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February 6, 2016

Senate Democrats Launch $9.1 Million Ad Buy in North Carolina


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Tillis is hit by a TV ad from national Democrats. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a hard-hitting ad Wednesday against the Republican challenger to Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., the first spot of a $9.1 million investment in the state through Election Day.

The spot attacks state Speaker Thom Tillis on education, saying the budget passed by the state Legislature last year had negative impacts. Hagan has leveled similar attacks against Tillis, tying him to laws that emerged from last year’s legislative session.

“House speaker Thom Tillis drew a bull’s-eye on public schools, cutting nearly $500 million,” a female narrator says. At the same time, the narrator says, he gave “tax breaks to yacht and jet owners.”

The ad began airing today. North Carolina is the second state the DSCC has launched an independent expenditure ad, following Arkansas last week.

The North Carolina Senate race is one of the most competitive this cycle and one of the GOP’s top targets as it seeks to pick up six Senate seats. Allies of both candidates have already spent millions in North Carolina, which President Barack Obama lost narrowly in 2012.

The race is rated Tilts Democrat by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • Jerald

    Polls are showing Hagan is down and the internals must be confirming that. This is despite a summer where Tillis was in a budget battle.

    Hagan is probably a dead woman walking. She was a lucky winner in 2008 anyway.

  • Nobama

    To build on your point about 2008, Elizabeth Dole is totally to blame for Hagan being a Senator. You can’t represent NC from the Watergate Hotel.

  • southerndemnut

    Since when? I live in NC and have been involved in politics here for over 38 years and the general feeling is that Hagan will squeak by because the state hates the legislature more than Obama right now.


    It’s truly sad how disconnected both political parties are from mainstream America. This is just but one issue out of so many other issues affecting us. The situation with the more than three million unemployed families, still without an unemployment extension bill, is a critical issue, that both parties seemed to have walked away from and forgot about. Unfortunately, for these financially ruined families, it’s not possible to have that luxury. These workers, whom many are “older workers”, have lost everything, while waiting for the senate to finally pass an extension bill to help them recover from 8 months without benefits, and means to pay credit bills. Now, many have become financially ruined, and deep in debt. When the average American is only one or two paychecks away from being able to sustain themselves, you can imagine how much 8 months of no payments can do to a family. When the Congress approves Billions of dollars for the Ukraine, and other countries, and commits our children to another term in Iraq, we back home here, are having to go homeless and hungry. Our government can’t even take care of our veterans from the last war. But I’m sure the senators and congressman receive the very best healthcare, and perks, and salary, that the average citizens could only dream of. We Americans have finally become the “servants” of our so called “Public Servants’. It’s time we change that in the coming elections.

  • William Sowerby

    all these negative adds put out by the democratic senate,on for Hagan,are from the super pacs of Harry Reid,who should stay out of nc politics in first place.Hagan has done nothing for nc.except give us hot air talks.The people here are not that stupid,to believe she has done any good for this state,the bulk of the va hospitals are here in this state and have only gone down hill since Hagan took office,vets vote to don’t you know.Her voting record is in the tank,as she voted for the idiot in charge Obama 98% of the time on major legislation effecting this state.big difference between state and fedral senate goings on.did not see her go after mor funding for our schools,or extensions to the unemployed.

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