when the Supreme Court gave the WH to George Bush, or four years’ later, when Ohio votes were electronically counted in N. Carollina when the race got tight, and that machine count flipped results to Bush? The GOP…so very full of ‘integrity.’

  • Sally

    McDaniel’s aide killed himself after McDaniel had him take photos of Cochran’s wife in her nursing home bed….balls and honesty? More like sleaze and cruelty.

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