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February 11, 2016

National Democrats Slam Thom Tillis Again on Education Cuts

north carolina education

A DSCC ad again hits Tillis on education. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

National Democrats are launching yet another TV ad hitting North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis on state cuts to public education.

Education is rarely the leading issue in a Senate race, but the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and its allies are pushing to ensure it stays at the forefront of the conversation. Tillis, the speaker of the state House, is challenging Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in a top GOP pickup opportunity.

Senate Majority PAC and EMILY’s List have run similar ads. The latest one is from the DSCC, the second spot of a total $9.1 million buy in the state through the election.

“Our schools are not some luxury,” North Carolina resident Shawn Jackson says in the ad. “But the tax cuts that Thom Tillis gave out for private jets and yachts? Those are. I don’t understand his priorities.”

The ad launches one day after Hagan greeted President Barack Obama on the tarmac at the airport in Charlotte and both spoke at the American Legion convention. In her speech, Hagan said she told Obama “promises alone aren’t going to get it done” in reference to turning around Veterans Affairs, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Tillis responded in a statement by slamming both Hagan and Obama on veterans care. His campaign later distributed a photo of the two Democrats meeting at the airport, one likely to appear in a Republican ad at some point.

The race is rated Tilts Democratic by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • Amy Dunne

    The intellectual vanguard of today’s liberalism is basically Bolshevik.

  • View From The Left

    …while that of the Republicans is National Socialist (“Nationalsozialismus” in the native German). Your anger, bigotry and various hatred drove you to defeat last time, it will do so again this time.

  • Amy Dunne

    There’s no material difference between today’s liberals and their marxist ancestors.

  • Jed Eckert

    Today’s liberalism is simply communism without the manifesto.

  • Mannly

    she sounds like a left-wing Obama-ton from the Communist Northeast trying to destroy our way of life…. hey comie babe… go back to the place you helped destroy… any north east state under the Demon-Crap control is dead and now they are sending this slime to N.C. to destroy us….

  • Mannly

    no it was pure voter fraud ,voter intimidation and voter repression by the Bastard in Chief and his IRS or as i call them the Obama SS with Holder the most corrupt AG in History …. People like you who have your head so far up The Tyrants ars i find it hard to believe your still able to breath…. wow….

  • Lets_Think_Again

    There’s no difference between today’s far right and the Nazis_-

    both are racist; both are in favor of torture and wars of aggression; both hate gays; and both want to smash labor unions.

  • Lets_Think_Again

    The intellectual level of today’s Tea Party is inferior even to 6-year-olds’ name-calling…. as is all to apparent from the senseless abuse, devoid of fact or logic, that is 100% of this comment by “coalgateOps”. It is beyond contemptible.

  • Lets_Think_Again

    You’re right. Compare today’s far right and the Nazis: both are racist; both are in favor of torture and wars of aggression; both hate gays; both want to smash labor unions; both despise women and want to ban birth control and abortion.

  • ASolutionToAProblem

    Someone needs to tell shawn jackson it‘s pronounced lux-u-ry, not lugury…damn she is sooooo annoying…..

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