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February 9, 2016

Kingston Hits Obama, Lauds Georgia Military Bases

Kingston released a TV ad with one week to go in Senate primary. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston’s latest TV ad ahead of next week’s Republican Senate primary takes a shot at President Barack Obama over military cuts and touts his own support for the state’s many military installations.

In the opening seconds of the ad, Kingston says the president “has it all wrong” by “growing government with wasteful spending while drastically cutting our military.”

Kingston utilizes the ad to highlight his opposition to an unpopular president, while also giving a specific example of how the state benefited from his many years in Congress — something he has been attacked for.


The ad will run statewide, backed by a six-figure buy.

Kingston, a member of the Appropriations Committee, pushed back on spending attacks in a previous ad, in which his children discussed how “cheap” he was. The campaign also has worked to highlight that on the ground by handing out “Kingston for Congress” bumper stickers left over from previous campaigns.

A crowded field of Republicans will face off in the May 20 primary for the Republican nomination to succeed retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss. The race will likely go to a July 22 runoff, and the winner will face Democrat Michelle Nunn.

The race is rated Favored Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • blackpowderbill

    I just purchased a home up in Hull. Moving from New Yorkisstan. Don’t elect a Democrat no matter how far right they lean. When the vote comes down to a party line you’ll loose. Just as NY firearms owners who’s own R and Conservative party leaders sold us down the road with the 2013 firearms ban first from Kirsten Gillbran and then NY’s locals. Keep your R’s & C’s even closer.

  • Christopher Sanders

    Well Republicans complained about wasteful spending now it is being cut. Can’t have it both ways.

  • vince carter

    Come down out of them hills Snuffy! I mean, with a name like “black powder Bill” you couldn’t possibly be just another gun nut could you?

  • John30303

    Kingston also supports scrapping the Constitution in favor to allowing phone companies and government bureaucrats to spy on everybody without warrants!

  • Exton

    You do know that protecting the country with a military is in the US Constitution, but Welfare is not? Our greatest expenses are for things that the US Constitution does not authorize. Many Gov. Regulations are unconstitutional , and it costs $billions to meet them. Diversity, multiculturalism, affirmative action, telling companies who they must hire are all Unconstitutional laws, and in the end the taxpayer has to cover them, and the price of items are inflated to cover the cost. Minimum wages HURT low income minorities and make eating more expensive.

  • Exton

    YOU POS. Nothing in your post adds to the discussion, and is just filled with lies and insults. How much are they paying you to be such a propagandist?
    Gun rights have decreased. When I was younger my 16 year old brother went to Sears and bought a 30 cal. handgun. No background checks, no one cared. If you had the cash you could but just about anything you wanted. Better made weapons is not the same as gun rights. Your comment makes no sense. But then Statist Liberal who hate America never make sense.

  • Sam Fuels

    Liberals’ war against Western civilization uses three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

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