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February 13, 2016

Eric Cantor Brings in Bucks for Primary Challenge

Eric Cantor Raises Bucks For Primary Challenge

Cantor faces a primary challenge in in June. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Recent fundraising reports filed Thursday for June 10 primaries give a glimpse of where those races stand, 10 days in advance.

On June 10, there will be House primaries in Maine and Virginia, where House Majority Leader Eric Cantor faces his most serious primary threat yet — although most Republicans expect him to prevail with a large margin. 

Here’s what the reports, which cover the fundraising period from April 1 to May 21, show:

Virginia’s 7th District
Cantor, whose district is located between Richmond and Charlottesville, far outraised his GOP primary opponent, college professor David Brat.

Cantor raised $449,000 in the pre-primary period, and reported $1.5 million in cash on hand. Brat, however, raised a respectable amount — $117,000 — for a challenger in a short period of time, and he reported $84,000 in the bank.

Virginia GOP operatives expect Cantor to emerge from the primary. Virginia’s 7th District is rated a Safe Republican contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

Virginia’s 8th District
Former Lt. Gov. Don Beyer’s haul is hundreds of thousands more than the six other Democrats running in the primary, further cementing his front-runner statusThis northern Virginia district is open this cycle because Democratic Rep. James P. Moran is retiring.

Beyer brought in $647,000 in the pre-primary period — including his $200,000 loan to the campaign. He reported $351,000 in cash on hand.

Radio show host and former Capitol Hill aide Mark Levine raised $166,000, which includes a $150,000 loan to his campaign. That left Levine with $293,000 in the bank.

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the Democrats in the 8th District field:

  • State Sen. Adam Ebbin, whom Democratic operatives say also has a shot at the Democratic nomination, raised $113,000 from April 1 to May 21, and reported $88,000 in cash on hand.
  • Community activist Lavern Chatman raised $107,000 and reported $69,000 in the bank.
  • Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille raised $100,000 and reported $18,000 in cash on hand.
  • State Rep. Patrick Hope, who Democratic operatives say has a strong base in the Arlington segment of the district, raised $82,000 and reported $72,000 in his war chest.
  • College Professor Derek Hyra raised the least of the pack, bringing in just $9,000 and reporting $11,000 in cash on hand.

Whoever emerges from the Democratic primary faces a clear path to Congress in this heavily Democratic district, which voted for President Barack Obama with 68 percent in 2012.

Maine’s 2nd District

Democratic Rep. Michael M. Michaud’s gubernatorial bid in the Pine Tree State opened up this seat, and two Democrats and two Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination in the 2nd District.

State Sen. Emily Cain, the front-runner, faces fellow state Sen. Troy Jackson for the Democratic nominee.

Cain brought in $109,000 in the pre-primary period and reported $149,000 in cash on hand. Jackson raised $37,000 in that same period and reported $19,000 in the bank.

On the Republican side, former state Senate President Kevin Raye raised $71,000 from April 1 to May 21, and reported $162,000 in cash on hand.

He faces former state Treasurer Bruce Poliquin for the GOP nod. Poliquin, a tea party candidate who has the ability to self fund, raised $35,000 in the pre-primary period, and reported $142,000 in cash on hand.

The district should be a competitive contest in November. Obama carried it with 53 percent in 2012. But national Democrats did not reserve fall television airtime there in their first series of ad buys announced this week, which could signal they are confident in their chances. 

Maine’s 2nd District is rated a Democrat Favored contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Diogenes1949

    Dave Brat’s secret weapon has been widespread coolness toward incumbent Eric Cantor – not only from Tea Party activists and conservatives who are well-organized in the district but also among grassroots Republicans and leaders of local Republican groups.

    The fact that Cantor’s hand-picked Republican in his own county just lost a party position to a Republican who backs conservative Dave Brat tells us Cantor’s grassroots support has slipped badly.

    In the final analysis, it has been Cantor’s determined support for amnesty for illegals that has really turned off Republicans. Recall that Cantor – the House Republican Majority Leader – went on a road show last year to New York with far left Chicago Democrat Rep. Gutierrez to support amnesty.

    And a video of him applauding Obama’s statement in favor of amnesty for illegals at this year’s State of the Union went viral on YouTube – really frosting many Republicans in his district.

    Dave Brat is a solid conservative who opposes amnesty for illegals. His campaign is picking up momentum but he needs more funding in the home stretch:

  • Al Bumen

    Although most aren’t concerned with the freedom of others, it is because we cannot know how people will use liberty that it is so important.

  • Jack Reacher

    Centralized bureaucratic socialism began to grow more prevalent in the United States after Stuart Chase laid out the eighteen collectivist tendencies of Germany and Italy on pages 95 and 96 of his 1942 book The Road We Are Traveling.

  • docb

    The weasel’s investment banker hedge fund wife is writing checks again and twisting arms! Nothing new…

  • Mr. Sequel

    History proves that the natural social cooperation and collaboration made possible by liberty lead to far more prosperity and technological advance than those preaching centralized planning could ever even imagine.

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