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February 12, 2016

Republicans Rush Kingston’s House Seat #GA01 | The Field

Kingston's Senate bid leaves his House seat open. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston’s entrance into the Senate Republican primary means there will be at least three GOP-held, open-seat House races in the Peach State in 2014.

Unfortunately for Democrats, who are looking for avenues to the majority next year, all of the seats are in Republican-leaning districts. That includes Kingston’s 1st District, which covers Georgia’s entire Atlantic coastline, stretching from Savannah south to Brunswick and the Florida state line.

The 11-term incumbent’s official announcement tour Thursday finally opened the door for ambitious Republicans from populous Savannah in search of a ladder to Congress. The list of candidates already running or mentioned as possible candidates include:

  • State Sen. Buddy Carter, who already filed candidacy papers with the Federal Election Commission and will announce his candidacy Monday, according to his consultant.
  • David Schwarz, lobbyist and former Kingston staffer
  • State Rep. Jeff Chapman
  • John McCallum, a former Newt Gingrich aide
  • Darwin Carter, frequent candidate
  • Stephen Meeks, former Sen. Saxby Chambliss staffer

As many as five of the Peach State’s 14 congressional districts could be open in 2014 thanks to Chambliss’ retirement. GOP Rep. Tom Price is seriously considering running for Senate and is likely to announce his decision this month. And Democratic Rep. John Barrow is also contemplating a bid.

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  • David Farrar

    The Tea Party Exploratory Committee of Georgia has been created to help Tea Party candidates establish their Tea Party credentials throughout the state for the 2014 elections. Besides the “taxed-enough-already” and “not-enough-spending-cuts” Tea Party demands, the following lists some of the most fundamental constitutional issues all Tea Party supporters should support in 2014, and, hopefully, take their stand on the line to getting our country back.

    Item 4: Candidates must agree to accept no outside PAC funds during their primary campaigns. This is a decision in, by, and for the Citizens of the Great state of Georgia only, and not for Washington D. C. special interest insider groups.

    Item 5: Congressional imperatives:

    (a) Immigration: Insist present immigration laws be enforced and our borders strengthened. And establish an effective E-verify program, with real penalties for employers** (including homeowners) who violate the rules.

    (b) Bring impeachment proceedings against Eric Holder over Obama’s Fast & Furious debacle.

    (c) Demand a Congressional investigation into the whole Benghazi affair.

    (d) Support for at least a five working-day waiting period before any bill is written and moved for a floor vote***.

    (e) Support a “Caption” bill.

    (f) Demand verifiable federal elections.

    In addition, there is growing support for a Congressional investigation into the allegation that Marxist ideology has infiltrated our public school curriculum.

    ex animo

  • pmorton

    Lesli Messinger did pretty well for the Dems last time. Seems to still be active.

  • yohinck

    I thought we already had a Congressional Investigation into the Benghazi incident? Did they not try to put it on Mrs. Clinton? I figure you don’t mind wasting more money by beating a dead horse, especially since we could use that money on other more important things coming up.

    Why not eliminate all money except donations from citizens, either in state or in DC.

    In case you don’t know this already there is already in effect an E-Verify program. When is the last time you applied for a job?

    Please show some proof of your remark about marxist ideology being taught in our schools. The only way socialist and communism is in our schools should be part of our history curriculum.

    You only want verifiable federal elections? Why not for the states and local as well, being all politicians have an effect on everyone when they vote on bills. I think they should also have background checks on them as well as psyciatric testing done before they are allowed to run for any office. You do realize they do that to people who fill out applications for jobs online already.

  • David Farrar

    1. Taking the testimony of thirty or more additional witnesses who were on the ground at Benghazi during the attack, should provide additional grounds to further the investigation of this incident.

    2. As I said, this must remain a decision made in, for, and by, the citizens of Georgia, and not Washington D.C. special interest, insider groups.

    3. Develop an effective E-verify that actually punishes violators, and make E-verify accessible to homeowners as well.

    4. Florida fourth graders allegedly told to write down desire to give up constitutional rights. Read more:

    5. Preparing electronic verification to state elections would most certainly be supported by all Tea Party supporters, but that decision would have to up to each state.

    ex animo

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