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February 13, 2016

Poll: Lindsey Graham Close to Avoiding Runoff

South Carolina Republican primary voters don’t think the country is on the right track, but they’re not yet blaming Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The two-term incumbent, who faces a handful of GOP primary challengers, led a Winthrop University poll released Wednesday with 45 percent of the vote. Graham needs more than 50 percent of the vote in the June 10 primary to escape a runoff, but none of Graham’s challengers made it out of single-digit support, while 35 percent remained undecided.

Graham kicked off his TV advertising campaign two weeks ago, highlighting his efforts to fight the Obama administration on health care and Benghazi.

That plays well in a state where just 3 percent of GOP primary voters said they think the country is on the right track and 90 percent disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job.

In a good sign for Graham, about a third of voters who approve of the tea party back the incumbent against his tea party-aligned opponents. Fifty-seven percent of all primary voters said they approve of the tea party movement, while just 12 percent said they are a member of it.

Of course, his tea party support could drop as voters get to know his challengers better over the next few months. But none of them — including businesswoman Nancy Mace, businessman Richard Cash, attorney Bill Connor or state Sen. Lee Bright, who received the most support among them at 8.5 percent — have come close to keeping pace with Graham in fundraising.

The Winthrop Poll of 901 likely GOP primary voters was taken Feb. 16-23. The margin of error was 3.2 points.

The general election race is rated Safe Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • HillarysCankles

    Are South Carolina voters really this stupid? Lindsay Graham embodies everything that’s wrong with the GOP.

  • just4dahellofit

    living here in SC, i can assure you this is a bogus poll. here in the upstate, where miss lindsey hails, he is not only under water but losing.

  • bittman

    Well, South Carolina can always depend upon Graham to vote with the Democrats when they really need his vote.

  • RealAmerican

    I certainly hope you are right. We really don’t want SC foisting that pos on the rest of us any longer.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Wake up, SC. Establishment politicians are a BIG part of the country’s problems. Oust him.

  • Geo

    It would be nice if some of Lindsey Lohan’s opponents started running some ads. The first one I’ve seen if Bill Connor’s two days ago for the very first time. Nobody knows who is running against him.

  • redware

    If this POS wins I will vote Democrat for the first time in 40 years of voting,just to punish this treasonous,mendacious ,fraud.

  • redware

    Not all of us are stupid.Graham has been running ads touting his conservative bona fides for months, utilizing his 7 million dollar campaign war chest.Very little heard from his opponents.I am backing Bill Connor.A little too interventionist on foreign policy for my taste,but spot on with everything else.Lee Bright is a kooky libertarian who endorsed Ron Paul,going through personal bankruptcy,and with just too much baggage for most conservatives.Hopefully,as the campaigns get going and the opposition ads start flowing the numbers for Graham will go down.Name recognition and money are his biggest assets right now. As long as we can keep hi under 50% and Connor is in the runoff,we will beat the traitor.

  • Guest

    Lindsay voted for Obamas supreme court picks. That should disqualify him right there.

  • redware

    Hope you are right.I’m on the Grand Strand and we tried to pass a censure resolution.Every single State Rep and Senate member signed a letter attacking the censure.I won’t be forgetting that when my two are up for re-election.Graham is stirring up the establishment RINOs,bullying and intimidating.This isn’t going to be as easy as it should be.

  • orlandocajun

    Graham has the money. The other guys don’t. Unfortunately, most voters decide based upon what they hear in the media and don’t have a clue what Graham has been doing for the past 12 years. Unfortunately, money decides elections for the most part.

  • nobama1267

    Dump this RINO ASAP. He’s a democratic in RINO clothing.

  • Stingray_3440

    Vote the RINO in again? People, we are getting nowhere.

  • dogwonder

    Vote for the demorats, at least you know you are voting for one and not a Rhino.

  • ron_goodman

    McConnell is far 20 points ahead of his TP challenger and Cornyn looks safe in Texas too. So much for the baggers taking out the RINOs in 2014.

  • Adjoran

    The last time an elected US Senator from South Carolina was defeated for reelection in a primary was 1932.

    For years I have told all the very loud “primary Graham!” out of state half-wits to put their money where their big mouths are, raise $2 million for a challenger in seed money, and then we will talk. Or you could just MYOB.

    The fact is it is difficult to get a credible candidate to challenge. Anyone with real prospects has better sense than to make enemies early in their career.

  • Adjoran

    Yeah, and magic unicorns will poop Skittles on your pillow, too.

  • jondarmes

    Graham is almost as conservative as John McCain or Claire McCaskill. Vote the democrat out.

  • Beachguy53

    Someone please crumble this Graham cracker.

  • Minarchism Leads To Freedom

    No, they’re right-wing progressive commies. (Promise them lots of big government goodies and you’re set for life)

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