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February 6, 2016

Jim Gerlach Won’t Seek Re-Election (Updated)

jim gerlach

(Douglas Graham/Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 1:48 PM, 2:20 PM, 4:53 PM | Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-Pa., announced Monday he will not seek re-election in 2014, marking yet another moderate House Republican to leave Congress.

“Nearing the end of my sixth term in the House and following 12 years of public service in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, it is simply time for me to move on to new challenges and to spend more time with my wife and family,” Gerlach said in a statement to, which first reported the news.

Gerlach’s departure gives Democrats a decent opportunity in southeastern Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney carried the 6th District with 51 percent in 2012.

Businessman Michael Parrish filed last month to seek the Democratic nod in the 6th District. One national Democratic source described him as a strong candidate and added Parrish has already had early conversations with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Another national Democratic source pointed out that former environmental official Katie McGinty, who is currently running for governor, is from the 6th District. She’s running in a crowded Democratic primary to oust vulnerable Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican. An email to a McGinty campaign aide requesting comment was not immediately returned.

Republicans mentioned three potential candidates who would be in a strong position to run for the GOP nod: Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello, state Sen. John Rafferty and former state Rep. Sam Rohrer.

Gerlach’s retirement marks the ninth House Republican to announce they will not seek re-election in 2014. His exit announcement follows several other more moderate members of the House GOP, including Rep. Jon Runyan of New Jersey and Rep. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia.

To see which other members will not return to Congress, check out Roll Call’s Casualty List.

Emily Cahn contributed to this report.

Updated 4:53 PM | A McGinty campaign aide confirmed she will continue her campaign for governor.

  • mikem42

    Corbett and Toomey are two examples of how the Republicans will suck the life out of ordinary, working people of Pennsylvania. Why do these folks keep voting against their own best interests? They had the chance to put Joe Sestak in office and didn’t do it, and are paying for it now. It’s a working class state and needs representatives who realize that.

  • TruthWillOut2

    Yes, the voters in Pennsylvania NEED another cypher who votes as Harry Reid tells him to, just like Bob Casey. I think the voters every day for a smart Senator like Pat Toomey who understands economics and Federal spending, not one like Bob Casey who seems to believe that Federal spending money comes from the money tree in the White House yard, next to the ticket tree from StubHub.

  • Jor

    That’s right. Tell those voters to know their place. Don’t they realie the nanny staters know what’s best for them!!!

  • smintheus

    Gerlach counts as a moderate?! Perhaps only among the extremists who control the GOP. How is shutting down the government “moderate”? Report omits the essential info that Gerlach is deeply unpopular in his district; in Oct. he was polling at only 34% approval.

  • mikem42

    Well, Jor, I don’t have to tell them anything they don’t already know. I just moved from Pa. after 10 years there, and they can’t stand what the Repugs are doing to the state. As for nanny state, I would gladly give to those who are in need, and screw all of you who don’t care a wit about others.

  • mikem42

    It’s obvious you don’t know Senator Casey’s voting record, as he votes often against the party line, especially on matters of social import. He has more empathy and integrity than Toomey could hope to ever have, as he is a front for the so called “Club for Growth”, a right wing lobby for the wealthy interests. He thinks because he ran a restaurant, he knows about economic issues. He doesn’t. Nobody spends money like the Republican war machine and corporate welfare system. Giveaways to big oil, pharma, agriculture along with tax breaks for the wealthiest among us have taken the country to the brink of third world status. You will slip along with the rest of us, and don’t even realize it.

  • jenner

    the only integrity that Casey has is the last name of his father. he’s voted the way Obama wanted him to vote despite his so called pro life views he wants you to believe that he shared with his father. Now the Law that he helped pass, ACA, is being challenged in the courts over those issues of coverage. Toomey before being a business owner worked in banking. And you think that Casey knows anything about economic issues because he was an Attorney? Since when have Attorney’s known anything related to Economic issues? just look at President Obama and his shovel ready jobs he helped create…….roll the credits

  • Charles Sutter

    Mikem don’t you know that Democrat/Liberal/Socialist programs fail every time they are tried? You are “TOUCHY FEELY” when you speak of empathy. What about Casey’s support for the war on women. The war on women was caused by the failed Obama economic program that has the female unemployment rate through the roof. Do you also support Casey and Obama’s war on minorities? In some places the unemployment rate for certain minority age groups is 51% ! What about the war on business that the Democrat/ Reid/Pelosi/Casey agenda has created. These Radical Environmentalists have put such crazy restrictions on business that businesses have left certain states and our country and thus left workers without jobs. Do you support those policies Mikem. Did I smack you around with the facts enough or do you want more? I am unbeatable cause I only state the facts!

  • Rob_Chapman

    In what respect are bought and paid for Senators like Toomey independent?

    Toomey and Corbett are merely throwbacks to the Commonwealth’s grand old policy of electing the best legislators money can buy.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Which Democrat/Liberal?Socialist policies have failed as disasterously as compassionate conservatism?

  • TheAntiProgressive

    Don’t let the door hit ya on the rump there Congressman. If you like crony capitalism and insider snarky deals then Rafferty is your man. Costello is a nice guy and all but he is a politician who does not stand up for the rhetoric he espouses. We have an old age care facility “owned” by the county. Months of “public” hearings and still he couldn’t get this thing turned over to the private sector as we in Chester County pay millions a year to keep it open. The only true Conservative in the bunch is Rohrer. Don’t expect the Progressive, moderate promoting Republican party to make the correct choice.

  • TheAntiProgressive

    He describes himself as a moderate so obviously you really don’t keep up.

  • mikem42

    Well Jenner, you are lazy. You didn’t even bother to check out Casey and his background. Attorney, yes, but State Treasurer and State Auditor General. Both heavy economic positions, he was even ridiculed by the right when they called him a “bean Counter”. As for voting the “Obama Line”, he did not vote in favor of abortion rights, as he followed his conscience and faith. As for the ACA being challenged, let’s see how that all washes out. Insurance is not just a right, it is a necessity if we are to be a strong and successful country. Toomey was a restauranter, then got into the right wing “think tank”, aka lobbyist group which is out to enrich the multinational corporations, cares not a wit about labor in the country. His views don’t match with the average Pennsylvanian.

  • mikem42

    You couldn’t slap your sister around if she were in a party dress. Your idea of fact doesn’t cut it, as all you spouted was opinion and right wing spin. To really try to convince anyone that the horrific recession was in any way President Obama’s fault is obscene. The economy has been improving vastly for the past 5 years, and although jobs remain the major problem, it is one that corporations could remedy if they stopped offshoring production. They left to avoid paying decent wages, and adhering to safety regulations for their workers, starting a race to the bottom. Stop acting like this is a game. If it were, you would not even get chosen to play.

  • mikem42

    You kinda nailed it Rob. Can we make them one termers?

  • mikem42

    It’s how he votes that counts. I describe myself as handsome, but….oh well.

  • Marty Martin

    Privatization cost taxpayers MORE in the long run.

  • Marty Martin

    Moderate Republicans are becoming extinct as the farrrrr right radical
    Libertarian Tea Party takes over the Republican Party.

  • Paul

    This is good news. PA is probably one of the only blue states left where the Dems still have gains to make. Corbett is gone. Toomey will be gone in 2016.

  • monacall

    Wonder what he gets after leaving this cushy job he has had for 12 years? What kind of retirement? What benefits?

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