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February 9, 2016

Iowa Democrat Posts Huge Fundraising as Latham Retires

Former state Sen. Staci Appel, a Democrat running in Iowa’s competitive 3rd District, raised a whopping $500,000 in the past year, according to a local report.

The huge haul could serve as a deterrent for other Democrats looking to enter the open-seat race. Longtime Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, unexpectedly announced his retirement last month.

House Democrats touted Appel as a top recruit before Latham called it quits.  But in an open-seat contest, national Democratic operatives said this week the door remains open for other Democrats to run here.

Other Democrats, including state Sen. Matt McCoy, are still mulling bids. Christie Vilsack, Iowa’s former first lady who many Democrats had hoped would run here at some point, declined to run. Instead, she has donated and endorsed Appel’s candidacy, according to the Des Moines Register.

Iowa’s 3rd District is a top target for Democrats. Latham is one of 17 Republicans to represent a district President Barack Obama carried in 2012. Obama won it last cycle by a 4-point margin.

On the Republican side, Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced a bid this week, while a number of other Republicans are still deciding whether to enter the race.

Iowa’s 3rd District is rated a Tossup by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

Correction: 5:43 p.m.

An earlier version of this post misstated the period during which state Sen. Staci Appel raised $500,000. The amount was raised during the past year.

  • KCTennant

    IOWA’s pillars of society maintain their pre-civil war ignorances and prejudices. It is a culture of corruption from the head down. How can this be denied in face of the facts. Did you miss the AP article in May 2013 about Columbia University revising the rule on awarding a scholarship ONLY to WHITE students from IOWA ? A Federal judge admitted feelings of guilt for having to sentence hardworking and “otherwise innocent people” as a result of The Raid On Postville (You Tube it). And worse, look at US District Court-Southern Iowa case 3:12-cv-00083, now pending in the 8th Cir. Ct. of Appeals, case 13-2474, Maria Roldan-Tennant, et al vs QCR HOLDINGS, INC and QUAD CITY BANK & TRUST CO., Bettendorf, Iowa. This deserves all the attention it can get because this really brings it home. State and Federal investigators (Iowa Civil Rights Commission & EEOC) determined that the defendant Quad City Bank & Trust violated Maria. The Bank violated Employment Discrimination laws and hired the law firm of Bradley & RILEY, PC of Cedar Rapids, IA who did worse, they Conveyed False & Misleading Information to the courts. Maria produced documents that prove this and asked the courts to sanction these law liars, but, because the “judges” Robert Pratt & Celeste R. Bremer are customers and clients of the Bank, they dismissed the case. Pratt & Bremer were engaged in the most obscene form of judicial misconduct: Defending from the bench, violating their oaths of office, violating the constitution, violating their own judicial code of conduct, depriving Maria of Equal Access to Justice, Defrauding US of Honest Services, Refusing to Recuse, Racketeering, etc etc. and all with complete impunity as they know Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee routinely turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the numerous complaints of judicial misconduct he is charged with investigating. Chuck E. “Cheese” Grassley is too busy enriching himself and friends and looking out for special corporate interests to be worried about any individuals rights or any concerns or complaints about crimes against humanity, social injustices or civil rights violations. And this crud wants a seventh term ? Please help shed light on this as the chief justice of the 8th Ct of Appls, William RILEY, is likely to side with his kin folk, Byron RILEY of Bradley & RILEY, PC, attorneys for the defendants. – Dr. Kenneth Tennant (563) 355-7073 Iowa (where even the corn is corrupt)

  • inIA2010

    So your diatribe has nothing to do with the news story… Thanks for your long post describing your trials and tribulations for your own self promotion.
    The point of your post is only obfuscated by a multi-directional rant that really loses focus towards even a cogent point.
    Since you provided your name, a simple Google search reveals the penchant for instability and directionless complaints/rants elsewhere, so I guess your post is to be expected here – piece of advice though, go sell crazy somwhere else, politics has quite enough already…

  • KCTennant

    Thank you for your attention and consideration. To help you understand the relativity of all this I would hope that you go back and read it again. The point being, We The People are Sick of the perverts parading as politicians and depriving US of Honest Services. Vote 3rd Party. see AMERICAN DEFENSE PARTY.

  • inIA2010

    I did read it, and given that there are quite a few politicians with moral deficiencies, your rants only give me pause to believe that voting for the party you espouse would only provide more of the same…. You do it a disservice and will never have it taken seriously…

  • KCTennant

    Calling attention to a problem is, in your estimation, a “disservice” unless we are politically correct ?

  • inIA2010

    Why is calling attention to YOUR problem above all others so important and exemplary of society as a whole?
    I don’t care about political correctness. I thought you could see that by me questioning your stability and sanity and its affect on expressing your ideas/points…

  • KCTennant

    You ARE A “HOOT!” The Instability and Insanity of this Gov’t is in question and YOU point your crooked finger at me and ask why I should have a voice ? Who do you think you are ? ( would it be accurate to surmise you too are either a politician, word wizard, parasite or pervert ?

  • inIA2010

    I’m a citizen exercising my right to free speech. I don’t condone everything the government does, but I also don’t use it as an excuse to blame for my personal ills.

    Nobody suggested you shouldn’t have a voice, but whatever the point you’re trying to get across is blemshed by your ranting and raving. Simply utilizing namecalling someone who’s asking you to ‘get to the point’ or point out the holes in your argument shows whatever your position is, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Also by stating ‘you too are either a politician, word wizard, parasite or pervert’, are you admitting that you’re one of those by incuding yourself in that list by using ‘too’? Because the context of the statement doesn’t allude to any one of those elsewhere in this thread or anyone in that post, so I am to assume that you’re suggesting that you are one those and attemptng to include me into one of thos categories…

  • KCTennant

    Like I said, you are a HOOT. Go back and read the context. TRY to connect the dots and don’t be so hypocritical. Freedom of Speech is not exclusively yours.
    Previously you stated that Mexicans are a small number when in fact they are over 120 million. Or is this out the your context ?

  • inIA2010

    What’s a ‘hoot’ is the fact that you’ve made something up to force the person you’re debating to argue something they did not even say. I challenge you to cite wherever I mentioned Mexicans in this discussion.

    Also the exclusivity of the freedom of speech or lack thereof isn’t a point of contention – you continue to grasp at straws.

    Also, it’s hard to connect someone’s “dots” when they can’t even color within the lines.

  • G26

    I think we can all agree that today’s liberalism is a foreign ideology that has a great deal in common with its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

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