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February 13, 2016

Democratic Super PAC Drops Major Buy in North Carolina

The latest ad targets Tillis. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

While Democrats up for re-election are facing heat over Obamacare, a Democratic-aligned super PAC launched a TV ad targeting the leading Republican in the North Carolina Senate race on the issue of health care.

According to a Republican tracking ad buys, Senate Majority PAC is spending $736,000 over the next two weeks across four media markets to defend Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and criticize her top Republican challenger, state Speaker Thom Tillis.

It’s the second time in a month that the super PAC has come to the aid of Hagan. The ad can be found on a website run by Senate Majority PAC. It touts Hagan’s work to protect Medicare and Social Security, while also slamming Tillis for siding “with insurance companies.”

A spokesman for the super PAC confirmed the ad buy but said it was probably closer to $750,000. The ad is part of the group’s efforts to defend Democratic incumbents and candidates against GOP-aligned outside groups.

The race is rated Tossup/Tilts Democratic by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Rickintheforest

    Good. Waste the money. By now people have awakened to the fact that Kay Hagan is a poor excuse for a Senator and isn’t going to be re-elected; nor should she be. Spend the money. Go ahead.

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    Exactly – the American people, including moderates and even Democrats, and increasingly begin to hate the encumbants in the Democratic Party. And why not, Obama has rejected all liberal values and simply masquerades as a liberal progressive while simultaneously destroying the very liberties and freedoms Democrats so claim to love. Democrats are in a fix. They elected a Kenyan destroyer as President.

  • Jay

    The GOP is dumping a ton of money into North Carolina pushing an anti-Obamacare disinformation campaign. Ironically, the political spokeswoman claims that health care is not about politics. The ads hit upon the same Republican themes which lost them two elections. Campaigning on lies and disinformation will only appeal to the misinformed and the viewers of Fox News. The GOP did nothing this year except vote against Obamacare again and again. Now that the Supreme Court struck down the last appeal by the GOP to overturn the ACA, it is time for the GOP to do something productive. Manufacturing hate, racism and disinformation will fail, but it makes the base feel good.

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    From Char, NC!!!

    Kay, you represent the interest on NC, not Barry!!! NC overwhelmingly rejects Barry-Care. When will you join us. Not going to be a tiny minority pushing around a huge majority.

    Car pool with Lindsey Graham when you leave. Save gas. Prevent global warming.

  • Whit_Chambers

    Kay is Obama’s lapdog….. it will be good to see her thrown out.

  • The Classical Liberal

    So you’re happy that Obamacare is declared to be a tax- and all the ramifications of that?

    Voting against Obamacare is smart. You think of it as a waste of time. I see it as doing what you can by having people vote on the position.

    What is racist about being against expanding the Federal Government?

  • HenryC

    Nice person, bad Senator. The money spent on Hagan is money that won’t be spent elsewhere. She is not aligned with the majority of her constituents and her record is enough to prevent the ads from having any major effect unless Tillis makes a major misstep, which is always possible.

  • Mygoodness

    Let them spend it. Unfortunately for them the next election is a direct pocketbook issue, people see the money leaving their pocket, democrats can’t use terms like the rich not paying their fair share, now people are seeing it is the entitled class not paying their fair share and everyone else paying twice, increased premiums and providing subsidies for others

  • rlfast

    Great ad! Some fools make a lot of noise, but most people don’t want to return to what we had before.

  • bobbyd12

    You people make me laugh. The 2014 elections are over 11 months away. That is an absolute lifetime. You believe you are going to milk this ObamaCare thing for 11 months you need serious help

  • Jeffrey Mark Bruce

    This is a very misleading headline. Drops buy = Stops buy. Drops money = Puts money.

  • kenpuck

    Kay Hagan: 1-10 to wind up in the hopper.

  • Bill

    Right. Because people will stop caring that 0bamacare destroyed their healthcare by then. They’ll just accept that they’re paying a lot more and receiving a lot less, right?

  • Ronald W. Mann

    Do you seriously think we have forgotten fast and furious, IRS as an election tool, Benghazi, NSA wiretapping every individual in the country, Zeromasta attacking reporters who do not toe the Zero line. I want him impeached, not gonna be easy but we can do it

  • Ronald W. Mann

    Yeah as the 80 plus million who were granted a year exemption begin to have their policies cancelled, time to heat up the tar and get all the feathers in order

  • TheRocketSurgeon

    I am spending the money. I just contributed to Tillis’ campaign.

  • Jim1967

    She swept in on Obamas’ coattails now she can fly out with him on his new broom at Halloween, all democrats that had anything to do with this massive government take over of our lives need to go out the door NOW!!!

  • Jim1967

    Obama has completely and single handily destroyed the pre-Democratic party. He has put race relations back 100 years, he has accomplished nothing except to divide the country. “Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Pre-Obama”??? If you are you must be a democratic politician or union leader!!!

  • IndependentEddie

    Me too. I thought this was the reverse. You would think that people who do this for a living would notice this. I think when people write newspaper articles the editor writes the headline. Perhaps this is the case here. I also wonder if, when they write a headline, they are trying to make Jay Leno’s “headlines”.

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    What does a democratic politician and a union leader share in common? Demonic insanity.

  • Jim1967

    Right, “If you like your insurance you can keep it” says it all. What else would you like to know about the creditability of El Supremo?

  • Jim1967

    For the next 11 months you are going to see and feel nothing but horror stories about obocare and his famous lines, along with “I didn’t really say that” and Harry Reid saying “That’s not what the president said”, are we all idiots or is it isolated to just a few like you?

  • 1952rmdg

    Hagan also supported this “comprehensive immigration” bill that gives amnesty to millions and raises the legal immigration levels by some 30%–how’s this going to help all the unemployed folks in NC–it will give rich progressives a larger pool of cheap labor from which to pick their domestic help.

  • 1952rmdg

    Just wait until the costs for Obamacare are hitting people in 2014–people will see how costly and how limiting (doctors, hospitals, etc.) the ACA is–the joke’s on you!

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Democrat reject:

    Your a lapdog. Got 10,000 posts on this site. When do u sleep.
    Obamacare didn’t even start yet. We’re just walking up to the starting line. Absolute disaster. Now, what until the actual insurance, payment/billing, dr/patient relationship….kicks in.

    Fact : 11/10 Barry at 50% approval. Lost 60+ house seats. Guys in the 30s and dropping by the day. Can’t even see the bottom yet midterms fast approaching. Do the math.

    Ps – cost to run competitive house race $2 million. I would want to be in dem shoes.

  • bobbyd12

    You know nothing about politics.

  • bobbyd12

    You are not impeaching anybody except in fantasy World

  • bobbyd12

    Whatever you say dude

  • bobbyd12

    Had no effect on me either way, but thanks

  • bobbyd12

    Yeah yeah yeah. Go back to your tea party, you know little to nothing about politics. 11 months is a lifetime

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Your weak democrat freak. Havags toast. She’s knows it. So does Barry. Go back to posting by the thousands. Reminder, get up once and a while. Use the bathroom. Right now your pants are soiled.

    Democrats – laugh at em. Giant freak show of defects and rejects.

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    I believe you b/c you a dem!!

  • bobbyd12

    Yeah yeah. Can’t wait till you have to call Hillary Madame President!!

  • citizen

    Notice anything missing in Hagan’s voting record commercial? Hmmm what could it be?

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Democrat reject:

    Clinton is democrats bob dole. Old crusty, worn out. Supposed to be president already. Lost big time to a nobody!! In 2007 she was worn out. Lost her voice many time. Talking all hoarse voice. She ain’t gonna last. 70 yo hag!!! Put her up!!! Find out!!! If I were dem I’d rather have some unknown fresh face that can actually accomplish like cuomo but you put her up!!!

    Democrat party – brains optional!!!

  • bobbyd12

    Except we keep winning. How did that taking the Senate in 2008, 2010 2012 go?!LMAO!! How bout them “Unskewed polls” and Romney landslide?? LMAO!! Losing all 3 top Virginia offices?? LMAO!! You can talk all you want bozo. Enjoy yourself. In the end, you will continue to LOSE, and that’s all that matters. So keep peeing into the wind and getting wet. Nothing you say bothers me.

  • GameTime

    Didn’t the headline say the Democratic super PAC dropped the ad buy? Then why in the entire article does it NOT say that the ad buy was dropped? Gee, Kyle, what are you – an intern?

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    You keep winning? No the pendulum swings both ways. No party dominates. There are mayors, state seats. There is democrat love in this country. Frankly, right now it’s the opposite. Dem’s pushed to hard, now the pendulums swinging the other way, democrat reject!!

    Democrat party – put on this planet to be laughed at. Complete jokes. I’m hungry. Then go eat. No, you have to end me a check in the mail so I can buy food. Party of the useless!!!!

    Bobby boy, u got 10,000 posts on here. Logoff and join society. do something useful. You am t changing anyone’s mind here, useless!

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Spoken by a man w/10,000 posts on this site.

    Useless dem reject!!!

  • Ray Shawn McKinnon

    I love this ad!

  • Ray Shawn McKinnon

    By “dropped” it means they are the ones who paid for it and who are sponsoring it. Geez, “GameTime” what are you; an intern?

  • bobbyd12

    The only one useless is you. There is no pendulum swinging this time. You are losing at demographics and losing on issues. More and more states will turn blue in the future. Old, white, bigoted, anti-woman, anti-Hispanic and black not gonna win you much in the future except the scorn you richly deserve.

  • bobbyd12

    LMAO!! You are an idiot.

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    U back again Dem freak. take your side show somewhere else. Also, Acorn called your $3.63 check is in for your 363 posts today.

    Democrats – the most useless elements of a society. Like this freak.

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Sorry Einstein’s long lost genieus son:
    What you say, sounds nice but not a fact. What all the people out their are trying to say.

  • bobbyd12

    Yea, it’s a fact. You are just to blind and dumb to see the truth. Get back on the short bus little one and enjoy the ride. HILLARY 2016

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Ok Democrat reject you convinced me. after all look at her background. Really really accomplished Senator. I’ve never seen a more extraordinary SOS. Hmmm, what else did she do. Where can I board Hillary 2016 bus b/c she’s assume.

  • bobbyd12

    The only “reject” here is you. I make over 6 figures a year, have a Cadillac health plan paid for, have a nice trust fund from my parents and live in Miami with the most beautiful women and weather in the World. You on the other hand, are a nobody on a blog calling people names to make you seem tough. Go supersize some fries little girl. I’m done with your nonsense

  • Sux To Be DEM!!!!

    Typical Democrat Joke. Bobby boy. you got 10,000 posts here. Damn, I post every now and then but to get 10k – I’d be here morning til night for months. Fact, your a looser!!! Democrat reject. Anonymous on the net so no one can really see you. Got pimples growing out your pimples. Aint bathed this week b/c too busy posting rubbish. One only has to read what you post to see you are a defect from society. No girls. No trust. No beach house. no nothing.

  • bobbyd12

    The only pimple I got is on my rear end, sorta reminds me of you. You are now officially boring little girl. I may have to block you soon. BTW, bye bye sequester LMAO!!

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