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February 8, 2016

Lamar Alexander Argues With Obama Over Obamacare in New Ad (Video)

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn, raised over $900,000 for his re-election bid in the second quarter, his campaign said Wednesday. He also launched a new ad featuring the senator arguing with President Barack Obama.

Alexander now has $3.4 million cash on hand, according to his campaign, with just over a month to go until Tennessee’s Aug. 8 Republican primary.

The new ad shows C-SPAN footage of the White House Healthcare Summit in February of 2010. Alexander was one of several Republicans to attend the bipartisan meeting, and at one point, he engaged with Obama over whether healthcare premiums would rise as a result of Obamacare.

“When you said, ‘premiums go up,’ that’s just not case,” Obama says in the clip, addressing Alexander.

“The Congressional Budget Office report says that premiums will rise,” Alexander responds.

“No, no, no, no, and this is an example of where we’ve got to get our facts straight,” Obama says.

“That’s my point,” says Alexander.

“Lamar was proven right,” a narrator says in the ad.

The ad will begin running statewide on July 6, according to the campaign.

Alexander faces a primary challenge from state Rep. Joe Carr. Carr has drawn significantly more attention in recent weeks since House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., was defeated in a primary by unknown and underfunded college professor Dave Brat. He recently went up with his first ad of the campaign, attacking Alexander for voting for the Senate’s immigration overhaul bill.

The race is rated Safe Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • tomKatt

    Oh my, a politian cuts and pastes an ad together for his benefit. BIG news

  • bobcat4424

    Actually, Alexander was proven wrong. Here is a link to the actual CBO report which reports a $9 billion savings versus the 2012 estimate.

    This is pandering to the low-information conservative base and Obama rightly called him a liar on it.

  • theSavage

    Seems but* head Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn was so wrong, health care has gone up the least and the ACA is why, no to speak of the lives saved, ok so its not the lives saved the GOP would like as most of them are not voting republican but then again a lot of republicans are using the ACA and more than likely not vote for a republican that wanted to take their healthcare away and its easy to see why. GOP will be history by 2020 and we will have a new 2 party system, I wonder what the Clown Car will sell for…

  • Nate Clark

    Maybe premiums did not go up…but the cost of ACA is almost 4 times the revenue generated by ACA (which includes premiums). Fact is, this program costs the taxpayers almost 1.5 trillion dollars over next ten years. Keeping the premiums down causes revenues to be lower. It does not make the cost of the program disappear.

  • Stuff Junn

    There’s no question that Obama is a delusional marxist and a menace to mankind.

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    I question it, therefore there is a question, therefore you are lying.

  • Bar Abbas

    Why do democrats insist on forcing Americans to buy something?

  • wilsonsandy2

    Alexander is not good for Tenn. He is for amnesty and seems to be on obamas side. We need to get out these long time senators and have new senators to adhere to the conservative principles. vote joe carr

  • Malcolm Powers

    In related news, more violence by Obama’s sons:

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