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February 14, 2016

Minnesota Primary Results: Republicans Pick Michele Bachmann Successor

minnesota primary results

Michele Bachmann is retiring, and Republicans have nominated a successor for her seat. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Photo)

Former state Rep. Tom Emmer decisively defeated Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah Tuesday in the GOP primary for Minnesota’s open 6th District, putting him on a near certain path to Congress this fall to succeed retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Emmer bested Sivarajah, 76.5 percent to 23.5 percent, with 28 percent of precincts reporting, according to The Associated Press.

Primaries can be rare in Minnesota because the state party endorses a candidate earlier in the summer via convention, and other contenders usually bow out after that. In April, Emmer received the Minnesota Republican Party endorsement among a three-candidate field. One other candidate dropped out, but Sivarajah vowed to stay in the race, charging that the state party endorsement is too exclusive a process.

Sivarajah never gained steam, however. She raised a paltry $4,000 between July 1 and July 23 in the lead up to the primary, compared to Emmer’s $54,000 haul.

Emmer had a bettter-known name. In 2010, he lost a gubernatorial bid to now-Gov. Mark Dayton.

He is now the odds on favorite to succeed Bachmann, one of the House GOP caucus’ most outspoken members. Amid swirling ethics inquiries into her 2012 presidential bid, Bachmann announced last year that she would retire after four terms.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney carried this district in 2012 by a 15-point margin, making it a solidly Republican seat.

Minnesota’s 6th District is rated a Safe Republican contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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    Great! Bachman can now hang out with Sarah Palin.

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  • Dora Glasberg

    One of the dumbest, most ingnorant, least intelligent politicians
    ever in Washington DC.
    The woman is not only stupid but geniunly insane.

  • DixieDan

    Will she have a future on Fox News as an “expert” political commentator?

  • jak

    Congratulations Michelle. Now all we have to do is get rid of the fraud Al Franken who dishonestly stole the last senate race in Minnesota. Now that would be a victory.

  • tr6

    They can’t do any worse…can they?

  • disqus_PLo7cLiqVJ

    you are forgetting Nancy Pelosi

  • Dora Glasberg

    These idiotic tit for tat posts are just silly.
    Pelosi rose to Speaker of the House and was SO superior
    to John Boehner it’s pathetic,
    So you sound like an idiot.

    Now, true to tired form, you’ll bring up a silly statement or two
    she may have made as an example of her ENTIRE career.
    Right wingers are such losers

  • Capt Steve

    Hope she opens a brothel with Palin, cause those are two MILF’S I would love to do. Lousy politicians though.

  • Longwalker

    ..They could replace her with an ornamented paper-weight!

  • Theresa

    There’s no accounting for taste I suppose.

  • Theresa

    Throw in batshit crazy to boot. And Marcus Bachmans’ beard since . . . . . . . .
    She also has those Charles Manson eyes. Don’t look!!!!

  • meanmarine

    She will always be remembered for her famous words describing Obama Care: “We have to first vote for it before we find out what’s in it.” She should have this as an epitaph on her tombstone as it’s one for the ages.

  • tcliii

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  • tcliii

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  • tcliii

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  • Theresa

    Wouldn’t be interested in a teabagger like you or steve.

  • linkeditin

    “Mitt Romney carried this district in 2012 by a 15-point margin, making it a solidly Republican seat.”

    wrong with MN? They got rid of AG Hatch after he successfully sued the
    Mormons in Utah for screwing school children in 600 school districts in
    20 different state out of $79 MILLION. Oh the teavangelicals like
    Bachmann share the same values as vulture capitalist Romney and the

    This scam originated out of my county by our county
    commissioner and my numbers are the real numbers, Lewis’s sister was the
    book keeper and rolled over on her brother. The new commissioner is
    Lewis’s brother in law and laundered all the money.

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