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March 28, 2015

Steve Israel Lobbies Alex Sink to Run in the Fall


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In the aftermath of his party’s special election loss in Florida, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel refused to blame his candidate. Instead, he doubled down on her prospects to win in the fall.

“I believe if Alex Sink decides to run, she will win in November,” Israel said in a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning. “We will do everything — and I mean everything — to support her in that endeavor.”

Sink came up 2 points short Tuesday against Republican Rep.-elect David Jolly. Whether or not Sink runs again is unclear.

“I did call her last night and left a message,” Israel said. “My message was, I think she ran a great race and if this election were in November versus March, I believe she would have won, and I encouraged her to speak with us about continuing this campaign to victory in November.”

“I have not heard back from her,” he added.

Israel declined to name any candidates who might run if Sink opts against another try.

“This is just the day after the special, so we haven’t started thinking about who else may be viable,” Israel said. “I am hopeful that Alex and I can talk soon.”

There is recent precedent for a candidate who loses a special election to decide not to seek the seat in the regularly scheduled election. In 2012, Arizona Republican Jesse Kelly stepped aside after he lost his June special against Democrat Ron Barber. But Israel’s comments were far more encouraging than Kelly’s party leadership after that loss.

Israel tried hard to mitigate the negative commentary against his party in the call, even as the race was pegged by political analyst Stu Rothenberg as one Democrats couldn’t “afford to lose.” Still, Israel conceded that the loss stung.

“I’m a Mets fan,” Israel said. “I’d rather lose by 13 [to] nothing than 13 to 11. And we got a 13-11 game.”

  • papacito9999

    Who is he kidding?! No Democrat in their right mind would pick Alex SInk to be the nominee again in the fall. She’s a proven loser, having lost 2 winnable races against highly flawed opponents.

    • ShadrachSmith

      Well, she did go to all the trouble to rent a house in the district.

      • Mike Triplett

        I hope it was a short term lease.

      • papacito9999

        Seems like she put more effort into moving than into her actual campaign

      • Winston Blake

        While Leon Puñettas was so busy with gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon, three Navy Seals and a U.S. ambassador were murdered, all because everyone was being so fúcking gay.

        These people just can’t stop playing with their dícks.

    • Barry Mole

      Run her again. She is an idiot bot both parties are filled with corrupt idiots. The Dems are far worse but the RINOs are scum too.

  • Ryan

    I feel like this is mostly a matter of “we invested way too much in this woman to start fresh on this district with someone else”.

  • Mike Triplett

    I am with you Steve, LET’S SINK WITH SINK! I sincerely hope she runs in November. She has now lost 2 unloseable races in a row. I hop you nominate her for President in 2016.

  • Amanda Nevada

    In this video we find vodka-enthusiast Joe Biden droning on about the Obama regime’s success in Iraq:

  • toomuchgovernment

    ‘We-will-do-anything and I MEAN ANYTHING’ to win..

    U know what that means…

    Chicago politics AT ITS finest as they wan’t win IF they play-by-the-honest-rules…they have to cheat to win…

    • bishop24230

      Jolly can expect to face massive voter fraud in November. The dems have perfected the art through absentee ballots and early voting.

      • EyemNotFree

        Rick Scott has his fist up his puppethole.

  • Coffee Fiend

    In related news, Egypt has stepped up and filed a credible criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court against Obama:

    • Barry Mole

      Lindsey Graham-nesty is backing Obama’s criminal moves in Egypt, Syria and the Ukraine all the way. Sick.

  • EyemNotFree

    Sinks Email rejected mail.

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