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February 7, 2016

Sarah Palin Leads Senate Poll for Alaska GOP Primary

Sarah Palin

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a small lead over two likely Republican Senate candidates in a hypothetical primary matchup, according to a GOP poll.

Palin has given no indication that she’s close to returning to public service, including next year in a challenge to Democratic Sen. Mark Begich. But the poll, conducted by GOP firm Harper Polling on behalf of the Tea Party Leadership Fund, found that a majority of Alaska Republicans still view her in a positive light.

With no indication of a Palin candidacy, the more telling news in the poll was that Joe Miller, who ran for Senate in 2010, had the worst image among the three Republicans and trailed Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell in a two-way race. Treadwell led 45 percent to 26 percent, with 29 percent unsure.

In a three-way GOP primary, Palin took 32 percent, followed by Treadwell with 30 percent and Miller with 14 percent. About a quarter of voters were undecided.

Asked who would fight hardest for conservative values, 45 percent said Palin, 25 percent chose Treadwell and 15 percent picked Miller. Meanwhile, 62 percent said they view Palin favorably and 30 percent unfavorably.

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Forty-nine percent viewed Miller unfavorably to just 34 percent who had a favorable opinion. Treadwell is the least known of the three, but 54 percent held a favorable opinion of him.

Treadwell and Miller are still in the exploratory phase of their campaigns. Both are making sure they have the donor and grass-roots bases in place to compete in what would likely be a competitive primary.

Palin endorsed Miller in 2010, when he defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the primary. Miller ultimately lost in the general, as Murkowski won re-election as a write-in candidate.

  • hepette

    omg i cant believe anyone would vote for this no brain female

  • Gary Jackson

    I can’t believe you were allowed out in public!

    Governor Palin was, in fact, the best Governor in America, and sat as the Second most powerful CEO. The left wing media website Mediaite ranks Palin as the most influential politician in America.

    In 2008 the Wall Street Journal, detailing the power she had as Governor , said: “Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an executive giant” Look it up if you have the intelligence level to accomplish the task.

    Palin’s extensive accomplishments as Governor are easy enough to look up for those with minimal intelligence.

  • Gary Jackson

    Kyle, while I’m sure the Governor is pleased to have you remind the American people that she is still a viable candidate for any office she chooses, you are way behind the curve.

    The group that paid for the polling is questionable at best, and using Palin’s powerful name to raise money/gather email addresses without the Governor’s permission, or blessing.

    In fact Tim Crawford, Treasurer of SarahPAC has stated:

    “Governor Palin is grateful and honored by those Americans who support
    her and her beliefs. However, the draft Sarah Palin for Senate
    fundraising campaign initiated by the Tea Party Leadership Fund is not
    authorized, endorsed or supported by Governor Palin or SarahPAC.”

    I would urge readers to spent their campaign donations on real candidates and with legit groups.

    More here:

  • hepette

    right …she didnt even serve her term….thats a bunch of bs you posted …… dont even have any facts with sites to back up your claims……i think you are getting them from fux news which is very suspect. i can see russia from my house lmao

  • Jwesley Warren

    She’s a giant among men! I wish her the very best!

  • woodsman1st

    Based upon the way others in this forum look upon your comments, it would seem you should do much more reading and much less posting. With a record of 92 posts and only 65 approvals, it would seem as though you forgot to vote for yourself 27 times.

  • woodsman1st

    hepette, like most liberals, never allows facts to incluence their thinking.

  • hepette

    unlike you i am not a shallow person and dont depend on you repukes for validation of anything. i give less than a bird turd about approvals cause i am posting facts…which is something repukes have never been able to deal with.

  • hepette
  • Rene Demonteverde

    Give it a rest,people. She will probably quit halfway through her term. She just wants to be in the sidelines earning money and keep people`s expectations up teasing them

  • Rene Demonteverde

    Much as I have lost interest with this quitter, Palin accomplished in two years time what Obama cannot fulfill in five years. Your putting down of the quitter is more of envy than reality. She balanced the budget, lessen unemployment, work with both sides of the aisles, had an approval of at least 75 percent, cut expenses among others. Now what have Obama done ?

  • Rene Demonteverde

    Give it up, people. She would probably quit halfway her term. Making reality shows and being in entertainment business is more like up her alley. Although I must admit she could help Alaska more if she is into politics than being in the sidelines and she does have an excellent record. But it is wistful thinking. Also this inability to get along with others will just doom her candidacy.

  • hepette
  • chuckbriggs

    No one wants to read about this despot or what he did to America. We’ve had to live through it so we all know well enough.

  • chuckbriggs

    herpette, you are just a typical Marxist loser.

  • chuckbriggs

    no one is interested in your silly links Herpette.

  • hepette

    closed minded and stupid period. typical white pasty male talking chit

  • hepette

    thats because you repuke baggers cant stand the facts or the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuckbriggs

    i have a feeling it’s because u illiterate DemonRats don’t have the mental capacity or moral compass to understand Truth.

  • chuckbriggs

    hey herpette, why don’t u sick my pasty white duck?

    wait, i take that back. i don’t won’t to catch ur herpes.

  • hepette

    you are a nasty filthy low life pos bye bye……go dump your vitriol somewhere else sucker!

  • chuckbriggs

    adios herpette.

  • Hawkeyeted

    Who said “I can see Russia from my house”?

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