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February 14, 2016

NRCC Promotes 11 More to ‘Young Guns’

NRCC Promotes 11 More to Top 'Young Gun' Status

NRCC Chairman Walden announced a new set of 'Young Gun" candidates. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The National Republican Congressional Committee has elevated 11 more candidates to “Young Gun” status, moving these prospects to the top tier of of their benchmark program for campaigns in 2014.

“Candidates that reach ‘Young Gun’ status have met a series of rigorous goals that will put them in position to win on Election Day,” NRCC Chairman Greg Walden said in a Tuesday statement. “Our job as a committee is to help elect Republicans to office that will serve as a check and balance on the Obama administration.”

All of the following, newly-minted Young Gun candidates have recently won their primaries. The NRCC does not publicly pick sides in primaries.

The 11 new Young Gun candidates are:

California’s 3rd District: State Assemblyman Dan Logue, who is challenging Democratic Rep. John Garamendi. (Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating: Safe Democrat)

California’s 7th District: Former Rep. Doug Ose, who defeated a crowded GOP field and will face freshman Democratic Rep. Ami Bera in November. (Rating: Leans Democratic)

California’s 26th District: State Sen. Jeff Gorell, who will face freshman Democratic Rep. Julia Brownley. (Rating: Democrat Favored)

California’s 36th District: Former Capitol Hill aide Brian Nestande, who will face freshman Democratic Rep. Raul Ruiz. (Rating: Democrat Favored)

California’s 52nd District: Former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio, who will face freshman Democratic Rep. Scott Peters in this top-target race. (Rating: Tossup)

Georgia’s 12th District: Construction company owner Rick Allen, who avoided a Republican runoff and will face Democratic Rep. John Barrow in this top-target of a district. (Rating: Leans Democrat)

Illinois 11th District: State Rep. Darlene Senger, who will face Rep. Bill Foster in November. (Rating: Safe Democrat)

Illinois 17th District: Former Rep. Bobby Schilling, who will face freshman Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos. (Rating: Leans Democrat)

New Jersey’s 3rd District: Former Randolph Mayor Tom MacArthur, the new GOP nominee in this highly targeted, open seat, will face Democratic Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard in November. (Rating: Tossup)

Washington’s 1st District: Former Microsoft Executive Pedro Celis, who will face freshman Democratic Rep. Suzan DelBene in November. (Rating: Safe Democrat)

West Virginia’s 2nd District: Former Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney, who will face former West Virginia Democratic Party Chairman Nick Casey in this open-seat contest in November. (Rating: Leans Republican)

These 11 candidates join 10 others who earned the same top distinction in May. Some of those GOP recruits include Retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally, who is running in Arizona’s 2nd District, former Rep. Bob Dold, who is running in Illinois’ 10th District, and state Sen. Torrey Westrom, who is running in Minnesota’s 7th District, among others.

Last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced nine more of their candidates had joined a similar program, Red to Blue, for the party’s top candidates in open and GOP-held seats.

  • klgrube

    How completely reprehensible is it that the NRCC is backing a pro-abortion and pro-ssm candidate like DeMaio? Clearly, the guy hates the core values of the party he ostensibly represents. But then, this designation is pretty meaningless anyway since all the program cares about is how much money a candidate can bring in and nothing about his or her values or character. I mean, really, did they not listen when it was brought out that he had plagiarized information not once, but twice, in his conduct as an elected official? The fact that they didn’t boot him from this program because of it says more than anything else about the NRCC.

    The good news is that Eric Cantor, one of DeMaio’s Inside the Beltway cronies, lost today. When DeMaio also loses in November, I hope this sense a message to the NRCC that they need to start supporting candidates with both common sense and common decency in the future.

  • Tom Rath

    Poor, poor Karen the Anti-Gay Krusader. She’s seemingly spent all of her waking hours for YEARS ranting and raving about anything and everything that catches her homosexual-obsessed eye. She’ll support a Dem socialist 100% libtard like Scott Peters over Carl DeMaio. Why? It certainly can’t just be about the issues. Peters is not only pro-SSM and pro-choice b ut pro- every other typical liberal Marxist agenda item in the DNC platform.

    So why would Karen rather see HIM as her rep? Because “at least” HE’S not GAY!

    Keep in mind what kind of gay-obsessed person Karen Grube is. When a Colorado state rep and his partner had a civil union a couple of years ago, Karen actually went to all the effort to register an account at the pro-LGBT website just so could reply to an article about their union with, “Ewwwwwwwww! Sick!”

    Karen just get over it already. You were so sure that SSM would NEVER win at the ballot box in ANY state, but it has. You wave your hands, run in circles and rant about how ALL the polls that show the rapidly-growing public support for SSM, even among conservatives/Republicans and ESPECIALLY among younger cons/Reps, are all lying and skewed and manipulated by “activists”. You tried to get people to boycott the Rose Parade (which ended up having some of its highest viewer ratings ever) because one of the floats was featuring a same-sex marriage. You tried to claim it wasn’t just because it was a SSM, but that you didn’t think ANY marriage should be celebrated as part of the parade. Sadly, you didn’t seem to mind (or probably even notice) when a Rose Parade float had a marriage just one year prior. Oh, yeah…because they weren’t GAY!!!

    You’re a sad, bitter, borderline psychopathic loon, Karen. Get help.

  • LeighLeigh

    You are a dolt!! Carl Demaio is the candidate that was chosen by the people of his district!! You just don’t like him because he is gay….he is fiscally conservative and is a smart and well spoken man who is catching HELL from the left….it is people like you who don’t understand that not every candidate is going to believe in the “platform” written in a room by a few people……not all GOPers are social conservatives.

  • CityShots

    this will be fun…running thru the scrubber now

  • klgrube

    The “room full of people” were delegates to the national GOP convention chosen by each state. That’s about as good as it gets in a representative democracy. They voted to keep the platform the way it is. If state GOP organizations want to tell their representatives to change the platform so that it supports killing unborn children and other anti-family policies, then by all means elect members of your local central committee to do just that. Until then, the platform in both California and nationally is what those duly appointed/elected representatives to the GOP voted for, and is likely to remain so.

    All that means is that means that what I said is absolutely true. DeMaio stands against the party platform. He is also pro-amnesty, which also makes him a candidate who shouldn’t be running as a Republican.

    I don’t care if not every candidate agrees with the party platform. Clearly Eric Holder didn’t, which is why he lost. However, I will always call out candidates when they don’t and I will always only vote for those who do.

  • roadwalker

    It’s California. Republicans in California are fiscal conservatives but if they run as social conservatives they’ll get destroyed.

  • klgrube

    Tell that to strong conservatives like Darryl Issa and Duncan Hunter. That isn’t why the NRCC is supporting him at all. They just want the Party dumbed down so far it’s unrecognizable as Republican.

  • roadwalker

    I guess you can explain to me why the land of Nixon and Reagan has become one of the most left-leaning states in the country?

    In any kind of a COMPETITIVE district, a Republican can’t win there anymore if he or she gets pegged as a social conservative. Ask Bob Dornan.

    And even Issa’s margins have been declining recently. Not enough that he has to worry yet, but it’s symptomatic of the trend across California.

    Fiscal conservatives can still win there, however, but they have to focus on the budget. Gay bashing, immigrant bashing and anti-abortion will cost them votes.

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