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February 9, 2016

Scott Rasmussen Leaves Rasmussen Reports Polling

Scott Rasmussen, the founder of polling firm Rasmussen Reports left the organization in July, according to a company release.

Chief Operating Officer Mike Boniello will helm the firm “until a replacement for Mr. Rasmussen is named,” the company said.

The release gave no indication of the reason for the departure.

“The Company emphasized that Mr. Rasmussen’s legacy remains intact,” the release said. “His polling methodologies and protocols, widely acknowledged as among the most accurate and reliable in the industry, continue to guide and inform the company’s public opinion survey techniques. In addition, the editorial culture of excellence that he built is still very much in place.”

Generally speaking, Rasmussen is controversial within the polling community.

  • centerroad

    Soon to be announced, He will be replaced by Dick Morris.

  • Chredon

    “widely acknowledged as among the most accurate and reliable in the industry…”

    What industry would that be… comedians? Clowns? Rasmussen’s polls were so skewed to the right that any legitimate poll aggregation would either not use them at all, or use them only after a three to five point shift to the left. You know you have a problem when Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight blog and the poll averages at feel the need to produce Rasmussen-free versions of their output.

    Maybe, with Scott’s departure, you can get someone to run the show who knows how to create an accurate analysis methodology. The only thing reliable about Scotty’s polls is that they were reliably four points to the right of reality.

  • slappymagoo

    The We Reject Any Polls That Don’t Reinforce Our Worldview Industry. Denial’s their business, and business is god.

    …GOOD! I meant good!

    Or…you know…either/or, I suppose.

  • keith12345

    Rasmussen is a perfect example of why the polling industry needs to be strictly regulated, requiring audits and annual certification to stay in business. If you don’t follow the professional guidelines of polling and are completely transparent in your methodology, you get shut down. Scott Rasmussen should be prosecuted for fraud, and spent the rest of his life in prison.

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