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February 7, 2016

Collin Peterson to Seek 13th Term in Minnesota

Longtime Rep. Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., will announce Monday that he will seek a 13th term in Minnesota’s 7th District, according to the Minnesota Star Tribune, ending months of speculation about his future political plans.

Political observers said Peterson could retire this cycle after successfully negotiating a farm bill as ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee.

However, Peterson will announce at a news conference that he will stand for re-election in this northern Minnesota House district.

“I still have a lot of work to do,” Peterson said in a news release, according to the Star Tribune.

Peterson has long defied the partisan lean in this district, which voted for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by a 10-point margin in 2012. Because of that, Republicans are making Peterson a top target in 2014. GOP State Sen. Torrey Westrom announced a challenge to Peterson in December.

Still, Democrats were glad to confirm he is seeking another term.

“Residents of Minnesota Congressional District 7, as well as rural residents across the nation, received great news today when Congressman Collin Peterson announced he is seeking reelection in November,” said Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Minnesota’s 7th District is rated a Lean Democrat contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • teapartyidiots

    And the Dems just exhaled in relief.

  • yesIDeeClaire

    Although democratic processes are usually found in states that enjoy morality, liberty, and prosperity, by no means are morality, liberty, and prosperity always present in states claiming democracy.

  • Bitter Cold

    The liberty school recognizes the dangers to liberty posed by collectivists who seize upon temporary crises to centralize government power.

  • terjeanderson

    How to Make a Sock Puppet
    Making a sock puppet is really quite fun. What’s especially fun about sock puppets is that you can make each one unique and individual, so that they each have special characters. And they don’t have to be human––animals and aliens are great possibilities too remember the ugly turd.

    Start by assembling your special materials in a large shoe box with your name on it. You’ll need at least one clean sock of your choice, a large needle and some strong, thick thread. This is just the bare minimum. Of course you can add any other decorating items you want to use to embellish an decorate your sock puppet, making it more original, like glasses, jewelry, special hair material, etc… Your teacher will have some decorating materials on hand in class, (assorted buttons and beads, wool, pipe cleaners, felt material, …) as well as all the rest of the items required to make your puppet like scissors and glue guns.

  • terjeanderson

    Here’s what they teach in home ec class at The Liberty School:

    Spam and Cabbage

    1 lg. head green cabbage
    3 or 4 good sized potatoes
    Salt & pepper
    1 can spam

    Cook potatoes, until nearly done. Add cabbage. When tender, add Spam, salt and pepper. When cooked to doneness, add enough catsup to give slight tinge, or to taste.

  • Layla

    Thirteen terms, that’s 26 years…..which means more of the same. Americans just will not learn. Most don’t even know who their Congressperson is or how long the term of office is. What the heck, he’d be a fool to retire. Who else gets all the bennies for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  • Michael Nunez

    Although Marxism is revolutionary and Fabianism gradualist, the centrally controlled system that each envisions is basically the same.

  • Hans Olo

    Although liberty’s benefits increase along with our commitment to it, liberty’s importance has little to do with the number of people who actually want to use it.

  • Hugh Jass

    Although democratic processes and collectivism both offer equality, democratic processes tend to offer equality of liberty while socialism offers equality of servitude.

  • Elle’s Island

    In fact, many of collectivism’s erroneous arguments are based upon the untenable illusion that private property and free enterprise are responsible for human discontent.

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