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February 7, 2016

Rick Perry Jabs Ted Cruz’s Impact in Texas

rick perry ted cruz

Rick Perry is the governor of Texas. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry needled GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, saying he was skeptical a “junior senator” could have made a big difference in state politics.

“Texas is pretty big; it’s pretty diverse; the legislature is a microcosm of the state, so I’m not sure one person has the ability to change all that,” Perry, a Republican, told reporters at a Thursday lunch hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Perry, who openly acknowledges he is mulling a presidential bid in 2016, has often been on the opposite side of Cruz in local politics. In 2012, Cruz defeated Perry’s endorsed candidate, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in a runoff for the Senate. 

This cycle, Cruz— who is also considering a 2016 bid — has largely stayed out of federal elections, with a couple exceptions. But Cruz has played in some of the state elections in Texas, including endorsing Konni Burton to succeed Wendy Davis in the Lonestar State’s Senate District 10.

“We all get our 15 seconds of fame, right,” Perry said. “Whether it was Ann Richards, or whether it was George W. Bush or whether it was Rick Perry or whether it was Ted Cruz. Long term, I think it requires somebody with substantial staying power to make a long-term difference in Texas.

“The idea that a personality in the political arena can change Texas may be a little bit outside the realm of reality,” he continued. “Ask me in eight years if Sen. Cruz has made an impact on the state. At this particular point in time, it’s a little early to say that a junior senator would have substantively changed the state.”

Corrected: Monday, 5:30 p.m. A previous version of this story erroneously reported a Cruz endorsement.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    While we can send our sons and our daughters into war, and give billions of dollars in foreign aid, to some countries that actually hate us, we STILL can’t pass the unemployment extension bill for the tree million unemployed families who are STILL without benefits and the means to support heir children. We can send our sons and daughters to fight for other people’s freedom, but not support their families back here at home. The republicans and democrats have both FAILED these three million unemployed Americans miserably. Senators like John Boehner have shown a total lack of compassion and common decency towards these people. The president and his party has allowed this behavior to go unchallenged without a fight. Both party’s have walked away and left these families continue to fall into financial ruin. This country no longer takes care of it’s own. We don’t even take care of our veterans. It’s truly appalling.

  • Jack Everett

    Pot meet Kettle!

  • granna129

    Boehner is not a Senator.

  • Pragmatic Conservative

    Unemployment insurance is just that, insurance. It is not a guarantee that one will have income for years on end after losing their job. Unemployment is supposed to last, at the most, 26 weeks. After that, it runs out. If the government endlessly extends unemployment, all it is doing is spending money it doesn’t have. I feel sorry for the long term unemployed, I’ve been there myself (and I made due without taking unemployment benefits). But that doesn’t mean that the government is responsible for taking care of everyone who doesn’t have a job. After 26 weeks, unemployment benefits stop being an insurance payment and effectively become welfare. I wonder if as many people would be demanding their “right” to unemployment if they had to admit that.

    If you really wanted to help people you would be advocating for government to stop regulating jobs out of existence. Obama has greatly hindered our economic rebound, mostly to the detriment of his biggest supporters who are too brainwashed to realize how much he’s hurting them.

  • satoshi n.

    y., bls says 3.5 million ltue meaning without stipend or job

  • satoshi n.

    wrong pc. florida is 16.1 weeks is cutoff

  • Larry Linn

    I have to blame Obama. Under the W. administration, my 401K
    lost 42% of my investments. Now, under the Obama administration, my original investments have doubled since 2008. It is all Obama’s fault! (Irony alert)

  • satoshi n.

    pc you are not saying “”””how you made due without a job or income.”””” If you had a job that produced income then you were not unemployed . Did you live off dividends off your stock then you were a liar. If you have rich relatives then that’s not making due. if you have a job , independently wealthly then you had NEVER been there, I detect a liar ,then you seem to be a liar , YOU SAID,”””I’ve been there myself (and I made due without taking unemployment benefits). “” liar. STORIES THAT DONOT MAKE SENSE TO ME ARE USUALLY LIES JUDGE JUDY AGREES. PC YOU DONOT m SENSE YOUR PROBABLY PAID BY THE KOCH’S TO STOMP ON THE POOR AHOL. sO AHOL PC SINCE WOODHOUSE FORD had 4,200 new vehicles hail damaged, 5 inches of rain into broken windows how much money should the INSURANCE pay //you troll?/ yOU TROLL PC IS HAIL INSURANCE WELFARE?/ INSTEAD OF PC SHOULD BE PIG

  • barracuda43

    Laughing at you Perry. You or Hillary are no match for the Cruz!

  • barracuda43

    You should thank the Fed not Obama. The glass house will fall.

  • satoshi n.

    RIGHT BOEHNER IS A RICH PERSON’S FRIEND. When the Koch bros Rented an Entire Hotel, to keep the non rich out and from hearing any conversation from the rich, to raise $500 million for the 2014 midterm republican election fund and $500 million for the 2016 republican’s rich people puppets guess who was there Boehner.

  • satoshi n.

    Posted at: 08/05/2013 10:44 PM
    By: Steve Mieczkowski,

    Something is going on at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya that no one wants to talk about.Everyone is hush-hush.KOB Eyewitness News 4 has been told the entire place has been sold out the last three nights.

    When KOB sent one of our photographers out tonight, he was stopped at a roadblock about a mile from the high-end resort on Santa Ana Pueblo.

    A Tamaya insider tells KOB the entire place was rented out by the Koch brothers.

    They are billionaire industrialists active in conservative and libertarian causes.
    KOB was also told former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was at Tamaya.
    While there’s nothing wrong with renting out an entire resort, especially if you can pay for it, the level of secrecy in this case is quite unusual.
    KOB ran a check on the tail number of a jet seen parked at Cutter Aviation and it came back as being registered to Koch Leasing.
    A Tamaya worker told KOB that the roadblock will be gone Tuesday at noon and there are plenty of rooms available for Tuesday night.

  • redware

    Whatever you bumbling pro-amnesty loser.Cruz will make the national impact you failed to make when he becomes our next President!

  • fieldwork2

    Stop whining and get a job.

  • Dan

    Cruz supports pathway to legalization. Is he pro amnesty?

  • Dan

    Perry is way more qualified to be President than Cruz. America already elected a junior senator as president how’s that working out?

  • bc3b

    But we have plenty of money for illegal aliens.

  • bc3b

    Yes. “I want to eliminate three federal agencies, but I can’t remember which three.”

  • paulsur

    That had nothing to do with the President in the Whitehouse, just the fecklessness of the investor.

  • Jack Everett
  • Jack Everett

    Whatever tea twt, Anchor baby Cruz will get the Romney treatment.

  • Jack Everett

    None of the wing nuts have half a chance in 2016.

  • Pragmatic Conservative

    Because Bush is to blame for the economy’s collapse (since it apparently authorized all the bad mortgages and created the investments schemes centered on those mortgages), while our Exalted Leader single handedly brought the economy back? Sorry, but the housing policies of prior administration’s played a big role in the collapse, and Obama has only slowed our economic recovery via over regulation and the creation of vast uncertainty in the business community. Not to mention the fact that our employment numbers are only as good as they are because Obama’s policies have caused vast numbers of people to completely give up looking for work.

  • John Smith

    As with liberty, the benefits of democratic processes are revealed over the long term.

  • Chaz22

    Too bad he screwed himself during the 2012 campaigning –that half- breed * is not bad, really .
    * he is part or half Choctaw Indian . Not that it matters .

  • Jack Everett

    Keep saying that as you get use to saying Madam president.

  • Jack Everett

    Every time Perry opens his fascist mouth people get screwed.

  • MVH1

    Thank God. And nobody wants to match anything about Cruz at all. What a horror he is.

  • MVH1

    Then don’t blame him if it’s down. Got it?

  • MVH1

    Hear it here first, loud and clear, Cruz will never, ever be President of this United States. Not ever.

  • MVH1

    Actually it’s working out quite well, except for people who want the country to go down the drain.

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