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February 12, 2016

DNC Chair Predicts Party Will Exceed Expectations in 2014

2014 elections

Wasserman Schultz is a Forida Democrat. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the strength of individual candidates will help her party outperform expectations in the upcoming midterms.

“Pundits are wildly misinterpreting or over interpreting,” the Florida Democrat said, specifically responding to a projection published by the Washington Post that gives Republicans an 86 percent chance of taking control of the Senate.

“Models don’t elect candidates. Voters do,” she said, speaking at a Thursday morning event organized by centrist Democratic think tank Third Way.

Wasserman Schultz predicted Democrats would retain a majority in the Senate and pick up seats in the House — although she stopped short of predicting that they would gain the 17 seats needed to capture the majority. Explaining her reasoning, Wasserman Schultz said the midterm election will be driven by individual campaigns and she believes a strong Democratic candidate pool will help the party outperform expectations.

“If you’re putting a premium on polls, the polls we’re ahead in are the ones that matter most: head to heads of the candidates,” she said. “There’s not a generic candidate on the ballot.”

In the Senate, Wasserman Schultz pointed to what she said are strong campaigns being run by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.; Mark Pryor, D-Ark.; and Kay Hagan, D-N.C..

Asked for House candidates who are running campaigns likely to outperform expectations in districts where Democrats hope to gain seats, Wasserman Schultz named Pete Aguilar in California’s 31st District, Aimee Belgard in New Jersey’s 3rd District, and Gwen Graham in Florida’s 2nd District. Aguilar’s race is rated Leans Democratic, Belgrad’s race is rated Tilts Republican, and Graham’s race is rated Leans Republican by the Rothenberg Report/Roll Call.

Wasserman Schultz also emphasized two issues that she thinks will help Democrats appeal to voters: the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

The Hobby Lobby decision, she said, will increase turnout among women voters who she thinks will come out to support Democrats.

“I’ve spent most of my life with a part of a generation [of women] who really have been able to take their rights for granted. … They’ve awoken a sleeping giant,” she said.

On the Affordable Care Act, Wasserman Schultz predicted political backlash from constituents who have newly received coverage under the law may force Republicans to avoid the issue.

“There’s a reason Republicans haven’t put up as many votes to repeal it,” she said. “Voters are going to use healthcare reform based on how it affects them. There are millions of voters who are going to say I am better off today …  certainly than I would be if Republicans were allowed to take it away.”

In a written response, National Republican Committee Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski said, “We have had more staff in the field working on Congressional and gubernatorial elections than ever before and are taking these elections very seriously because the GOP has an opportunity to talk to a lot of American voters about the Democrats’ brand of government and how their mismanagement and overreach has impacted our everyday lives.”

  • bluestatehostage

    Well, what do you think she’s going to say…”we’re completely and hopelessly screwed”?

  • fribble

    Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz says, “We’re going down, but we will keep right on blabbing.”

  • PirateWoman

    She is correct, of course.
    Republicans have over-played their empty hand, and will suffer the consequences in November. Republican governors are a pox on their states, and the voters will not reward incompetence, and cronyism.

  • chaos344

    Hey PirateWoman:

    DENIAL is NOT a river in Egypt!

  • chaos344

    ROTFLMAO! Debbie Wassername Schultz whistling past the graveyard. Toooooo funny!

  • mikeware

    This is what happens when you start smoking crack

  • Layla

    Republicans haven’t overplayed anything. Does the phrase, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” ring a bell?

    If you think American families are happy with the new found Democrat constituency swarming across our borders on an hourly basis, think again.

    You’re both going down at the polls….one for the damage they have done to this country and the other for doing nothing to stop it.

  • Layla

    Usually when one digs a hole so deep, they put down the shovel and stop digging…..just a thought…

  • Whit_Chambers

    Debbie Wasserpig also reports that yesterday she saw Elvis drinking longnecks with Jimmy Hoffa at the bar of the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield, Michigan.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Exceed expectaions how? Only losing 12 Senate seats instead of 15?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    She would be a lot nicer person if kids hand’t called her “Debby Wants-a-man” when she was in grade school.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    What kind of crazy pills are you on? Pelosi or Bat Crap?

  • usagoingbroke

    “Exceed Expectations”?
    You mean, instead of democrat candidates losing by double digits…… they’ll only
    lose by single digits?
    Just last year, didn’t this same person predict the House of Reps was going to be in play in 2014? And people still listen to this person? Why?


    This woman is out of touch as usual !
    The only woman who care about the entire hobby lobby deal are the ones who vote D anyway and if the GOP starts to educate people that this was not about birth control but abortion pills than things wont be looking all that great for dems


    I am going to laugh really loud if she is going to lose her house seat this fall


    And on May 7th 1945 hitler still proclaimed that victory was close for the german army


    Her function is to raise money for the democrats and to energize the base that’s why she is coming up with all this BS


    My prediction is that the GOP wins back the senate, picks up house seats, takes over some governors mansions and takes control of state houses and assemblies


    You can have the best salesman in the world but if the brand you are trying to sell sucks it wont do one bit of good !
    Yes there are some good candidates out there running as D and people might like them but they don’t like the agenda of the democratic party and know that the guy will just tote the party line if he wins

  • Ronald W. Mann

    I see electric hair was released on parole. For the dims to exceed expectations they would have to limit their losses to single digits in the senate and that is not gonna happen


    Democrats have nothing to run on so they seize on fringe issues trying to blow them out of proportion mostly in a effort to energize the base !

  • Ronald W. Mann

    Incompetence, the dim party has no one under 70, mostly senile old farts like Hairy Reid


    She wont even know what hit her come November !
    African americans are actually starting to turn on the Dems mostly because of immigration , they realize that the focus is now on Hispanics and no longer on blacks

  • CLW

    OMG…’s Pirate woman of Politico fame…..thought she had slowly faded into the sunset with her cheerleading…..can’t teach an old dog new tricks and the same goes for D Wassenidiot S.

  • Marsh hen

    All prominent democrat leaders are sociopathic liars.

  • andrewp111

    Sometimes desperate people do win, but usually not.

  • chaos344

    Couldn’t happen to a more obnoxious member of congress, excluding of course The Wicked Witch Of The West!

  • Winger

    After ther events of today this qualifies as the dumbest thing DWS has ever said. Ever. At any time. Since her birth.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    As are all of the prominent GOP leaders.
    The Turtle
    Your point is?

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    It’s lack of turnout that will do them in. As it did in 2010. When people don’t vote GOP stands a chance. Hence their efforts at voter suppression.


    if there would be a nobel prize for xcuses then dems would win it every year

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    They may win the Senate but they will lose or draw in the House. What’s more, with the recently Ruling on Gerrymandering in Fla, they may be on the wane in the House. (They would not have the House if it weren’t for Gerrymandering.) As for GOP governors… Jesus… Brownback’s tax cuts have utterly failed, Chris Christie is Chris Christie, Rick Scott is probably going to investigated (along with the Kochs’ boy Scooter Walker), Kasich and Snyder have performed poorly… and then there’s little Ricky in Texas. I think even Red States are beginning to grasp the fact that GOP governors are a liability.


    you are totally out of touch just like debbie , must be a liberal thing


    your hero wendy davis is gonna get taught a lesson this fall just like we taught bill white the last time !
    And you really got nerves talking about kansas , i just have to look at all the blue states, when was the last time any blue state had a budget surplus ? and this DESPITE tax hikes

  • rosetta_stoned

    You just keep telling yourself that, champ.


    dont get me wrong – i love tax hikes , especially in CA , we just picked up Toyota and two more big players are in the pipeline to move from CA so stay tuned in the press, perry is gonna make a annnouncement soon on those :)
    and thats not even to mention all the smaller companies that left CA on top of top notch academics

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    Even Republicans acknowledge they need voter suppression and Gerrymandering to win


    can you cite any statements to back this up ?


    yeah and democrats cant win unless non citizens vote for them !
    I find it interesting that democrats have a problem with people showing ID at the polls because supposedly most of the democrat voters dont have a ID because it costs so much money to get one !
    So does the majority of blacks and hispanics dont drive ? or do they all drive without a license ? because unless they drive without one they have a drivers license which is widely acknowledged as a valid form of ID

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    Well there was Mittens’ 47% comment.
    Then there’s this guy advocating suppressing student vote:
    Jim Grier in Fla. has been quoted as saying “Early voting has to be cut down, because early voting is not good for us [i.e. GOP].” Hence long lines in Fla General Elections 2012…
    I could go on.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    Here’s the issue with GOP zeal for tax cuts. They have it in their heads that tax cuts isps facto result in job growth, that “tax cuts pay for themselves”. Hence Republicans tend to push them at all cost, not taking into consideration the fact that poor aggregate demand, economic inequality and poverty create conditions that make it unlikely businesses will invest even with tax cuts. Brownback did exactly what supply-siders said he should do. He started with a budget surplus and now has a huge deficit and risks a downgrade of KS credit rating because he didn’t get diddley for his tax cuts.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    I don’t remember taking Wendy as a hero. But if she can get rid of idiots like little Ricky, more power to her.
    BTW–Texas will be a Blue State by 2020, if GOP cannot come up with a better platform.


    Since you finally seem to be interested in a civilized discussion and i love nothing more than to discuss things with civilized liberals i give you my 10 cents on this !
    You cant generally say that tax cuts are bad neither can you say that generally all tax hikes are bad .
    It really depends on the state and the overall economic situation !
    In KS the tax cuts seem to backfire so do the tax hikes in CA but in between there are several states who cut taxes and have seen economic growth as a result but there are also states who have raised taxes and have not experienced the CA effect !
    It largely depends where you apply the tax cuts , if you cut taxes for the big corporations and the top 1% then you wont see much impact on the economy either way its the small and midsize businesses and their owners who make the difference , if you lower taxes for those businesses and their owners than it will make a difference as it spurs new investments !
    What i would like to see is a departure of the blanket tax policies we are having right now to a more “on spot” policy !
    Lets say we were to lower the tax rates for corporations but tie the tax rate to the percentage of the workforce the company has in the US or the number of jobs created in the US over the last 3 years.
    If you do this than you create a big incentive for the companies to create new jobs and bring back foreign jobs , sure the tax revenue from the corporate taxes will slump but the overall benefits to the country will be immense !
    Same goes for taxing the super rich , why dont levy a higher tax rate on returns on foreign investments but give a more preferential tax rate to domestic investments and a much lower rate to investments in startups ? lets say you pay 35% tax on returns from foreign stock , 25% on returns on US stock and only 5% on returns from investments in startup companies up to 5 years, the effect of this would be for more money to stay in the US and for more money to be invested in startups especially if you were allow for losses from those investments to be written off your income tax for a certain time period !

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    I have no problem with cutting taxes for businesses that will reciprocate by providing jobs to constitutents. The problem is businesses will rarely invest unless there is more than one good reason to do so. A location with poor infrastructure, a poorly educated public, and that services markets with weak aggregate demand is not likely to attract business even with 0 tax rates.

    What I do suggest–to those who really do care about deficits (and I would suggest that the GOP does not)–is to reform our approach to taxation. Ease off taxing consumption (sales taxes, for example), make corporate taxation rates fair (level playing field, no loopholes), and tax windfall profit the way we did before Reagan came along. I would also suggest that we tax intangible property (we presently have taxes on purchases consumers make, but do not tax things like stock trades). I would also suggest bumping marginal tax rate for top bracket back to 70%. CEO pay is presently an issue.


    perry is gone anyway , he is not running anymore !
    I take your 2020 prediction with a grain of salt , there are studies that lay this claim but they are based on the current growth rates of the hispanic population AND the assumption that they will stay loyal to the democrats.
    But there are many caveats , first off it is not said that in the future hispanics will continue to have 3-4 children and that they will stay put in Texas, as the economy changes there might be migration of hispanics from texas to other states which in turn will reduce the hispanic population in the state !
    The second factor is the perceived loyalty of hispanics to the democratic party , pew surveyed hispanics for their political allegiance a few months back and the findings were quite interesting .
    Hispanics who were 1st generation ( meaning they came from mexico mostly as illegals and then became legalized ) aligned with the democratic party , over 90% of them stated that they voted D in previous elections.
    In the 2nd Generation only 78% identified themselves as Democrat voters and in the 3rd generation the numbers dropped to 52% !
    The views on immigration also differed, from 1st generation hispanics 89% saw immigration as important topic , in the 2nd generation this dropped to 48% and in the 3rd generation to 22% !
    In my opinion there i a greater chance for TX to return to mexico by 2020 then to become blue :) but only time will tell

  • bob

    isn’t this moron the successor of the form DNC chair that claimed they would hold the house on the night before the 2010 election when they got Obamcare shoved right up their a s s to the tune of losing 64 seats, a historic loss?

  • bob

    No. the GOP leaders are pantywaist’s except Cruz. he’s kicking everyone’s rear.

  • bob

    yes but sadly blacks will still blindly go vote for whoever Al Sharpton tells them to vote for.

  • bob

    like the KKK, democrats invented Gerrymandering now you cry when Republicans throw it back at you. stop being a wuss.

  • Randy Townsend

    Out of self respect, if nothing else, I’d keep my mouth shut if I were as obviously unintelligent as this woman…. On the other hand, she is a Dim….. Self control is not one of their strong points.

  • Grey Sailor

    Cut the corporate tax rate to a flat 12%. Period. No exceptions. No more depreciation, just immediately expense all capital investments. Eliminate travel as an deductible expense (of course the airline industry will howl, but so what.) Allow the same rate for all Schedule C income (for the vast majority of income tax illiterates out there, this is the form most single proprietor businesses use to report income). Allow all profits currently parked overseas to be taxed at this rate if brought back to this country.
    You will see corporations flock back to this country. They will be carrying the machinery on their backs to get here. No gimmicks, no adding even more loopholes to the absolute dog’s breakfast we call the tax code. An easy simple fix.

  • bob

    you must be a dreamer.

  • bob

    even liberal dems don’t like the illegal invasion coming to take their jobs. the dems have overplayed their had with this little illegal invasion crises they cooked up and it’s blowing up in the smartest president in history’s face.

  • Bodica Slayer of Drones

    Medusa Wasserman Schultz has drunk from the fountain of delusion.

  • Bodica Slayer of Drones

    Yes, it’s just so undemocratic – isn’t it? Denying dead people the right vote.

  • Bodica Slayer of Drones

    There is only one GOP governor at risk, sir – that guy in Pennsylvania.

    There are no House seats that will flip Democrat. Not one.

  • Bodica Slayer of Drones

    Will she finally have time to brush her hair?

  • Bodica Slayer of Drones

    I understand you have to put a positive spin on this, but really Debbie. You’re in crazy country this time.

  • f_this_state

    Schultz a nut job just like Reince Priebus. Why would any journalist that wants to be regarded as reputable even bother talking to nuts like them? Only reason I can think of is that the journalists are nut jobs too.

    Partisan idiots like Schultz and Priebus should be shunned and ignored by the media..

  • terjeanderson

    Nice try – but there are several more Governors that the polling clearly shows to be at risk – LePage in Maine, Brownback in Kansas, Snyder in Michigan, Deal in Georgia, Kasich in Ohio, Walker in Wisconsin, Haley in South Carolina, Scott in Florida – and the open spot in Arizona.

    They won’t all lose, but some will, and they are all very much “at risk.”

    As for the House, there are a number of seats with a good shot at flipping – Gary Miller’s seat in CA and Mike Grimm’s in NY topping the list of likely takeovers.

  • dj

    Let’s hope so!!!! Yes..most of the GOP are spineless whimps, and just don’t get why they blow elections. While pandering for hispanic votes, or wanting to pander to the democrats, they lose their base.

  • dj

    What a load of crap!! Libs don’t want voter id so they can continue to cheat. Why else would they be so against it? Are they against id for anything else? I needed id to get a mammogram. I don’t hear libs crying that id requirements for medical tests are keeping people from getting medical attention. It’s ALL BS so democrats can vote as dead people or multiple times.

  • dj

    My state offered FREE voter ids, still didn’t matter. So that’s just another excuse for not wanting to get id to vote.

  • dj

    Don’t think Corbett is in as much trouble as people think here in PA. People are starting to realize that Wolf is going to impose more taxes and also tax the shale gas out of existence…..which has brought many good benefits to PA. Outside of Philly and Pittsburgh, democrats aren’t real popular.

  • dj

    Think you’re dreaming. Dems aren’t popular right now in very many places.

  • barracuda43

    I think November will be a category 5 hurricane and not many Democrats will be left. Not because Republicans are so great but the Democrats are a disaster.

  • barracuda43

    Hillary will lose in 2016. You heard it here.

  • dj

    Same rates for Schedule C is not a good idea. Would turn out grossly unfair for some of us small business owners.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    The House won’t flip in 2014, but what the GOP ought to be concerned about is the possibility of more court decisions like the FLA ruling on Gerrymandering. If the GOP can’t Gerrymander and can’t supress voters, it can’t win. It’s that simple. Right now, the GOP champions a fool’s ideology… which is unfortunate. Remember, this was once the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Since Coolidge, it has either been a haven for extremists like McCarthy and Reagan or a brain-dead, do-nothing Eisenhower types.

    As for the governors mentioned, they are all done. Stick a fork in them. The only thing keeping them up is PAC money and propaganda.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    The voter fraud non-issue is what is crap. It’s only an excuse to suppress voters. Always has been. You’re either too stupid or too indoctrined to see that. (Perhaps you’re a little of both.)

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    12% is in the ballpark imo… with no loopholes and with a windfall profits tax.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    I don’t care who invented it–and I am by no means a devotee of Democratic politics–it’s a sleazy trick and needs to be remedied.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    It’s always possible the GOP will tire of trying to sell a bad ideology and come up with something new. One would hope that’s what the next generation of Republicans is thinking.

  • NO2BHO

    They can always run on the platform that “The borders are Secure!” She has all the stupid of twins in one butt ugly head!!

  • bowhowdy2

    The Dems will get the WH in 2016, the numbers are on their side. They may win back the Senate, but they won’t take the House, not the way the districts are set up. With the demographics the way they are and the number of people the Dems are enrolling on the liberal plantation, they’ll have the WH for years. I’m not saying I want that, but they have the birth rate on their side and they play class warfare well. Furthermore, all they need is Ohio and Florida year after year and they retain 1600. No other states will come into play.

  • LibLoather

    If Little Debbie were a snack cake, she’d be a nut roll.

  • LibLoather
  • newageblues

    2020 is a Presidential election year, advantage Democrats. Maybe Repubs should try to get gerrymandering outlawed by 2020.

  • Poor62

    Sometimes the dogs just don’t like the dog food.

  • ranroddeb

    She’s only right if they are expecting armageddon and it’s only a huge loss for Dems

  • kenpuck

    So saying, she proceeded to prance around the podium singing “We Shall Overcome” in a falsetto, after which her remarks were taken somewhat less seriously.

  • Samuel Adams

    Willing to bet good money that when the electorate is done with you and your ilkmtnere won’t be anything left but a greasy spot.

  • davidhouston

    Since all the newly insured under Obamacare were subsidized with taxpayer money, is she saying the Dems have successfully purchased these 8 million votes?

  • jkendi


  • Mad Patriot

    Baghdad Debbie

  • GameTime

    Yes let us count the ways the Democrats, liberals, Euro-Socialists, progressives, left wingers, populists – whatever they call themselves this week – will have solutions this year for: The VA, Benghazi, IRS and the lawbreaking, foreign policy chaos, failure to secure the border, Terrorists For Traitors, and my favorite, Frankensurance!

  • ohio granny

    Don’t forget at best a Muslim sympathizer, as worst a Muslim.

  • dmreiter

    Ms. Wasserman-Shultz is a good soldier. So too Jay Carney. They have advanced the art of propaganda (hence the Soviet era poster in Jay’s kitchen) in the US. Question: Do these people engage in any self reflection or criticism? Do they every wonder if they are right or wrong in their beliefs? Do they ever consider that the ends do not always justify the means? Just asking.

  • Doug

    “Models don’t elect candidates. Voters do,”

    Not voters, but votes. Unfortunately, when Democrats control the counting, there is no one to one correspondence between those two numbers.

  • neversaynever10

    ““Models don’t elect candidates. Voters do,” she said, speaking at a
    Thursday morning event organized by centrist Democratic think tank Third

    Insincere spokespeople whistling past the graveyard don’t bring voters to the polls. Anger and frustration over repeated lies, coupled with condescending, dismissive attitudes toward the electorate… now, that’ll do the trick!

    November 2014… Bring it on.

  • neversaynever10

    Sadder still… Obama’s focus has never BEEN on the plight of the black community…. He’s a good talker…. Results? Not so much….. Lip service, lip service…. Thy name is Obama.

  • Justwaitinforchange

    nonsense – written like true low information voter.

  • neversaynever10

    Requiring ID is not tantamount to so-called suppression, Gentil….. Most states (if not all) requiring such, are offering free IDs. There goes THAT supposed “slight.” For some odd reason, Dems STILL don’t want ID laws to remain in place. Now, why would that be?

    As to gerrymandering, quit yer biatchin’, sil vous plait. Dems do the same when they are in the majority. Maryland is a prime example. You kids need to win more State houses and thus, control redistricting. Simple as that.

    Dems are hardly more “noble” than their Repub counterparts. It’s easy to complain; much more difficult to create the environment you yearn for. Put yer money where yer mouth is and get out the vote in State races.

  • neversaynever10

    Florida legislature cut “early voting” from 14 days to 7! My God…. How many days does a person need to get to the polling station? Are they traveling by horse and buggy? Ridiculous to call this “suppression” by anyone’s measure. But leave it to Dems to express outrage over actions of evil Repubs, whether it’s valid or not.

    You DO realize, I hope, that polling stations cost tax dollars every day they remain open? Cost isn’t a consideration either, I suppose. My point remains. 7 extra days beyond the actual election day is more than reasonable.

  • Grey Sailor

    Schedule C income is currently taxed at personal rates, which means the income is taxed at the highest marginal rate paid by the filer (which could be 39%)…drop it to 12 and small businesses would prosper. I file a C every year, and I would save taxes if that income was taxed at 12% (of course, expenses are deducted first)…If, for some reason, 12% would be higher than the personal rate for the income received, let the rate drop to the personal rate.

  • Jack_Hoke

    What a silly article. Of course, Wasserman-Schultz is going to say that the Democrats are going to exceed expectations in 2014. She’s their cheerleader–in-chief. The truth, however, is that they are headed for another 1994 or 1980.

  • Willys

    DWS doesn’t have to say that. Just looking at her says everything one needs to know about the DNC and bad choices.

  • bo ure

    Hard as I try, I find it possible to make it only halfway on any given Debbie Wasserman post. I can actually feel the IQ points slipping away with each sentence, until my brain first protests then finally my whole body demands that I stop. It is a reliable physiological phenomenon. So I have no idea what the second half of this piece says, but it’s guaranteed to be stupid. This is one incredibly thick woman, advanced by her corrupted party precisely for her pit bull qualities and with no other appeal whatsoever, especially not for her brains.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Hmmm, a Democrat Party of Anti Americans advocating the invasion of our Country by illegals who the Democrats will give free Housing, Food, Healthcare, Education, Drivers Licences jobs and a pre-filled voter ID card.

    Add to that Democrat voter fraud so prevalent and viola…

    I’m shocked Debbie, shocked I tell you…

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    She would be what comes out the other end of the digestive tract…

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    So the GOP can give America more Part D or no child left behind and Amnesty?

  • Michael Mayo
  • Bandit Keena

    Loser talk

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    The Blaze? Really? I think I’d trust the NY Post before the Blaze.

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    O, no doubt. He’s an establishment politician through and through. All this talk of him being a radical has always been right wing agitprop. You could tell the type of president he was going to be when he chose his economic team: Geithner, Summers, etc. Holder was once a lawyer of Wall Street banker. Gee, I wonder why none got prosecuted…

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    Props… you’ve got all the Fox News talking points for 2014 down pat. In nut country you get a gold star for that, don’t ya?

  • Gentil Aquitaine

    More excuses for making it harder for ‘darker types’ to vote. You saw the long lines in Fla. in 2012 didn’t you? I assure you that was part of the program.

  • MichaelKennedy

    No, they just want to suppress the dead voting.

  • MichaelKennedy

    India has a billion voters, an average annual income of $660 and 100% voter ID. What’s the next excuse ?

  • MichaelKennedy

    Gerrymandering has no effect on presidential elections. Maybe some thought would help.

  • Brett Reefer

    the dems are exceeding their expectations when it comes to the downfall of America. They never dreamed that they could do so much damage in so little time.

  • MarkJ

    Memo for Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz:

    Come this November, skip the first four phases of grieving after your party gets crushed and move straight to “acceptance”–it’ll make you feel better.

  • MarkJ

    Really? Evidence please.

    Oh, that’s right: you don’t have any evidence. Tough break, old boy.

  • newageblues

    No, but presidential elections in years ending in a zero have an effect on who gets to do the gerrymandering for the next 10 years. Republican-favorable gerrymandering for the 2012-2020 elections was made possible by the 2010 election being an off year election, advantage Republican. The 2020 election that will determine who gets to gerrymander for the 2022-2030 elections is in a Presidential election year, advantage Democrats. That’s why I said Repubs might want to outlaw gerrymandering before the 2020 election. I wonder if other readers understood what I was saying.
    Your need to insult is duly noted.

  • bittman

    If that is true, why are the Democrats running around lying about the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision and telling women the Republicans are taking away their contraceptives and never mentioning that Hobby Lobby was covering 16 of the contraceptives for its employees long before the HHS’s mandates were issued or that they refused to cover the four mandated contraceptives that aborted fertilized eggs because they do not believe in abortion. Hobby Lobby simply told their employees they would not cover the abortion drugs; they did not tell their employees the employees could not buy them themselves or even go to their nearest Planned Parenthood unit where they can mostly likely get tax-payer funded pills.

  • Robert What?

    As a former Republican (now independent) I think she may be right. The Republican leadership have proven themselves to be feckless drones who disparage and even subvert their own base. The Democrats may do better than expected – not because of their policies (which are horrific) but because many of the Republican base may stay home.

  • ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    Listening to FAUX Nooze and hate radio makes you stupid, gooper.

  • Mickey Kovars

    Republicans need to understand that a better-than-expected Democrat performance is entirely possible. It is why I, for one, will be sure to vote.

  • Steve Gregg

    This just in: Debbie Wasserman Schultz predicts flying pigs will vote Democrat in great numbers, turning today into an overwhelming victory!

  • Ellilou Ilano

    If anyone needs to fill out a schedule c tax form, I found a blank form here:

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