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February 11, 2016

Scott Brown: New Hampshire Move Is ‘Strictly Personal’

Brown has moved to New Hampshire. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Former Sen. Scott Brown said goodbye to Massachusetts on Thursday, confirming in a statement released to the press that he is moving to New Hampshire.

The Republican has been flirting with a Senate bid in the neighboring Granite State for months. But in the statement published by WMUR, Brown called his move to the Granite State “strictly personal” and said he had “nothing to announce with regard to my future political plans.”

“Once we get settled, we will do what many other people have done upon moving into New Hampshire,” Brown said. “We will register to vote, get new licenses and enjoy the fact that there is no income or sales tax in New Hampshire.”

Brown sold his four-bedroom home in Massachusetts earlier this week.

Still, the former Bay State senator is headlining the New Hampshire GOP’s holiday fundraiser Thursday evening. It’s just the latest in a series of political appearances for Brown in recent months, as national Republicans actively recruit him to challenge Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

For now, the race is rated Democratic Favored by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • NorthboroughDan

    Note the day when Scott becomes a New Hamster. I sense “New Massachusetts State Holiday”! Woo hoo!

  • ratfishtim

    Brown called his move to the Granite State “strictly personal.”

    When New Hampshire residents reject Carpetbagger Scott’s candidacy, it will be strictly personal also.

    Live Scott-free or die.

  • Richard Tebaldi

    Massachusetts has lost a real leader and was awarded by yet another liberal who spent most of her life in acadamia. Scott Brown, got his education from real life, not just from learning from a book. This is why people who think for themselves are leaving Massachusetts in droves, if they are able to. Good luck, Scott. I don’t know what Mass. voters want, but they are intent on getting it!

  • Ed Davis

    Sen Brown won the seat of Ted Kennedy, then voted against the wishes of his constituents to fulfill Kennedy’s health care mission. SO HE WAS VOTED OUT. Now he’ll take his Senator-for-sale act to another state. Good riddance!

  • jenner

    He left with approval ratings above 50% despite the loss. Every poll taken stated that his approval ratings were in positive territory. Warren rode Obama’s coattails in 2012. get over it

  • jenner

    like CarpetBagger Hillary Clinton from the great state of NewYork or was it Arkansas? oh well

  • Lance Sjogren

    It’s personal. Has nothing to do with politics. Just a career move.

  • TogaShark

    No different that Hillary picking New York after being first lady.

  • A.B.

    Brown would do well to remember what happened to Jack McMullen, another carpetbagger who moved to Vermont for the purpose of running for the Senate. Following a debate that would leave Jon Stewart speechless, McMullen — exposed as a flatlander — lost the Republican primary to retired dairy farmer Fred Tuttle.

  • teapartydoc

    Voted for Obamacare?

  • Bandit Keena

    What happened to his wife’s head?

  • Bruno’s Beach

    Liberty is an adaptation to our own ignorance regarding much of the knowledge we make use of each day and the uncertainty associated with future events and circumstances.

  • philw1776

    except that Brown’s family is FROM NH since colonial times and except that Brown has owned his Rye NH house for decades, yeah it’s “no different”

  • Don Meaker

    Pity Brown ticked off his base by not voting against cloture on Obamacare. After that, noone could think of a reason to vote for a liar pretending to be a (R) as opposed to a liar pretending to be an Indian.

  • Don Meaker

    You may recall Sam Houston? governor of Tennessee, General of the Texas Army, President of the Texas Republic, and twice Governor of Texas? That kind of carpetbagger we like.

  • The Roadster

    While Marxism depends upon revolutionary tactics, the Fabian approach uses centralized control wielded through the pens of appointed apparatchiks.

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