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February 8, 2016

Freshman California Democrat to Run for County Supervisor

McLeod won't seek a second term. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Freshman Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Calif., announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election in California’s 35th District, instead opting for a bid for county supervisor back home in the Golden State.

“I have chosen to seek election to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and not reelection to Congress,” Negrete McLeod said in a news release. “This was a decision not made lightly. However my desire to represent this community locally, where I have lived for more than forty years, and where I have long served as an elected official, won out. My federal, state, and local experience will allow me the opportunity to effectively represent the constituents of the Fourth District.”

CQ Roll Call reported last month that Negrete McLeod, 72, was mulling a bid for San Bernadino County supervisor. Democratic officials said the position, which oversees one of the largest counties in California, has arguably more power than a sophomore member of Congress in the minority.

Negrete McLeod’s announcement came minutes after fellow Democratic Rep. Rush D. Holt of New Jersey announced his own retirement. They are the latest two in a long list of House members who will not be returning next cycle.

Last cycle, Negrete McLeod defeated former Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., in a messy general election enabled by the state’s brand-new top-two primary, which allowed for members of the same party to advance.

After initially eyeing a rematch a year ago, Baca switched to run in the neighboring 31st District in a crowded Democratic primary.

Local Democratic operatives speculated that Baca could move over to the 35th District. However, Baca told CQ Roll Call on Tuesday that he will continue his bid in the 31st.

“Not that I know of,” Baca said in a Tuesday phone interview. “I’m running in the 31st congressional seat. I’ve been running there. That’s where I’m at.”

Another early name mentioned as a potential successor to Negrete McLeod is state Sen. Norma Torres.

Candidates have until March 7 to file the necessary paperwork for a bid. A top-two primary, in which the two highest vote recipients regardless of party affiliation advance to the general, will be held June 3.

California’s 35th District is rated a Safe Democratic contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call. President Barack Obama carried it by a 37-point margin in 2012.

  • Jack Landsman

    As a black liberal in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton on Super Tuesday 2008—and in retrospect, I should have been a lever-puller for John McCain that fall and Sarah Palin in the 2012 race—this turns my stomach. Barry Obama may be a cool, dope-smoking Muslim cleric from the South Side of Chicago, if you will, but he doubles as a money person. That is to say, a corporate lawyer from Wall Street in the tradition of Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter. For your information, Republicans are never evil. They’re libertarians acting like conservatives. For ideological reasons they won’t deliver to the American people government cheese through a program. Charities and the ministry is instead the chosen conduit. Greedy? In many cases, perhaps. Selfish? Certainly. But not evil. The evil presidents are always corporate fascists whose ambitions singularly rely upon temporarily capturing the Jack Kennedy’s Democratic coalition. President Obama is the current exemplar of this. For this nice lady to quit Congress; opting instead of serve the people of her district in a local capacity is indicative of Wall Street and the Central Intelligence Agency’s ability to weaken the institutions and instrumentalities of government as is their root want. To wit, the Watergate scandal was only about the invisible intelligence apparatus attempting to strangle the powers of the presidency in the case they would ever again fall into the useful hands of an Andrew Jackson. The Obama administration is an appendage of Wall Street. The president this go-round is but a bougie political actor with a slight preference for the Democratic Party. The situation is so plastic and bleak, this charming lady appears to be more useful and valuable a servant on the local level. That’s astounding and a shame.

  • Walt Kienia

    Corruption and power is easier to obtaini in county politics than it is as an after-thought freshman congress woman with limited time left to line her own politics.

  • Jack Landsman

    What the hell? This appears to be a nice lady who went to Congress a very short while ago to do a good job for her constituents. Professionals who don’t pay as close attention to politics as someone like me—or Webster Griffin Tarpley—may not know this, but, as I said, President Obama is a money person from Wall Street. A nice lady with a humble past of county-level politics would otherwise be shocked to discover how empty, rudderless and plastic Barry Obama’s Washington is. To the extent “corruption” can be at all attributed to local politics, that’s perfectly obvious. I personally don’t mind and can excuse Tammany-style hustling on that level. What matters most is when, upon arrival to Congress, said local crook is capable to supporting a decent jobs program and actual health care reform. Ever seen “The Wire”? That’s what politics looks like. Like Upton Sinclair Jr.’s “The Jungle.” It’s like sausage getting made. The biggest crook more than Clarence V. Royce, the black mayor of Baltimore in “The Wire,” is Clay Davis, Baltimore’s representative in the state senate. These people are colorful crooks to the tune of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who cheated like heck to gain entry into the United States Senate. Upon his elevation as president, however, he bucked Wall Street and the Central Intelligence Agency half-way and delivered Jack Kennedy’s economic program and Martin King’s civil rights agenda. That’s good enough for me. The current situation in Washington is a plastic echo chamber where money people from Wall Street, the City of London, the Federal Reserve and the Fortune Global 2000 stalk the devil out of humble little ladies like the madam presently featured. She must have been so perturbed by the lack of an actual working politics in the Obama era, she decided to get the heck out of dodge. If I were an adviser, I would consent to her departure, with certain plans to return once Hillary Rodham Clinton is president in 2017.

  • DanvilleDemocrat

    F.Y.I. Filing deadline in California for congressional races where the incumbent opts not to run for reelection is March 12, not March 7.

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