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February 7, 2016

Mark Pryor Up 2 Points in Democratic Poll

Pryor is in a dead-heat re-election race. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor led his Republican challenger by 2 points in a recent Democratic poll, which is the third survey on the race released in the last two days.

The polling memo, obtained by CQ Roll Call, stated Pryor led by a 48-46 percent margin, with 6 percent undecided — a lead within the 4-point margin of error. The survey included a sample of 600 likely voters and was conducted July 20-24 by Democratic firm Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, which counts as a client the Arkansas gubernatorial campaign of former Rep. Mike Ross.

The memo comes one day after the Pryor campaign released an internal poll (taken July 7-10) showing him ahead 45-39 percent and an independent poll from Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College (taken July 22-25) found Cotton up 44-42 percent.

Pryor and Cotton are in one of the closest races of the cycle for a seat Republicans are counting on in their quest for the Senate majority.

Few details on the latest poll were included in the memo. The Libertarian and Green party candidates were not included. The memo did break down the undecided vote, noting Pryor had a higher favorable rating among the voters who still haven’t picked a side (33 percent favorable and 32 percent unfavorable for Pryor, 17 percent favorable and 27 percent unfavorable for Cotton).

Polling has been all over the map in this race. Several Republican polls in May and June showed Cotton up by significant single-digit margins, while a couple nonpartisan surveys found Pryor up by double-digit margins.

Democrats say they’ve never had an internal poll show Cotton with a lead.

The race is rated Tilts Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Jerald

    Pryor is losing. All the democratic polls in the world are not going to save him.

  • David Bluefeather

    try chanting that over and over if it will make you feel better, LOL

  • jetch

    does it make you feel better to troll? LOL

  • John Cook

    If there was ANY hope for Pryor, Barry has hit the final nail in Mark’s coffin with immigration, military cuts and his Federal power grab. Boozman will have a primary fight in two years and he will be gone too. Outsiders have no idea how pissed we are in Arkansas…..from the delta to the OK line!

  • Firey Hooks

    Fun fact: The last US Government budget bill passed the Senate on April 29, 2009. Since then, Senate democrats have obstructed every single budget passed by the House.

  • F Michael Addams

    You must mean those budget comics that Ryan puts out every year…Yeah…Nobody looks at those…Just his silly Ayn Rand scribblings…Try and keep up..

  • F Michael Addams

    LOL is for nine year old girls…

  • guest

    And using your first initial, middle name and last name is for criminally corrupt dirty friggin lawyers.

  • guest

    Now I know you’re a crooked-ass lawyer because most are communists and you fit into that catagory. In response to the budget, does anyone know why that was the last one passed? Because it had the “stimulus bill’ in it. That was $800B and it became part of the baseline. Therefore, as long as they didn’t pass another budget, that $800B would automatically be in the continuing resolutions that all the criminals in dc love and they don’t have to tell the citizens anything. And certainly the communist propagandists in the media aren’t going to say anything. If they tried to pass a new budget, they would have to explain why that stimulus money was still in there. Piss on all politicians and the crooked lawyers that run interferance for them.

  • F Michael Addams

    “… communist..”…?…I believe the preferred teabilly term is socialist…try and keep up…

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