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February 14, 2016

Tea Party Group Doubles Down on Colorado Senate Race

The Tea Party Express reiterated its endorsement of state Sen. Owen Hill in the wake of a major shake-up in the race for Senate in Colorado.

In a surprising move, Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., opted Wednesday to run against Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck subsequently dropped out of the Senate race to run for Gardner’s 4th District instead. Likewise, state Rep. Amy Stephens reportedly dropped out of the Senate race as well.

But not Hill.

The Tea Party Express backed Buck’s bid for Senate in 2010, but endorsed Hill this cycle. In fact, the Tea Party Express blasted Buck in a Wednesday evening solicitation for donations: 

In a move that reeks of a smoke filled back room D.C. deal, Republican primary front-runner Ken Buck announced that he has dropped out of the race and Congressman Cory Gardner will take his spot in the race. In return for the favor, Ken Buck is going to run for Gardner’s Congressional seat. The  deal also included a trade of endorsements of each other.

It is evident that the D.C. Republican establishment is worried about the insurgent campaign of conservative Owen Hill and think that their hand-picked candidate will have better luck in defeating the Tea Party.  Congressman Gardner has quickly become popular with the Washington, D.C. Republican establishment crowd and even joined the ranks of the Republican leadership last year.

The primary is June 24. The race is rated Democrat Favored by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • bpai99

    “Nothing is more certain in politics than the crushing defeat of a faction that holds ideological purity to be of greater value than compromise.” – William Safire in the wake of the 1972 Democratic fiasco

  • Bo Tye

    With life becoming more and more specialized, avoiding stress and discontent depends more and more upon identifying and engaging in the types of efforts most suited to our skills and personalities.

  • michael renn

    Nothing is better in politics than ideological purity. Everyone else is squishy, mushy like our President. Compromise is surrender.
    Michael Renn

  • bpai99

    Well said. Sieg Heil!

    “The greatness of every mighty organization embodying an idea in this world lies in the religious fanaticism and intolerance with which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it intolerantly imposes its will against all others.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  • michael renn

    go scratch.
    Michael Renn

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