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February 11, 2016

Kentucky: Judd Passes on McConnell Challenge

Judd announced Wednesday that she will not run for Senate in Kentucky. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated: 6:45 p.m. | Actress Ashley Judd announced Wednesday on Twitter that she will not challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky next year.

“Thank you for these months of remarkable support & encouragement, for your voices, exhortations, & prayers. I have decided,” Judd wrote. “After serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family. Regretfully, I am currently unable to consider a campaign for the Senate.”

The Washington Post first reported that the Democrat would take a pass on challenging the top Senate Republican, noting that the potential candidacy of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes made her decision easier.

Although Judd would have been able to raise a significant amount of money, Democrats in the state were concerned about her candidacy and questioned how it would affect other members of the party on the ballot next year. Still, Judd hinted at a run in a speech just last week.

Update: Louisville TV station WHAS reported that Grimes has spoken with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and plans to file an exploratory committee as early as next week. When asked by CQ Roll Call, a DSCC spokesman would not comment on the party’s recruitment.

  • Anil Petra


    Score another for The Bone Collector, I mean Karl Rove.

    Total knockout by American Crossroads.

  • Jerry Boucher

    Lets face it Ashley is pro Obummer and Ky. is violently anti Obummer I don’t think the 2 mix. Ashley is anti coal and Ky. is pro coal no mix Ashley is a Hollywood lib and Ky. is red neck conservative a very bad mix. Ashley you would have had absolutely no chance of ever being elected in the greatest state in the US but thanks for your interest now head back to Hollywood.

  • Sally

    Kentucky is not the ‘greatest state.’ You have abominable records on educating your people, getting them jobs that don’t require them to give up their lungs and their retirement to feed the perceived coal demand, let alone a job with a living wage, and you are stuck back in the Civil War. But nice try.

  • lyris

    His last name is Obama. But then you are a right winger, not too smart, and most likely a racist otherwise you would show more respect even if you didn’t agree with his policies.

  • lyris

    No she realizes that the people of KY hate the idea of an African American as our POTUS so even though they hate the turtle the fools will keep him in office.. Doesn’t say much for Kentuckians does it?

  • Lilac Infidelus

    Lol! Isn’t that race card getting a little frayed around the edges? As for your “not too smart” assumption – the average IQ for conservatives is higher than democrats. So why don’t you toddle off and go shopping at Walmart?

  • PictouGene


    Where did you get that statistic that the average IQ for Conservatives is higher than Democrats? I seem to recall the recent study that said that the IQ of viewers of Fox News had lower IQs than non viewers.

    My experience with Conservatives on a lot of blogs on the internet is that they are ignorant, ill informed and lacking in the basic understandings of macroeconomics and of how the government works. Of course, that has nothing to do with IQ, but everything to do with eduction.

  • PictouGene

    Jerry:YOur disrespect for the Pesident and his name causes thoughtful people of aall persuasions to completely discount everything you say, and to categorized you as a kook, wacko and space cadet. I suspect you’re probzbly a reasonable nice person, but have not had the benefit of learing courtesy and manners.

  • PictouGene

    Senator McConnell barely squeaked by in his last election. The Kentucky Democratic Party has probably been plotting his defeat ever since then . Ms. Judd would probably have had a difficult time getting tied into the state party. Her withdrawal almost guarantees McConnell’s defeat in 2014.

    One bonus to her toying with the idea and then withdrawing is that it caused Senator McConnell to spend some $12 million dollars on ads attacking her before she even mad an announcement. Money burned up. Now any attack he makes on whomever emerges will be seen as false, silly and stupid.

  • David Bock

    Maybe the people of KY don’t care what a man’s color is, but do care that he is a Marxist. And…….the race card is dead. Calling any critic of the beauty in the White House a racist shows a lack of intellect. Boring, boring, boring.

  • Jeanine Molloff

    Frankly, her close affiliation with Obama DOES hurt. For the record Obama is NOT a progressive–never was. Most leftists absolutely DETEST Obama–as his term is little more than a third George W. Bush term. THERE IS NO TRUE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DEMOCRATS AND THE REPUBLICANS–EXCEPT FOR A FEW SOCIAL ISSUES WHICH DON’T COST ANY MONEY. I AM THROUGH WITH THE DEMS AND PROUDLY JOIN THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY SUCH AS CHRIS HEDGES.

  • Roberto Murbach

    It’s obvious that you don’t know squat about Kentucky!

  • swerver

    His name is Barack Obama.

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    Alison Grimes will hammer this old worn out hag ….

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    So many disrespectful animals commenting and name calling!he is still the President of the United States…

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    But Kentucky is one of the saddest State…Alison Grimes will hammer this old worn out hag!

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    Alison Grimes is the name…..she will hammer this old worn out HAG!

  • MattCima

    It’s funny when you are so stupid you misspell education.

  • MattCima

    Pity Sally. She’s just ignorant.

  • Wood5440

    Racism is dead because the political party that is overwhelmingly preferred by racists says so? I think not. I just consider the source.

  • Lilac Infidelus

    Lol. Hilarious when one’s point is borne out by a response designed to rebuke.

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