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February 7, 2016

Joe Baca Apologizes for Calling Negrete McLeod a ‘Bimbo’

Baca has apologized for his remarks. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Former Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., apologized Tuesday for calling retiring Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod a “bimbo” earlier in the day.

Reacting to the fellow California Democrat’s retirement announcement to The Hill newspaper, Baca described her as a “bimbo” and said outside interests were again spending money in a race he is running.

But in a phone call to CQ Roll Call late Tuesday afternoon, Baca, who is running for the open 31st District and struggling to raise money, backtracked.

“I wanted to apologize for the poor choice of words,” he said. “I was upset and disappointed that we have a person that’s not running again. To me [Negrete McLeod’s retirement] was a disservice to the area.”

“The people lost the representative. They want someone who’s got continuity. … I was just disappointed. That’s all it was.”

A spokesman for Negrete McLeod declined to comment when reached by phone.

Negrete McLeod ousted Baca from Congress in 2012 in the 35th District, and the two have what has been described as a political “blood feud.” He is now running for Congress in the neighboring 31st District for the seat Republican Rep. Gary G. Miller is vacating.

  • BubbaLama

    Poor Baca see his dear Mother in every woman of substance.

  • ojfl

    Can we call this a war on women?

  • Scott Freil

    Joe should not have to apologize to this worthless congresswoman who has taken 1/3 of a million $$$ and done nothing but sleep through committee meetings, fakes losing her voice, brought no jobs to the district, no projects, or infrastructure improvements, missed dozens of votes had a worthless staff and complained that the weather in DC is bad. Gloria is a WORTHLESS POS. and we taxpayers should demand she pay the money she earned back to us! Joe you are too nice you should have called her something worse! She will even make a worse county supe. so lets hope she doesn’t fool the voters again with her one termness

  • Andre Leonard

    Baca was a vetted non-performer when in office. He has not done anything since being catapulted out of office. Now he will say anything to try and get back into office.

  • gimmemymoney

    He said something nasty about a woman… That is uncalled for and he should be censored in the House and be required to resign his seat so that a more sensitive person, hopefully, a woman will take his place….

  • Mike Triplett

    If joe were a Republican this would be a two week story. Since it is just a part of the liberal disdain for women, no problem.

  • Jon McCasper

    Without centralized control, it is impossible to force people to chase illusions such as “fair” income distribution and “social justice”.

  • Jack Landsman

    What the hell? This appears to be a nice lady who went to Congress a very short while ago to do a good job for her constituents. Professionals who don’t pay as close attention to politics as someone like me—or Webster Griffin Tarpley—may not know this, but, as I said, President Obama is a money person from Wall Street. A nice lady with a humble past of county-level politics would otherwise be shocked to discover how empty, rudderless and plastic Barry Obama’s Washington is. To the extent “corruption” can be at all attributed to local politics, that’s perfectly obvious. I personally don’t mind and can excuse Tammany-style hustling on that level. What matters most is when, upon arrival to Congress, said local crook is capable to supporting a decent jobs program and actual health care reform. Ever seen “The Wire”? That’s what politics looks like. Like Upton Sinclair Jr.’s “The Jungle.” It’s like sausage getting made. The biggest crook more than Clarence V. Royce, the black mayor of Baltimore in “The Wire,” is Clay Davis, Baltimore’s representative in the state senate. These people are colorful crooks to the tune of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who cheated like heck to gain entry into the United States Senate. Upon his elevation as president, however, he bucked Wall Street and the Central Intelligence Agency half-way and delivered Jack Kennedy’s economic program and Martin Luther King’s civil rights agenda. That’s good enough for me. The current situation in Washington is a plastic echo chamber where money people from Wall Street, the City of London, the Federal Reserve and the Fortune Global 2000 stalk the devil out of humble little ladies like the madam presently featured. She must have been so perturbed by the lack of an actual working politics in the Obama era, she decided to get the heck out of dodge. If I were an adviser, I would consent to her departure, with certain plans to return once Hillary Rodham Clinton is president in 2017.

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