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February 14, 2016

DCCC Slams Jolly’s Lobbyist Past in Major TV Buy

Sink is the Democratic nominee in the competitive special election in Florida. (Tim Boyles/Getty Images File Photo)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will soon begin a six-figure television advertising campaign in Florida’s 13th District, its first foray onto the airwaves in the competitive special election.

The House Democrats’ political arm has reserved “more than $200,000″ in advertising between Jan. 21-27, according to a Democratic official.

The race for the St. Petersburg-based district pits the GOP nominee, lobbyist David Jolly, against the Democratic nominee, former state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

This DCCC buy follows a recent purchase by the National Republican Congressional Committee for digital advertising.

The general election is March 11. The race to replace Republican Rep. C.W. Bill Young, who died in October, is rated Tossup by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

Updated 10:16 a.m., Jan. 21 | The DCCC released its first ad on Tuesday. It goes after Jolly for his history as a lobbyist.

  • ShadrachSmith

    This is the first of twenty articles I have read on this race to give the date as March, 11. Congratulations Roll Call, I was starting to think nobody knew.

  • Cynthia A. Barnett

    This DCCC buy follows a recent purchase by the National Republican Congressional Committee for digital advertising.

  • sandbox

    Just saw this general election poll dated 1/15 for the race showing Dave Jolly leading Alex Sink. Is that possible?

  • terjeanderson

    Probably not accurate – for several reasons.

    It was a one-day poll done the day after Jolly won the primary. Both make it suspect. A good pollster doesn’t do one day polls, and Jolly would be enjoying a news bounce from his easy primary win.

    The pollster who produced it had a 8% pro-Republican house effect in their 2012 polling of US House races in Florida.

    The poll was “commissioned” by a blogger in St. Pete who is a Republican consultant with a track record of bad ethics, lying and criminal conduct. An investigative piece by the local newspaper last year showed that he sold favourable coverage on his blog – promising positive stories for those who bought ads, and punishing those who don’t. He was kicked out of the Florida Press Association for these charges. Any poll he “commissioned” for his blog is inherently untrustworthy.

    This was a Jolly backer’s attempt to set a narrative. Most neutral observers believe it is a close race with a slight edge to Sink.

  • cupera1

    Obamacare has been the best recruiter for the TEA party. The party began when the law was passed in the dead of night on a purely patrician vote. The 93 million that will receive “The Letter” this year will get a real lesson in socialism, it only fails when it runs out of other people’s money. There will be some that refuse to believe that Obama would do this to them, some Jews did not believe it was really happening all the way to the shower chambers. When they get the new policy and the bill for it will have to face facts and change every belief that they held for decades. When they watch and read what is being said on MSM and it is not matching what is they are seeing in their lives they will no longer believe them or pay attention any more to those sources of news. The reality of having to come up with $100’s to $1,000 to cover their new Obamacare policy and finding a new doctor will convert many to the TEA party

  • Ihaveaclue Doyou

    Is Sink the deluded pol to lamely claim that despite her votes for Obamacare have condemned it as well? My goodness, what some will do to get elected…shameless.

  • juan

    she is nothing but a carpetbagger. When she was in Tallahassee, you could not visit her unless you wrote a check first.

  • valwayne

    This district really leans democrat, but the democrats are running scared. The voters in this district really need to answer a few questions. Are you happy with the LIES and FRAUD from the Democrats over Obamacare? Are you happy with the bad economy and NO JOBS after 5 years of Obama? Are you going to reward LIES upon LIES and terrible economic policies killing million of jobs by voting for another Democrat who will support Obama, Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. If you love Nancy Pelosi than vote for Sink. They are one and the same.

  • roadwalker

    Get lost, spammer.

  • ekaneti

    Sink wont win. Obamacare sinks her.

  • terjeanderson

    One day polling (whether statewide or in a Congressional or legislative district) is not generally viewed as valid by professionals in the field (which, obviously, you are not).

    In order to create a representative sample, good pollsters attempt to call back numbers they couldn’t reach the first time – that doesn’t happen with one day polls. One day polls run the risk of creating unrepresentative samples by missing folks who may be unavailable on a particular day – perhaps due to things as random as a popular local sports event, weather, work, religious holidays, TV watching schedules, or other unpredictable factors. Polling over a longer period (generally 3 days) helps compensate for those kinds of variables and smooth them out through call-backs and a broader sample.

    Anyone pollster worth their salt will tell you that their samples from a single day will often produce funky results. I’ve worked in plenty of Congressional campaigns, and none of them would ever view a one day poll as reliable.

    This poll is problematic on so many different levels. It does not deserve to be taken seriously – because of the source, the methodology, the unrepresentative sample, and the timing.

  • xian

    “dead of night” is the first of many lies and misstatements in your rant

    “purely patrician vote” is an amusing autocorrect error

    also, don’t you mean 93 bazillion?

  • Bitter Cold

    Since the most anti-social passion of envy will always be with us, a free country that wishes to preserve liberty must be careful not to condone it by redefining envy’s demands as demands for equality and fairness.

  • Roberto M

    If the ad above had been run by a Republican or a GOP leaning Superpac, it would have been labeled by the mainstream media as Islamophobic.

  • Roberto M

    She never voted for Obamacare since she never served in Congress, but it will be interesting to see what her response is going to be when asked about that disastrous law. I am not sure that this race will be showcase for all the failures of Obamacare as it is a district that Obama won and leans Democrat and at this point the full negative effects of the law haven’t
    yet been felt. She has the advantage of being well known from her previous statewide runs, so she has the edge on this district. Jolly on the other hand lacks name recognition and the experience to run an effective campaign. GOP leaning Super Pacs know this and that’s why they aren’t interested in throwing money away in this race.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Fair points some, but you reveal yourself as a hard-core flack. Your arguments center around personal distrust because of Identity and association. So you are a dem flack, so you don’t believe anything that has any association with Pubs? So what? Why should anybody who is not an Obamabot use that value system?

    I agree nobody knows who will win, but your utter disgust that a republican would be allowed to set the narrative of any political situation is…disgusting.

  • ShadrachSmith

    You may believe all that, but you also believe Obama is a good president.

  • terjeanderson

    My distrust isn’t because of the partisan nature of the blog that commissioned it. Partisan polls – from either side – should be examined and taken with an appropriate grain of salt.

    My distrust is because the poll was commissioned by a blogger with a demonstrated history of lying, shaking down politicos for cash in return for favourable coverage, and a history of criminal convictions. He owes more than $60,000 in unpaid fines for Florida election law violations. He is someone who has plead to grand theft and fraud charges.

    So, yes, the “identity and association” of the poll coming from a well-known fraudster is what makes it impossible to trust the results – not the fact that said blogger is a Republican.

    But hey – if you and your fellow Republicans want to embrace Peter Schorsch’s ethical practices and defend a bogus poll he produces, then that says as much about you as it does about this poll.

  • ShadrachSmith

    It kills me when Obamabots talk about ethics, get some :-)

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