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February 13, 2016

Thom Tillis Rebuts Democratic Attacks in New Ad

thom tillis

Hagan is tied to the president in a new GOP ad. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis is going up with a new ad Tuesday to combat Democratic ads attacking him for cuts to education.

The state House speaker faces Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in one of the most competitive races and likely the most expensive. The ad is the first of a $1.4 million coordinated buy with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Democrats have reserved $9.1 million in air time through the election. The party’s first two ads focused on cuts to education made by the legislature under Tillis’ leadership.

Tillis rebuts those claims in the new ad, in which he illustrates on a classroom whiteboard how often Hagan votes with President Barack Obama.

“A 7 percent pay raise,” Tillis says. “That’s what we passed this year for North Carolina teachers. That’s simple math, but math is lost on Sen. Hagan. She’s misleading you about me to hide her own partisan record.”

The race is rated Tilts Democrat by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • Raphael Semmes

    This situation illustrates the gross political malpractice of the NRSC, Karl Rove, the US Chamber of Commerce and others in the establishment who imposed Tillis on us as a nominee. Given the well organized liberal smear campaign against the GOP legislature called ”Blueprint” it was malpractice to run ANY legislator for the US Senate as GOP nominee. A non-legislator like Lt, Governor Dan Forest or former Ambassador Jim Cain would not have to deal with the Blueprint fallout, and would be able to focus on Hagan’s many weaknesses. Karl Rove and the NRSC really screwed NC Republicans by pushing TIllis upon us. No wonder Rove has lost 10 of the 12 US Senate races he has been involved in. If they had not figured it out earlier, they should have wised up when polling during the primary kept showing Tillis as one of the weakest general election candidates in the GOP primary field in Fall matchups with Hagan.

  • PN

    While Tillis eventually raised teacher salaries in desperation (after freezing them for 3 years) he cannot deny that North Carolina school districts have been forced to significant cuts as a result of decreased state funding.
    Everything would be a bit more apparent if the state would just give all school districts a given per student allocation for educational purposes. I suspect they make the budget complicated on purpose in order to get away with punchlines like “Our teachers got a 7% salary increase” without people understanding that it is mainly payed for by cuts to other public school funding.

  • don76550

    Hagan also consistantly votes against your right to own a gun to include voting for a failed bill that would give the UN the authority to decide if law abiding Americans could own guns. Vote her out

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