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February 9, 2016

Congressman’s Children Tout His Cheapness

The children of Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., highlight their father’s frugality in the Senate candidate’s newest television spot.

“Our dad is Jack Kingston,” says his daughter Betsy in the ad, sitting on a couch with her three siblings — John, Ann and Jim — facing the camera. “He really is cheap, and it’s not just the car he drives.”

“We thought ‘Hand-Me-Down’ was the name of a department store,” says Jim, then he and John display holes in the elbows of their shirts.

The ad will air statewide starting Wednesday. The ad buy behind it is in the mid-six figures, according to a Kingston spokesman.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., is retiring at the end of this term, creating a wide-open GOP primary to succeed him. Kingston is one of five Republicans vying for the nomination on May 20, along with businessman David Perdue, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep. Phil Gingrey, and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel.

If no candidate receives a majority of support in the primary, the top two vote recipients will head to a July 22 runoff. That’s very likely given the large field.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce began a large ad buy championing Kingston to help ensure he is one of the candidates in the runoff.

The winner will face the likely Democratic nominee, Michelle Nunn.

The race is rated Favored Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • GraceD

    Anybody who follows congress, even just a little bit, will find this latest Kingston ad, a fraud. It may be true for his personal life, (all though I doubt that) you only have to look at his voting record , to realize that he has not voted to help Americans 99%.
    Do not be fooled by ad’s. Look at the republican platform & remember their past actions in the “do nothing” congress.

  • DrGonzo7719

    Considering Karen Handel just passed him into 2nd place in the latest poll, and has big ‘mo working in her favor right now, this ad won’t do much for Jack. She’s in a statistical dead-heat with David Perdue now.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    Those people who think that the unemployed are “lazy”, and prefer collecting unemployment benefits, have no clue of the reality facing these families. Most of these people had long term employment, and had families to support. The majority of them are “older” Americans, who had worked for many years, paying into the system, should they become unemployed, and needed financial assistance. These workers through no fault of their own, found themselves victims of corporate downsizing, and were laid off from their jobs. Given the current economic recession, they have had a particularly difficult time finding employment. Also, many companies are not motivated to hire “older” workers, due in part of the higher cost of health care insurance for older workers. Older workers, just on the basis of their age, would be placed in a “higher risk” group, which would affect the potential employer’s bottom line cost. As we all know, it’s all about profit and “the bottom line”. Since last December, more than 2.6 million workers have been without unemployment benefits. The republican senate has held the extension bill “HOSTAGE”, in the hopes of getting the XL Oil Pipeline passed by the president. This has NEVER been about these unfortunate families, but only about pleasing the lobbyist for whom they truly serve. While the republicans continue playing “party politics”, and using these families for political leverage, and as bargaining chips, these families have had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. Most of them have watched their credit being destroyed, because of lack of money to pay their bills on time, or at all. How many more families have to become homeless and destitute before the senate finally PASSES the extension bill? This truly is a national crime against the American family. While the politicians live their affluent and privileged lifestyles, with all the perks of office, these families continue to suffer and struggle to eat and to live

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