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February 12, 2016

Reid: Senate Dems Will Invite Obama to Campaign Trail

Reid is the Senate majority leader. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said vulnerable Senate Democrats should and will invite President Barack Obama to campaign with them this year.

“Anytime the president of the United States appears supporting a candidate, it helps,” Reid said in an interview with CNN set to air at 7 p.m. He noted that Ronald Reagan’s appearances in Nevada in 1986 were unhelpful to his own first election to the Senate.

Asked if he would encourage his most endangered colleagues to invite the president, Reid said, “Yes, and they will.”

Republicans must net six seats to win the Senate majority next year. The vast majority of the most competitive races are for Democrat-held seats, including several in states Obama lost in 2012.

Reid’s comments came one day after Gallup released a list of the 10 states with the lowest approval of the president’s job performance in 2013. Democrats are defending seats in five of them (West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Arkansas) and hoping to pick up a Republican-held seat in another (Kentucky).

His remarks also came as Senate Democrats actively put distance between themselves and the president on policy. In just the latest example, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., on Tuesday excoriated the White House for opposing a Senate flood insurance bill that would delay insurance premium increases.

In the short term, the president’s immediate travel plans don’t include any states that are hosting competitive Senate races this year. In two post-State of the Union address trips on Wednesday and Thursday, Obama will travel to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

With national approval ratings hovering in the low 40s, Obama’s most vital role this cycle will likely be serving as a chief fundraiser for the party. In 2013, Obama headlined five fundraisers each for the Democrats’ House and Senate campaign arms, plus a couple of joint events, as well as 15 fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee.


    Yes Uncle Harry,you may not need Obama if he suspends the constitutions and all elections .The way he is talking that is what is coming,and you as a LIBERAL MAYBE the first to be put away with

  • Davey Doughnut

    Just what the democrats need. A lame duck with the emphasis on lame. Go for it. The republicans need all the converts they can get.

  • prsteve11

    Stubborn, foolish old Harry Reid speaks again. I sure hope his strategy leads to his becoming the next Minority Leader next January!

  • T Evans

    If I were a Dem I would be looking for a place to hide midterm. Obamacare, endorsing pot, endorsing homosexuality, no jobs, huge debt, NSA spying on EVERYONE, Benghazi, no backbone worldwide. This scuzz ball has nothing to brag about. His Presidency has been a scourge. The one thing he is really good at is dividing the country. I will give him that.

  • Blogpimp

    Wow. Why would a Democrat in a tight race want a guy with a 39% approval rating campaigning for him? I hope it’s true. I hope Big O campaigns for every Democrat in the country and puts them asleep like he will tonight at the State of the Union address

  • dixiedog44

    Ole’ doofus Harry wants to put the kiss of death on them, huh?

  • William Cochran

    Yes Harry, have Barry go and campaign with these folks. It’s the best way to get that gavel out of your communist hands.

  • dixiedog44

    He and doofus stooge Curley Joe Biden should join up and run on the same ticket – man, that would result in some chuckles!

  • Enzo

    I’ll bet having harry and barry show up at your campaign would be a real party pooper.

  • shockie1

    Make no mistake these Communist will never quite until we loss our freedom…very scary….If we are going to serve them we must keep them out of the White House this next election
    My opinion …

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