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February 12, 2016

Super PAC Targets Democrat in Georgia

Nunn is being targeted on TV as the GOP primary concludes. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

With the Georgia Republican Senate runoff ending Tuesday, an outside group focused on eradicating wasteful government spending launched a TV ad against Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn.

The group, Ending Spending Action Fund, spent more than $200,000 to produce and place the ad, according to an independent expenditure report filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission. It also spent more than $28,000 on opposition research.

The 30-second ad, which is running statewide and kicked off over the weekend, was timed to run just as either Rep. Jack Kingston or former corporate CEO David Perdue wins the Republican nomination and the general election officially begins. The seat in this Republican-leaning state is one of Democrats’ only pickup opportunities.

Nunn has gone largely untouched as the extended primary has kept the focus on Republicans. But outside spending against her is expected to pour in, and this is the first splash.

The spot ties Nunn to President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act, claims she supports higher taxes and criticizes her salary as CEO of the Points of Light Foundation. Nunn’s ability to win crossover moderate Republican votes is critical to the Democrat’s success.

The race is rated Favored Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Mr. Right

    Georgians were smart by rejecting Obama twice. Therefore they will not elect Nunn who will be a rubber stamp Obama supporter.

  • johndog

    Nunn wants to provide health care to all Georgians? So…that’s the reason to reject her? Lord knows that Deal and fellow heads-in-the-sand politicians (ALL OF WHOM have great health coverage — including Deal with his CHEAP, GOVERNENT GUARANTEED HEALTH CARE PLAN WE THE TAXPAYER PAY FOR) but providing for the middle class and poor is somehow wrong?
    Folks who oppose ‘welfare': can’t we all agree that the vast, vast majority of most government moneys go to the wealthy? Exxon, Honeywell, General Dynamics, on and on and on: GET REAL!
    What is the point of these insidious political campaigns that encourage us to fight among themselves for tiny scraps of spoils that should — horrors! — give a child a free school lunch? let a pregnant woman get health care while she flips burgers (and there are many in our world…please look thru the drive up window)? or provide a $40,000 annual federal government spending commitment to put a person through an ivy league school for four years instead of locking him up for life in prison. (think about it: locked up at 23, federal prison for an average of 50 years….do the math.)
    Nunn is not perfect, but perfect should not be the enemy of good. AS A REGISTERED GEORGIA VOTER I know that the current status quo of letting the state’s (and nation’s) natural resources and human resources be sold to the highest corporate bidder is not helping anyone except a tiny few who use push-button issues (fill in the blank: gay marriage, guns, abortion, obamacare. immigration, baggy pants or whatever else is floating the corporate boat at the time…) to obscure their elite dismissal of many many who truly could stand less oppression from their elected officials.
    And, if nothing else, quit funding the real welfare junkies — BIG BUSINESS — which has made a science of suppressing the common citizen by pitting one middle class soul against another.

  • GraceD

    If Ga. wants to be the “business state” republicans claim it to be, then they will surely recognize that all business require a healthy & educated work force.

    Research Georgia’s standing in both these areas.

    We are currently # 5 leading states that have too many of our people uninsured & without access to health care.
    Not doing too hot with education, either. And 1 out of 5 or 6 children go to school hungry.
    Is that the kind of state that you want us to be?

  • Henry Ko

    Liberalism is juvenile nonsense.

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