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February 6, 2016

Obama’s Cousin Hopes to Stop President From ‘Destroying America’ (Video)

The candidate: Physician Milton Wolf
The member: Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.
The state: Roberts ran unopposed in his 2008 primary and won the general with 60 percent. Kansas hasn’t elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1932.
The candidate’s team: Jason Miller of Jamestown Associates is the general and media consultant.

Milton Wolf, a physician challenging Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts in a Republican primary, may be a distant relative of Barack Obama, but he is no fan of the second-term president.

In an interview with CQ Roll Call this week, Wolf said Obama’s policies “are destroying America” and called him “maybe the worst president of our history.”

“Indeed we are cousins, but I am quick to remind that you cannot choose your family,”  Wolf said. “What you can do is choose to rise up and stop your family from destroying America.”

Wolf said his mother and Obama’s grandmother are first cousins, though he and the president didn’t meet until 2010. He is running as an outspoken opponent of the president’s health care law — the “archenemy of Obamacare” — and said he has shared his thoughts on the law with Obama.

The challenger also said Roberts, who spent 16 years in the House and is now seeking a fourth term in the Senate, has simply been on Capitol Hill too long. Wolf has set a two-term limit for himself.

The Republicans will face off in the Aug. 5 primary. Wolf, who is backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, starts at a severe name identification disadvantage. A Tarrance Group poll of 501 likely primary voters conducted this month on behalf of the Roberts campaign found the incumbent ahead by 54 points.

The race is rated Safe Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • MarneyJones

    It makes sense that highly paid doctors, who have been overcharging for services for decades, would dislike ObamaCare. They will now be forced to compete for business on price as well as quality. Suck it up, doctors.

  • Layla

    Add to the worst president in history, the worst Congress as well. Amnesty is not a priority with millions of Americans out of work.

    Vote out GOP leadership and with the Rinos and Obamacare Dems.

    Support the Senate Conservatives Fund. Vote FOR AMERICA, vote Tea.

  • Ed Campbell

    Why even waste time on an idiot like this? He’s as unproductive as any Tea Party anarchist. Useless.

  • pitch1934

    You lend him credence by calling him a cousin. You imply that there was a closeness there that simply did not exist. BTW, even brothers and sisters who are close can disagree without it being newsworthy.

  • tnwoman1948

    The only reason this LOSER is receiving ANY attention is because he claims to be President Obama’s cousin no matter how distant, and he knows it!

  • wrigney

    OBAMA is “Grounding and Pounding” you idiots into submission.
    And don’t look for Boehner to help you out…he’s on OUR side now.

    And BTW:

    Get Immigration reform done NOW!!! or face the wrath of millions of our Hispanic brethren come mid- terms.

    GO HILLARY !! 2016.

  • Δ.Ιωακείμ

    You want to help America?
    Then stop the wars. You definitely dont save the world (never did actually) and raise the anti-American climate in Middle East.
    Look after your people only.

    Oh and yes, help the Jews 😉

  • Karl Quick

    What does this mean?
    Drudge and others are wringing hands over divisions within the GOP over issues such as immigration and national debt; O’Reilly opines about splits in the DNC over foreign trade, privacy, middle east, XL pipeline, jobs and Obama flip-flops.

    It means one thing:
    America is SICK and TIRED of big government waste and incompetence.
    We want our money back!
    We want to run the country locally, authentically, accountably, and make sure it leaves ALL of us alone so long as we’re not physically hurting each other.

  • Attila

    My-my. Not everyone in Obama’s family tree is a Rabid Commie.
    Guess he won’t be invited to Sunday Night Doggie Dinner at Chez Obama.

  • nativeamerican

    No they won’t, they will stop practicing medicine and we will not have enough doctors.

  • nativeamerican

    Ed I can see that you have less agree than disagree, so I’m just going to leave you with that.

  • nativeamerican

    Tennwoman, if I was running for an office, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing I was Obama’s relative, people in his own party don’t want any ties with Obama. Loser, he won 2008 election with 60% of the vote, again another Dumbocrat just sayin stupid stuff and nothing do back it up.

  • nativeamerican

    Your “GO HILLARY !! 2016″ is either meant to stir people up or you really are that stupid to want a known American murder as a president. Either way, typical Democrat.

  • Ulyssess

    Yeah, I hear Walmart is hiring. Get a brain.

  • wrigney

    <<< removes the Whiskey Sour from your hand…….takes a sip………

    Throws the rest in your face.



    I did not see this coming, amazing, never even thought of other relatives in the family, to focused on his grand parents, his mother, and the individuals who MOLDED this man into what he is TODAY. I often wonder had he not been subjected to a Socialist Mother, atheist Grand Parents who were Communist sympathizers, Frank M. Davis a Communist, Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Pervert, what he would have turned out to be. I have said this before, if you continue to tell a child at a very young age that a chair is a table and a table is a chair throughout their adolescent years they will continue to believe this. It has been embedded into their mind as a child from adults who have taught this to him. SAD.

  • nativeamerican

    You talk big on the internet, if you have some MAN BALLS send me you physical geographic address. Otherwise STFUp

  • john

    That is by far the most impossibly stupid comment I have ever read anywhere. They will not quit working simply because they have to compete with others… WOW you win the flipping Darwin award.

  • john

    Yeah Hillary is a whole world better then the best the GOP has to offer right now. Ted Cruz? Lol. Not even if hell froze over.

  • wrigney

    Look across the street……upper right bedroom window…………see those binoculars?

    Be careful what you wish for Geronimo.

  • Dave

    drop dead you creep

  • ajax

    typical liberal call to violence for an opinion

  • Dave

    How is that insult a call to violence you idiot.

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