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February 14, 2016

New Jersey’s Rob Andrews to Resign From Congress (Updated) (Video)

Updated 9:31 a.m | Rep. Robert E. Andrews, D-N.J., will resign from Congress this month to take a job with a Philadelphia law firm, a Democratic aide confirmed to CQ Roll Call.


Andrews, an ally of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, is scheduled to host an 11:30 a.m. news conference in his southern New Jersey district, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, which first reported the news.

An Andrews aide declined to comment on Andrews’ plans, but confirmed that Andrews will make a statement at the news conference later this morning.

The 12-term Democrat is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which was reportedly questioning whether the congressman used funds from his re-election campaign to pay for a trip to Scotland for his family.

Andrews is the second member of Congress facing an ethics investigations to resign this year. Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., resigned earlier this year after he pleaded guilty for cocaine possession.

Andrews’ resignation will likely force a special election in this district, located in the Philadelphia suburbs. In the past, New Jersey officials have scheduled special elections for election-year vacancies concurrent with regularly scheduled election dates.

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

New Jersey’s 1st District is a solidly Democratic seat. President Barack Obama carried the district with 66 percent in 2012.

New Jersey sources noted that an obvious successor is state Sen. Donald Norcross. He is the brother of the state’s most powerful Democrat, southern New Jersey fundraiser George Norcross III. But at least one state Democratic source suggested a possible dark horse candidate: Camden Mayor Dana Redd.

The news about Andrews follows a string of recent retirements among old guard Democrats. Rep. Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif. announced last week he will not seek a 21st term. Watch our video above.

You can find a complete list of members leaving the 113th Congress at Roll Call’s Casualty List.

Abby Livingston contributed to this report.

  • thedude2009

    So… how is supporting Obamacare working out for you?

  • Cordstreet

    Rats jumping from the sinking Democrat ship.

  • Trent

    Shelley Adler, who ran a strong race against Runyan, actually lives in Cherry Hill (which was redistricted into CD1) has to be considered a strong candidate to replace Andrews.

  • libh8er

    Why is this news? New Jersey will replace this RAT with another RAT.

    Meet the new RAT, same as the old RAT.

  • Joshua B.

    Can run but you can’t hide.

  • Layla

    Another scumbag taking his pension and running before he is chased out of town.

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    Funny, I haven’t seen anything about this in the MSM…they only report corrupt Republicans…

  • GoldenRudy

    … a lawyer.

  • HappyG

    They screwed their own and don’t have the guts to take the medicine they would receive in November…typical cowardly democrat…

  • AppleSeeder

    Yeah but notice how he’s going to be hiding in new job surrounded by a bunch of lawyers? The scum slides from one slimey lot to another.

  • L_Dave

    Some say that the dems have already concluded that they will not retake the House in 2014. Accordingly, some are resigning because they don’t want to be in the minority again.

  • John Rustic

    Another one bites the dust!

  • Jeff

    These reps get a federal subsidy that we peons are not entitled to.

  • shanacattles

    why must you insult rats?

  • HappyG

    They don’t want to have their as ses handed to them by the public they screwed is more apt…

  • Wmn04Ken07

    These retirements are sort of like watching perp walks. Wonder if they were invited to leave for the sake of the dem party.

  • fivestring_assassin

    I’m sure MSNBC will lead with this story

  • Judeth

    swamp jumping

  • Jeff

    /sarc off

  • throwemout

    There are a few Dems out there that understand internal polls.

  • GiantClam

    Why don’t ALL democrats resign….starting with the kenyan menace occupying our house in Washington.

  • ForestWilson


  • James V.

    Pelosi Ally? G-U-I-L-T-Y!!!!!

  • redheart

    They’ll just elect another Democrat or maybe a RINO

  • Judeth

    He’d have to have an ounce of decency to resign. his mission is destroy what he hates most, America and her culture

  • Texas Chris

    Sinking ship, much?

  • SickofObamaLies

    Please let them all go so they can be arrested as citizens and treated like they treat us, the “Important” dems are bailing from California leaving Nasty Pelosi alone, CALIFORNIA please wake up and vote these democrat roaches out

  • 1940voter

    Solidly democratic, another waste land in the making for NJ along with Camden and Newark

  • libertees

    I wonder why they are running for the hills? I thought they were proud of all the crap they forced down everyone’s throat?

  • mark830

    Lawyers make the worst Senators and Congressmen and modern day presidents. By nature and training all they do is argue. It doesn’t matter the side or position. Actually, lawyers are the scum of the earth. They didn’t make those thousands of lawyer jokes for nothing.
    Know any good lawyer jokes? Reply here.

  • 1940voter

    Just like Booker, rat follows rat.

  • Neno

    Well what do you want us to call them?

  • deerhound

    They will just replace him with another crooked Democrat!

  • AppleSeeder

    Except they’re dragging gold instead of chains.

  • ForestWilson

    We are entitled to pay for it…

  • Zathras11 @B5

    And when they can’t find one they make one up.

  • Carterofmars

    And, this report felt it necessary to mention an unrelated Republican that resigned for ethics violations. LOL, the MEDIA IS RIDICULOUS. Nearly no credibility, and the entire country knows it!

  • Richard_Iowa

    And, another one gets to start collecting his lifetime $176,000 per year pension, if that is what it is. Until, of course, there is a cost of living adjustment.

  • Willh33

    Another one bytes the dust!

  • Numbnuts73

    Guys like this are why Congress has such a low approval rating. Purge them all.

  • bubbathegreat

    He’s just another selfish bum elected by the low IQ crowd.

  • jnobfan

    Any time the country gets rid of a 12 term Congressmen its a good day. I don’t care what his politics are.

  • silentnomore

    The more important question is, “Did Christie know about his resignation beforehand?”

  • MarlagoFS35

    You won’t see this on CNN, they’re to busy idolizing a junkie actor

  • lib_erator

    Liars,cheats,crooks,blank holes, soon to be FELONS we hope.

  • Bob

    Was there ever a politician from New Jersey from either party that was not a crook? Going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson….he might not have been a crook but he was a supreme idiot getting us into a totally unnecessary way (WW I). Let’s kick New Jersey out of the union.

  • Fip1

    Love it. Going to a law firm. Lobbying anyone?

  • Veritas

    The House and Senate will both be Republican after the next election. Obama care has hurt so many people and has changed everything. This is only the beginning….

  • Walter Lawrence

    What ? A corrupt Democrat from NJ ? That is about as shocking as the sun rising in the east. Actually, since NJ voters are morons, he would have won re-election.

  • Walter Lawrence

    Lower life form is a good characterization.

  • justbill

    New Jersey Pols are all inbred and come from the same perverted Lib mother and father. Many peeps have tried to leave NJ but few have made it. I was one of the lucky ones!!

  • Auntie Socialist

    It’s like ’10 all over again. I wonder why people can’t get it in their heads to throw off the main problem in this country right now — the derelict, impeach-worthy president.

  • capnjack43

    Changing of the crooks, err…guards.

  • Auntie Socialist

    Why are you still patronizing it? I haven’t watched or paid attention to the kangaroo media in over 10 years. Drudge Fox and Breitbart are all I need.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Hey, it’s Joisey, so what! This is what is expected of Joisey politicos, criminal and greedy. Just doing what Joisey Dems do!

  • Leon Goudikian

    I am shocked that a nice town like Camden elects such people to office.

  • TheFreeStuffArmy

    THis is such a non-story. He’s got a job.
    For what he’s done, he should have to serve hard time in attica.
    That’ll solve the corruption problem.

    Edit: Rahway prison…sorry for the wrong state.

  • hdogg48

    Former Governor Tom Kean was an honest
    man. Millicent Fenwick smoked a pipe
    and was eccentric, but she was honest.
    Then there was Dollar Bill Bradley, once
    a star in the Democratic Party but has
    faded into memory largely due to
    him losing his appetite for the
    filthy down in the muck game you
    have to play.

  • GenEarly

    The democrap ship is sinking, the repub ship is listing to the left, and the USA is on the shoals. “Capitan” obama is full speed ahead over the cliff.
    Think it’s about time to mutiny?

  • RufusVonDufus

    The shame of the matter is that with all of the lying Obama has done and all of the dirty shenanigans pulled by the Democrats nationwide and the stupidity shown by Pelosi and others, Dem’s are really gullible and dumb enough to keep voting them in.

  • Panicazi


  • bkreeder

    Doesn’t really matter who represents this district. They will all be equally destructive.

  • steady321

    Andrews is as slimy as they come. The dirtbag bails after he royally screwed the American people with is blind allegiance to Stretch Pelosi over the debacle that is ObamaCare. The man is scum.

  • kgolfinghawaii

    Is there any other type?

  • GenEarly

    Camden is the “garden” in the Garden State. NJ is way past needing a weeding.

  • Kevin Frye

    What a guy.

  • eric_in_NJ

    This guy is a bum. Good riddance.

  • Steve

    Some animals are more equal than others…..

  • UteDB

    I prefer calling them fecal matter.

  • Helfyre

    They must have found something BIG to make this money grubber resign. He is smart enough to jump from the sinking ship. Wake up Camden .Stopvoting for elitists. But If George”The Boss” Norcross wants his brother then it will be Rep. Donald.Meanwhiile the press is focused on “Bridgegate” LOL!

  • MNHawk

    It’s nice to know that

    a) Being corrupt won’t disqualify him for a “public relations” job with some sleazy lawyers and

    b) The people of the district being so low information and personally corrupt they’ll just plug another Democrat piece of garbage into the position, despite what the last one did. Rinse and repeat.

  • stvw

    Single file as you leave the sinking ship, Demorats……no pushing!

  • Ed Uktr

    A Democrat? NO WONDER we’ve heard nothing at all about the ethics investigation in the mainstream media!

  • ZigZ

    At least the guy from Florida used his own money to buy the cocaine.

  • teapartydoc

    Democrat=organized crime.

  • jakysnake

    Patrick Kennedy served in congress for years with “issues ” and
    The GOP congress critter resigns right after rehab? Double standard again. The antics of The Rhode Island congress critter should have told voters he was trouble. They kept electing him

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    With Camden on your resume, how can you not succeed? Camden, the shining city on the hill, an inspiration to all (Democrats), /s

  • Leon Goudikian

    Maybe it was a fact-finding mission.

  • charlie

    Ah, Camden, the “jewel” of law enforcement, where police are afraid to patrol neighborhoods.

  • Raymond59

    Man, they keep falling down like Pins in a Bowling Alley. “STRIKE!”

  • N. B. Forrest

    What did he know about the bridge closure and when did he know it?

  • agreatsign

    So he’ll go from being a crook in the public sector, to a crook in the private sector.
    Come November, let’s help his pals retire from the public sector as well.
    At least in the private sector they can actually be held accountable.

  • zagnut64

    I met this useless tick on the boardwalk two years ago, he was shaking hands with people. I asked him why he was on vacation when so people were out of work and the economy was in real trouble. He looked at with shock, but was more shocked when the people around him applauded my remarks. The guy is nothing more than another useless piece of progressive garbage. Look closely, they are starting to prepare for implosion of the entire country and are running away from what they have done to the middle class. Progressives are nothing more than liars and pickpockets.

  • Wmn04Ken07

    Sure. There’s always a pot of gold at the end of their sorry so-called public service.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Well, they say consistency is a virtue, of sorts. Once a crook …

  • KunTewk

    The Democrat “public service” idea is this:
    1. Buy off voters, rig the election, lie lie lie to get into office.
    2. Vote strictly along Dem Party lines. Question NOTHING the Party does.
    Abandon your integrity and morals in the process (If you even had any to begin with)
    3. Invite Lobbyist all day, everyday to come, asking them “What’s in it for me? *wink wink* (Is it good for America? Irrelevant)
    4. Then when the heat is on…’ve gone too far and they are on to you, retire on a fat public pension with all the perks. Announcing you want to spend more time with “the family” (you know, the wife and kids… just can’t remember their names at the moment)

  • JoeDrager

    I’m sure the ethics issues that drove him from the most corrupt body on the planet will not interfere with his law license.

  • MyOwnGuile

    EN ES AY using secrets gathered against congressmen/women to have them resign? Will we see more resignations?

  • h0nestabe

    Here’s where I grab my popcorn and watch the two party sycophants squabble back and forth over who’s more corrupt, the Republicans or Democrats. Little do they know the two party system has completely failed us all and the dream is already in the toilet due to both sides equally.

    Wash, rinse, repeat…. Americans deserve better than all of these corrupt scumbags. Time for a change of the guard up on the Hill. Hit that reset button!

  • notademocrat

    It is pretty sick one can resign under a cloud and collect a massive pension.

  • larsinkima

    Now we finally know what happened to the mob when they broke it up. They all got sentenced/elected as Democrats.

  • Cindy Otis

    What’s amazing about this story is a Dem politician is actually resigning when their dirty secrets are revealed. In the Dem party you’re not even considered for a leadership position until you’ve broken a few laws and have a few scandals under your belt.

  • David

    How about we put a 10-year halt on electing and re-electing lawyers to national office? Engineers, CPAs, former military, etc.. elect anything but more lawyers.

  • zagnut64

    The same state that has a failed mayor and a child molester as their Senators.

  • notademocrat

    Another progressive from NJ rides off into the sunset with a golden retirement package.

  • MrSottobanco

    pelosi loses another henchman.

  • notademocrat

    NJ has contributed much to the decay of this once great nation with such names as Woodrow Wilson and Corey Booker and Frank Pallone and Rob Andrews.

  • notademocrat

    Proof positive that there is no connection to what someone is paid and their real value. It’s disgusting that public servants are paid that much and it’s a total perversion of the way this country was founded. They don’t serve us they serve themselves.

  • ImJustAGuy

    Obama inappropriately uses funds for personal use all the time. Remember that hyper-expensive taxpayer-funded Obama vacation to Africa? We now know Sasha and Malia Obama were listed as senior White House staff. Guess who paid their way? Yup! We did!

  • Susann

    “Andrews’ resignation will likely force a special election in this district, located in the Philadelphia suburbs” No, the district is in New Jersey. Not Philadelphia. Not Pennsylvania. We already have Camden in our Camden County, we don’t need Philly added in too. Thank you!

  • SalmonDaze

    But will be replaced by another demorat NJ machine corruptorat. And NJ gimme dat voters will gleefully pull the lever for the “D” as they’ve been trained to do.

  • h0nestabe

    Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. A government agency would never abuse it’s powers like that. Hell Obama told us that during his last state of the union?
    Did I tell you I sell tin foil hats?

  • HML

    MSM has been picking out politicians for us for a good many years now. The corrupt culture there will have to change as well as the corrupt culture in DC. Not much difference between them, Obama has hired many journalists and media execs. The alphabet channels six o-clock news is all neatly packaged so the suburban families don’t have to think at all. And they think they are well informed The only way I see to run them out of business is to not watch them.

  • quotidian

    What an original name: Philadelphia Law Firm.

  • Blimp Rushmore

    Congressman Scott Garret, Toes the conservative line always!

  • pinkelephant22

    EXACTLY my thought when reading it

  • 1940voter

    They are affraid to cross that line because the first shout will be one of racism from the msm and the left. If ever there was a lawless presidency this is it.

  • The redhawk

    So another “PURIST” DEem Dimwit Lying sack of Turds forgets that he is in Danger of Dismissal along with Waxman…Lying POS!

  • exprc2424

    Been saying that for years. We’d get better representation picking random names from the phone book.

  • Blimp Rushmore

    Q: What is the difference between a Democrat & a catfish?

    A: One is a scum sucking bottom feeder….
    The other a fish!

  • MyOwnGuile

    Good point. I didn’t see the state of the union address. Are those hats govt. approved?

  • perpetualvictimhoodwinked

    Every time a democrat is right a unicorn is born.

  • Blimp Rushmore

    Another liberal stronghold

  • RedHotRash

    and Hawaii….just say’n

  • ernaldin

    The bright side is when we finally do collapse, and collapse we will, those gleeful morons will be among the first to starve.

  • h0nestabe

    Government approved and straight off the slow boat from China. Sell you a million of them for a dollar. They are made of the finest craftsmanship slave labor can buy you straight out of the filthiest city in the world.

  • 1peevedbob

    When all of these DemocRATS were in office they couldn’t afford Obama Care while making $175K. It appears that they will be able to afford the mandates of this wonderful law when they leave office. How can that be?
    Or did they leave office because they voted for that abomination and now don’t want to face the wrath of the people at the ballot box!!

  • 1peevedbob

    And on top of that we get to pay for their health care as well.

  • 1peevedbob

    Your analogy about the ship is a good one, but you ran it off a cliff. Maybe it should have gone over a waterfall?

  • h0nestabe

    Recap of the State of the Union: Talking heads tell the people what the president should say and how he should say it. Obama enters and begins to read his teleprompter speech prepared for him by his handlers. Obama makes a bunch of empty promises and smiles real big with a wink and a nod then proceeds to exit left. Talking heads then tell the American people what we just witnessed which just so happens to be exactly how they predicted it would go down. He nailed it!

    Yawn… And the turds continue to flow downhill.

  • Kedzie

    The Press and MSM will jump right on this story. Not!

  • FaceliftMask

    These scum, Democrat AND Republican AND Independent should be held to a higher standard. When they lie, cheat, and steal from the the Taxpayers, they should be tried for Treason. From the tp down, the US is run by a group of morally bankrupt sleezebags.

  • 1peevedbob

    They will report him as a hero, and when he moves to Bordentown they will give him his ‘hero flag’!

  • Juvenal

    That does explain the scarcity.

  • h0nestabe

    Brilliant! Did you make DemocRATS up all by yourself? Let me give it a whirl… If McCain the RePUKElican was elected Obamacare would be McCain care. You have heard of Romneycare and do know McCain supported this big insurance takeover of our healthcare system don’t you? Welcome to corporate Fascism where the big boys make money hand over fist when times are good and strap the American tax payer with all the fraud and corruption charges when they sink the economy.

  • perpetualvictimhoodwinked

    “The health care bill is a high end initiative. We call it astro-turf because it really isn’t a grass roots movement.” Nancy Pelosi

  • h0nestabe

    As long as Americans continue to put any faith in this two party system they deserve all the fraud and corruption that accompanies it.

  • GenEarly

    obama is so delusional that he thinks he is at sea when actually stepping off a precipice.
    The “game” is continually growing more dire, but also Bigger than just USSA…….worldwide, a long but vital article, comrade.

  • Neo

    First, let me say I remember the ads for Rep Andrews when he first ran.

    He looks a lot older now, after 24 years.

    At his presser, he had a noticeable “tick” that reminded me of Michael J Fox (i.e. Parkinson’s disease).

  • SelfPreservation

    “How can you tell when it’s really cold? All the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets!”
    I worked with a lawyer for many years. He wasn’t your typical lawyer, he wasn’t paid to harm people. He became a lawyer to help small business people form busines to support themselves, their family and other small business hopefuls. The above was his favorite joke about lawyers in general. He believed it to be a very accurate description rather than just a joke.

  • SelfPreservation

    Politicians seem to have a noticeable tick; they, the vast majority of them, ARE ticks and suck the blood out of the American People every day!

  • Ed Bove

    Let me add some truth to this argument, in the current 113th Congress, there have been a total of 21 resignations and retirements in the House, 9 Democrats, and 14 Republicans. In the Senate 6 Democrats and 4 Republicans have resigned or retired. Seems to me the resignations, are coming from both parties pretty equally.

  • 1peevedbob

    Yes I did.
    You are a real smart feller, (fart smeller). I didn’t change the spelling of the word DemocRAT like you did with Republican.
    I for one use the word RepubliCAN’T. Sometimes I use the spelling of RepubliWON’T.
    For the Record McCain is a DemocRAT with an R behind his name….otherwise know as RINO,.
    If McCain were elected we would NOT have a comprehensive health care bill.

  • coastx

    Absolute psychopath.

  • mark830

    I have some friends that are good lawyers too. But, I wouldn’t want them as politicians.

  • johnsmith500

    Another corrupt libtard. This is news these days.

  • Michael Martin

    I always had a positive opinion of Rep. Andrews and found him to be a responsive representative when I lived in his district.

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