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February 13, 2016

House Majority PAC, SEIU Make Fall TV Ad Reservations

House Majority PAC and the Service Employees International Union announced today that they are partnering in their effort to aide House Democratic candidates and will reserve $19.7 million in television advertising across 38 media markets.

The reach of that buy is “at least 47 competitive Congressional districts,” according to a press release from the Democratic-aligned House Majority PAC.

Of the nearly $20 million reserved, House Majority PAC put up $16 million and SEIU plans to spend $3.7 million.

The press release describes the initial announcement as a “first round” and notes that “reserving ad time early allows” the two groups “to lock in lower advertising rates.”

Some of the buys are obvious as to which districts are being targeted, such as in Tucson where House Majority PAC made a heavy investment on behalf of now-Rep. Ron Barber (D). Other reservations, such as in the Phoenix and Minneapolis markets, include multiple races that are widely handicapped as competitive.

Below is a breakdown of the ad buy by market and which group is spending money there:

Augusta — $210,000 (House Majority PAC)
Boston (Manchester) — $1.8 million (House Majority PAC)
Buffalo — $205,000 (House Majority PAC)
Charleston — $142,000 (House Majority PAC)
Chicago — $1.6 million (House Majority PAC); $800,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)
Cleveland — $908,000 (House Majority PAC); $454,000 (SEIU)
Davenport-Rock Island-Moline — $185,000 (SEIU)
Denver — $468,000 (House Majority PAC)
Des Moines — $552,000 (House Majority PAC); $138,000 (SEIU)
Green Bay — $138,000 (House Majority PAC); $138,000 (SEIU)
Las Vegas — $308,000 (House Majority PAC)
Marquette — $116,000 (House Majority PAC); $58,000 (SEIU)
Miami — $571,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)
Minneapolis-St. Paul — $594,000 (House Majority PAC); $295,000 (SEIU)
Norfolk — $278,000 (House Majority PAC); $139,000 (SEIU)
Omaha — $306,400 (House Majority PAC)
Orlando — $440,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)
Panama City — $39,000 (House Majority PAC)
Peoria — $252,000 (House Majority PAC)
Philadelphia — $599,200 (House Majority PAC)
Phoenix — $952,000 (House Majority PAC)
Pittsburgh — $736,000 (House Majority PAC); $294,400 (SEIU)
Raleigh-Durham — $378,000 (House Majority PAC)
Rockford — $232,000 (House Majority PAC)
Sacramento — $999,600 (House Majority PAC); $488,000 (SEIU)
Savannah — $225,000 (House Majority PAC)
Seattle — $800,000 (House Majority PAC)
Sioux City — $158,000 (House Majority PAC); $79,000 (SEIU)
St. Louis — $575,000 (House Majority PAC)
Tallahassee — $76,200 (House Majority PAC)
Tampa-St. Petersburg — $330,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)
Traverse City — $258,000 (House Majority PAC); $129,000 (SEIU)
Tucson — $330,000 (House Majority PAC)
Wausau — $200,000 (House Majority PAC); $100,000 (SEIU)
West Palm Beach — $252,000 (House Majority PAC); $126,000 (SEIU)
Wilmington — $127,000 (House Majority PAC)
Wheeling-Steubenville — $33,700 (House Majority PAC)
Youngstown — $107,000 (House Majority PAC)

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