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February 9, 2016

Democrats Shift Money in House Races as Map Evolves

Updated 8:30 p.m. | The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s independent expenditure arm is shifting TV buys in a series of races, as the House battleground map continues to evolve.

The DCCC has cut ad buys Oct. 23-29 in four districts where the Democratic nominee is seen as having a comfortable lead, according to a party source with knowledge of the buys:

  • Arizona’s 2nd district, where Rep. Ron Barber (D) faces Republican Martha McSally
  • Florida’s new 9th district, where former Rep. Alan Grayson (D) faces Republican Todd Long
  • Florida’s 26th district, where embattled Rep. David Rivera (R), reportedly under federal investigation, faces Democrat Joe Garcia
  • New Mexico’s open 1st district, where Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham faces Republican Janice Arnold-Jones

The committee has also cut ad buys Oct. 23-29 in seats that look like steep climbs in November. It’s viewed as a harrowing sign for the Democrats running in these districts:

  • Florida’s 16th district, where Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) faces Democrat Keith Fitzgerald
  • Iowa’s 4th district, where Rep. Steve King (R) faces Democrat Christie Vilsack (though this race is probably the most competitive for Democrats of this bunch)
  • Indiana’s open 2nd district, where Democrat Brendan Mullen faces Republican Jackie Walorski
  • North Carolina’s 8th district, where vulnerable Rep. Larry Kissell (D) faces Republican Richard Hudson
  • North Dakota’s open at-large district, where Democrat Pam Gulleson faces Republican Kevin Cramer
  • Ohio’s 7th district, where where Rep. Bob Gibbs (R) faces Democrat Joyce Healy-Abrams
  • Ohio’s 10th district, where Rep. Mike Turner (R) faces Democrat Sharen Neuhardt
  • Virginia’s 2nd district, where Rep. Scott Rigell (R) faces Democrat Paul Hirschbiel
  • Wisconsin’s 8th district, where Rep. Reid Ribble (R) faces Democrat Jamie Wall

Democrats have moved the newly freed-up resources to the following districts, which the committee would appear to be increasingly bullish on:

  • California’s 36th district, where Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R) faces Democrat Raul Ruiz
  • Connecticut’s open 5th district, where Democrat Elizabeth Esty faces Republican Andrew Roraback
  • Illinois’ open 12th district, where Democrat Bill Enyart faces Republican Jason Plummer
  • Illinois’ open 13th district, where Democrat David Gill faces Republican Rodney Davis
  • Illinois’ 17th district, where Rep. Bobby Schilling (R) faces Democrat Cheri Bustos
  • Minnesota’s 8th district, where Rep. Chip Cravaack (R) face Democrat Rick Nolan
  • New York’s 19th district, where Rep. Chris Gibson (R) faces Democrat Julian Schreibman
  • New York’s 21st district, where Rep. Bill Owens (D) faces Republican Matt Doheny
  • New York’s 24th district, where Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R) faces former Rep. Dan Maffei (D)
  • Ohio’s 6th district, where Rep. Bill Johnson (R) faces former Rep. Charlie Wilson (D)
  • Texas’ 23rd district, where Rep. Francisco “Quico” Canseco (R) faces Democrat Pete Gallego

    March 17/2012
    What Is The Best Political System?
    By: Michael Anguelo

    What is the best political system? A question I that ask to myself many times. I have analyzing the present systems of governments around the world and I could not find a perfect system to rule the inhabitants of this planet. Many type of governments have existed through out the times. The matter is that peoples of the world are struggling for a perfect, or at least, the closest to a perfect government system to work in having the best solutions to solve poverty, famines, diseases, global warming, creating green energy as solar electro voltaic, wind, geothermal, hydro, and others sources, rather than wars.
    Democracy is almost the most perfect system that I consider the best: but every thing needs improvement with the time, also Democracy need improvement . The political system of plural political parties do more harm than benefit to the peoples of the democratic nations through out the world.( Demo-cracy means, “Give Thanks” in Latin) It benefit because the democracy give rights and freedom of speech, human rights and other rights though the constitution redacted more than two centuries ago, the harm comes from the confrontations between political parties that supposedly was designed to become like a competition between to ideas in favor to benefit the citizen of the nation, that was a very noble idea : but with the time, it become an aggressive war between political parties, not for the benefit of the people, instead for political gain, personally or for a party against the other party.
    The plural politics parties divide the citizens of a nation or the Democratic System peoples, resembling a civil war where no body get physical hurt but the public’s pockets is. This political debate, resembles a reality show that benefits only the medias, the networks and some others profiteers that love the controversy between participator of an administration position to make a profit from the debate of the existing parties, Republican, Democrats, and Independent.
    The idea of dividing psychologically the people’s political opinions, do more harm than benefits to the system. In my opinion is that the democratic system need a makeover, and I have the solution. For a long time I have observed many political democratic systems and I have came out with the perfect solutions to elect public servers without political fights.
    Beginning with the presidency, the President, should be elected by the elected public functionaries or officials elected by the people, at the level of Governor, Mayors, Senators, Representatives and others legislators in general, now those elected functionaries, elected by the people, in results we would not need political parties to elect them. The political system, need to work as a teams not as adversaries, political parties make war between the people in order to elect an public servant. Instead of political parties; we have supporter and opponents, let them decide by them self without having a political flag.
    With the present system, politicians from both or more parties attack each another in the both chambers of legislation, interrupting the bills and laws for the benefit of the people, most of the time it is not for peoples benefits; instead, for political gain, by blocking the adversary party in power. All this will end with a Democracy without political parties. If the legislator haves no need to debates for political and personal gain. the democratic system will function better as a government team, not as political parties, concentrating in creating the best legislation for the benefit of the nation only, not for political or personal gain, as the present political parties system does.
    The candidates selection will be made by a group of selected regular people, as a Supreme Tribunal Electoral. Those appointed persons, will be certified by the Supreme Court of Justice, to assure that no person with a gray past become one of the tribunal official, only those persons with positive antecedents and well screened moral behaviors. will compose a Supreme Tribunal Electoral, they will decide and look closely who may participate in the race for a government position, without prejudice. Who ever had an obscure past is disqualified. Ending the eternal controversy of a political battle between to or more political parties.
    Now the people can elect the government officials without the political brain- wash and parties battles. Them, those elected Officials, will elect the president of the nation, from the candidates appointed by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
    I strongly believe that this is the solution to have a more efficient Democracy,
    better laws, for the benefit of all peoples.
    Michael Anguelo

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