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February 13, 2016

Senate Democrats to Highlight GOP Primaries in Online Campaign

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching an online ad campaign on Monday to run during August recess that highlights competitive Republican primaries.

Called the “GOP Tea Party Primary-Palooza,” the significant media buy will include web video ads, online ads, Facebook and Twitter ads, and “news alerts” to highlight the latest developments, according to a release obtained by CQ Roll Call.

“We are seven months into the cycle, and each week a new GOP primary or Senate candidate seems to emerge, further complicating their path to the majority,” DSCC spokesman Justin Barasky said in a statement.

The map, on its surface, heavily favors Republicans, as most of the competitive battles are for seats held by Democrats. However, the GOP needs a net gain of six seats to take back the majority in 2014. There are more than enough seats in competitive states for the GOP to do it, but it remains a tall climb.

Democrats hope the unpredictable GOP field in Georgia and the emerging primary competition for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky improves the party’s odds of picking up those seats in Republican-leaning states. There are also already GOP nomination battles for Democratic seats, including some of the most vulnerable: Alaska, Iowa, North Carolina and South Dakota.

Primaries hurt Republicans in the last two elections, including in 2012, when flawed candidates such as then-Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., won the nominations, or recruits like former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson emerged from costly intraparty battles in weakened positions for the general election.

How those nominating contests play out in 2014, along with whether Democratic incumbents can hang on in states President Barack Obama lost last year, will undoubtedly play a major factor in who controls the Senate in 2015.

  • BeverlyNC

    What worries me the most is the division in our nation right now. People are so entrenched in their perceived views of reality and which Party is most in sync with their priorities. As a Democrat I still find it almost impossible to comprehend how anyone could support a Republican extremist stance on every issue and the taking of rights of women, workers, immigrants and even our most basic right to vote. These Tea Party lunatics are constantly making such offensive comments that in the past would have ended their careers.
    I am embarrassed to say I live in NC where in 6 months time our extremist Republican legislature with a new rubberstamp Republican Governor has destroyed decades of progress in every social program, our once renowned education system, anti-abortion law voted on in the secret of night and first hidden in an anti-Sharia Law and finally in a “Motorcycle Safety law”, and now with the most extreme voter suppression law in the nation.
    Republicans have created an environment of hate, lies, and racism I have not seen since I was a child growing up as Charlotte began evolving into a non-discrimination state and where my child grew up in an environment with friends of all races and ethnic backgrounds and cannot understand why anyone would judge somone on anything but the kind of person they were.
    I am so hopeful we can rid the House of most Republicans and get Nancy back in charge. I am terrifed of what lengths Republicans will go to on the Senate races – and I am including cheating.
    Nothing would please me more than to see Mr.”421 Filibusters” McConnell kicked out of the Senate.
    I go on blogs like CNN and it is nothing but Republicans with vile hatred, using racial slurs, and with a complete ignorance of facts and not even caring about the facts. You cannot debate an issue because they do not know what the issues are and just sit and name-call.
    It’s scary.

  • Nicholas DeLuca

    Great comment. I know the feeling as I live in Arizona !

  • hepette

    any woman that votes repub is out of her mind imho

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