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February 12, 2016

GOP Announces Female Candidate Recruitment Program

With a stagnant number of women in its caucus, the House GOP’s campaign organization announced a new program Friday, Project Grow, to recruit, mentor and elect more female candidates in 2014.

“We need more women to run,” Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., said. “Project Grow will plant that seed that will get them thinking of doing it.”

CQ Roll Call reported earlier this week that the National Republican Congressional Committee was in the early stages of formalizing a female candidate recruitment program for the upcoming midterm cycle. The NRCC’s announcement was part of a joint event with six GOP committees that are making an new organized effort to help female candidates.

The “Women on the Right UNITE” effort is run by the Republican National Committee, NRCC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican State Leadership Committee, College Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association. The goal is to help female candidates ascend to all levels of government.

The event provided some details about the recruitment program, including providing training on using digital tools to better relay messages to women voters and potential candidates, polling and fundraising support, as well as mentoring from many of the 19 women in the House GOP caucus.

“We recognize that America needs more women involved in political leadership; to show our commitment as a party to developing better relationships with women voters,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus at the event.

The increased focus on recruiting more Republican women to run for office comes a cycle after Democrats dominated the GOP among female voters. Democrats capitalized on controversial comments about abortion from former Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., and other GOP candidates to attack Republicans as insensitive to women.

Republicans at the event said that the party needs to counteract that message with its own that shows how GOP policies can benefit women in America.

“Women are the majority, and we need to do a better job, and that’s what this is all about,” NRCC Chairman Greg Walden, R-Ore., said of Project Grow at the event.

Corrected 6:30 p.m. | An earlier version of this article misidentified the Republican State Leadership Committee.

  • LadyMams

    You have the best candidate of any gender and all you have done is utterly desrespect her. If you do not change your malicious attitude toward her she will walk away and take millions with her. I am speaking of Governor Sarah Palin.

  • Sally


  • Sally

    So the party that continues to undercut women in all the GOP states, thinks that they need more women? Right. More women like Foxx and her idiocy. More women like conspiracy Michele? Good luck with that. I hear Bristol and WIllow are still unemployed.

  • Vera Hamann

    Time for your meds, my dear…….

  • Sally

    Hey Lady, she has already taken millions: from Fox for her yapping lies about everything, from her PAC, which is unregulated unless she actually runs for something, and from people like you, who think she contributes something to this nation. Please, what would that be, other than hate, distrust, and lie after lie? Not to mention the abuse of her children, all in the public eye.

  • Sally

    I, unlike your heroine, do not take anything. Nor do I drink.
    I do, however, read about dear Sarah and her exploits. What has she done that is positive? Seriously. She is all bluster, anger, and feigned outrage, all the time. Does she like no one?

  • Vera Hamann

    You DO need meds, and rabies vaccine………… hahahaha. foaming on the mouth just on mention of Sarah name……

  • LadyMams

    Please don’t make vague and unverified accusations. I have never heard her lie. I have listened very carefully to most all of her speeches and have never heard her lie or contradict herself.

  • az

    you must be talking about our congress

  • az

    When they pass a amnesty bill, the GOP wont need women, they will go the way of the do do bird.

  • snickering

    Don’t hold your breath on, getting personable, well informed thinking women. They all ready to to The Democrat Party. Which leave the whining, moroni pinch of every women in the Republican Party. And the Repubublican men or worse.

  • snickering

    If they can find anyone as dumb equal Carolina’s Foxx. Thank Carolina Republican as Foxx, go for it. Her Lack of issues, bumbling on coherently, made up stories, lies. Republicans got their woman. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  • docb

    Sure– what they need are more m blackburns, v. foxx, and k. ayotte’s..What a joke this is but then again if you can not change your policies…where do you go! Recruitment without qualification.

  • Monab

    Do they need to have vaginal ultrasounds first?

  • Dantes

    If Paul Ryan becomes the Rubio for pushing amnesty and succeeds, the GOP is finished. Won’t matter who they put on the ballot.

  • monacall

    yep patriots true patriots…..she loves them

  • monacall

    tell me what did Sarah lie about….then explain to me what Obama is doing?

  • texasrick

    To all applicants;

    In order to attract potential male voters, applicants must be pretty and white.
    …it is also understood that you will only say/do as instructed.

  • Wolverine

    Are you mentally retarded?

  • Wolverine

    The Repubs are a Special kind of Special, the short bus special!

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