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February 11, 2016

DSCC Outraised NRSC in March

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised its Republican counterpart in March, ending the month with more than $22 million in cash on hand for the competitive midterms.

Both the DSCC and the National Republican Senatorial Committee said they posted their best fundraising months of the cycle in March. The DSCC announced Wednesday it raised $8.1 million last month, bringing its total raised for the cycle to more than $74 million — $21 million more than the NRSC. The DSCC paid off its remaining debt from 2012 last month.

The NRSC announced Tuesday that it brought in $6.4 million and ended March with $15.9 million in cash on hand. It paid off its debt last year.

In announcing their numbers, Senate Republicans characterized the strong quarter as a sign of momentum for the party, which expanded its playing field to states like Colorado and New Hampshire in recent months. Republicans must net six seats to win back the majority this year.

Democrats emphasized the importance of the committee’s fundraising to help incumbents and candidates combat an influx of early outside spending.

“We need our supporters who care about having a Senate that fights for the middle class to continue to help us win each month and fund the grassroots operations we need to win,” DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said in a statement.

  • Michael F Kelly

    Thanks to the First Amendment supporting Supreme Court majority this bit of information is no longer important.

  • ekaneti

    Money is overrated. Alex Sink will tell you so. Fact is the Dems can outraise the GOP, but if the GOP can raise enough for ads and GOVT, that is all that matters. A party needs enough to run a campaign from top to bottom, buy ads and do a GOVT drive. Once that is accomplished, additional money on ads is simply redundant.

  • GaryLeeT

    How long can the Democrats keep up the lie that they aren’t the party of, and for the rich?

  • brickman

    It’s because righties are willing to come on sites like this and say that the Republic is doomed but they won’t do anything that costs them something. Like donate money.

  • valwayne

    The democrats keep screaming about Republican donors like the Koch brothers, abut meantime their own billionaire left wing donors are pumping far more money into democrat coffers than Republicans are getting. Worse the Poodle Media propagandizes with the lying Democrats to make your think the big money is on the democrat side, but that’s a LIE folks. The democrats are getting a lot more money than the Republicans so if anyone’s votes are being bought its the votes of the democrats.

  • Matt D.

    Since our individual pursuits are guided by our own opinions of conditions and circumstances, and the results of our efforts cannot be predicted, questions regarding the justice of resulting incomes are meaningless.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Well, in the end, we are all dead. But don’t take too much heart from this. More and more conservative Republicans have quit donating to the party and place their donations themselves.

  • brickman

    Or at least they say they do on blogs. After last year’s VA governors race in which prominent conservatives complained that the GOP establishment abandoned Ken Cuccinelli, I went on and checked a 250 page list of every one of his contributors. None of the people who complained like Sarah Palin or Star Parker had contributed a dime. I also looked for the names of commenters who said that they had contributed ( and use their real names). They weren’t there either. When I replied to comments that they left saying such, they pleaded confusion. “I think I remember writing a check” and the like. A lot of people say one thing and don’t do another.

  • ShadrachSmith

    People lie about politics? Shirley you jest.

  • brickman

    Will everyone in the universe be able to do bad things by blaming Obama? And don’t call me Shirley.:)

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