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February 9, 2016

Tillis Drops First Ad of Midterm Cycle in North Carolina Senate Contest

State Speaker Thom Tillis, one of a handful of Republicans looking to take on Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in the midterm elections, released his first ad of the cycle, Tillis’ campaign announced Thursday.

“Obamacare is a disaster, but the president won’t admit it. The debt is out of control, and neither party has stopped it,” Tillis says in the 30-second spot. “Kay Hagan has enabled the president’s worst ideas. She refuses to clean up his mess. So you and I have to clean up hers.”

The spot will begin airing next week and is being backed by a $300,000 initial buy, Tillis spokesman Jordan Shaw said.

North Carolina’s Senate contest is one of the most competitive Senate races of 2014.

It currently holds the title of the most expensive Senate race of the midterms, with outside spending topping the $2 million mark halfway through the cycle.

The race is rated Tilts Democrat by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • southerndemnut

    Tillis not only has to run against an incumbent in what is essentially a purple state, he has to run against his own Governor and Legislature which are both quite unpopular.

  • Raphael Semmes

    Tillis is probably the one primary candidate who cannot unify the GOP. He has had his own private ”war on conservatives” in the legislature. Tillis is despised by many conservatives who absolutely would never vote for him in either the primary or general election.. We need to nominate one of the other four primary candidates if we are to have a chance of beating Hagan. In the polling, the only one actually running ahead of Hagan is Tea Party favorite Dr. Greg Brannon. Tillis is a hypocrite on Obamacare, because as Speaker he waffled on legislation to prohibit NC from setting up an Obamacare exchange and from expanding Medicaid. Only when the Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation against the exchanges and Medicaid expansion did Tillis finally get on board. Tilis also likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth on major issues, like telling Big Ag that he is for a ”pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens but tells a conservative blog that he is ”against amnesty”. Doesn’t he get it that voters understand that those two terms mean precisely the same thing, and he is thus on both sides of the same issue, depending on the audience?

  • johnblack45john

    There is not a dime’s worth of difference between him and Greg Brannon. Both of them are bad for North Carolina.

  • ellsie00

    “Kay Hagan has enabled the President’s worse ideas.” ??? So with the help of Tillis, “we” have to clean up hers? What a dumb ad!

  • Chredon

    In the states that set up their own exchanges, Obamacare is doing just fine. Too bad you voted against having North Caroline set up its own exchange. A lot of the value of Obamacare was in expanded Medicaid coverage. Too bad you voted against allowing that in North Carolina, too. That expansion would have helped a lot of the people who are no longer getting unemployment payments because of how you voted to cut benefits, thus causing NC to be the only state in the Union that reduced the amount of Federal unemployment its people receive. You also voted to limit women’s choices, reduce school funding, prevent minority voting, and allow off-shore oil exploration. But on the positive side, you did give wealthy people a tax break, and that’s all Art Pope demanded of you anyway, so, you’re good.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Calling a powerful political figure like Tillis a hypocrite is like calling an elephant wrinkly. It is just in the nature of things.

    The sort of uncompromising attitudes that lead to pure moral consierations like those of the TEA Party are precisely what is driving the US into the ditch. If Tillis is at all accomplished as a legislator, he will inevitably have offended the narrowly self-interested moral positions held by the TEA Party. One cannot serve two masters, one looks after the good of the State or one looks after the factional interests of the TEA Party.

    At this stage in the electoral that TEA Party candidates would show strength. This is a matter of the failure of the press to explain that polling nearly a year out from an election expands the segment of respondents who are dissatisfied with the status quo.

    At this point in the electoral cycle, the people who are more satisfied with the status quo are busy with their personal affairs.

    Those, like the TEA Party, who have strong views to air will respond to polling and will respond vehemently.

    Tillis’ ads at this time are aimed at the GOP base, and this gives Dems a chance to define him as a right wing extremist.

    It will be hard for the GOP to overcome this huge handicap as long as the NC GOP remains in the thrall of actual right wing extremists as is currently the case.

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