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February 11, 2016

Tim Scott, More Republicans Come to Mark Sanford’s Aid #SC01

Scott was appointed to the Senate. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Only nine days ago, former Gov. Mark Sanford invoked the Alamo in a full-page advertisement in his local paper, pleading for reinforcements to his embattled special election campaign. The appeal might have worked.

The latest Republican to offer support is the man whose appointment to the Senate created the seat’s special election:  Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. He’s one of several Republicans and conservatives who offered either verbal or financial support to Sanford in the last week

“Mark Sanford is hands down better on all of [fiscal] issues, and that’s why I believe he merits support,” Scott told the Charleston Post and Courier on Wednesday.

Other Sanford backers include:

  • Gov. Nikki R. Haley is scheduled to appear at a a fundraiser for Sanford on Wednesday evening, via The State newspaper.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham endorsed Sanford over Twitter on Wednesday morning.
  • FreedomWorks PAC endorsed Sanford on Tuesday.
  • Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.,  endorsed Sanford on Tuesday
  • Former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, backed Sanford on Thursday.
  • National Right to Life PAC invested almost $6,000 in mail for Sanford last week.

The recent influx of support is notable because just a few weeks ago, many national Republicans shunned his candidacy.

The National Republican Congressional Committe spurned him after his former wife accused him of trespassing on her property. Other influential GOP third-party groups followed suit, as well several high-ranking Republicans on Capitol Hill. Notably, Republicans in South Carolina’s congressional delegation lacked enthusiasm for Sanford, according to their interviews with the Washington Post.

The change of heart means Democrats are looking for any sign the NRCC might renege on its decision to pull the plug on Sanford. Democratic aides point to the Missouri Senate race in 2012, when the National Republican Senatorial Committee publicly abandoned former Rep. Todd Akin for making controversial statements about rape. Then, later in the cycle, the NRSC funneled $760,000 into the race via the state party.

But NRCC aides say they are sticking with their decision to stay out of the race.

Sanford faces Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch on May 7 in this solidly Republican district. But thanks to Sanford’s personal troubles and a large Democratic investment, this race is competitive.

  • drthomasedavis

    Does character no longer count? Mark Sanford is a major loser in the Character game. He is a philanderer, an unfaithful husband, a liar, technically a perjurer and all round no good SOB. I sure as hell would not want him as my representative . Of course the jerk I have , Rush Holt, (D-NJ12) is just as characterless as Sanford.

  • giatny

    It’s about time! Marital infidelity or a dispute with an ex is
    not a death penalty offense. The man admitted mistakes
    in his marriage but to throw away a seat to a Pelosi want-a-be
    is totally insane. The Repubs can change their mind in the
    2014 election. Remember the reelection of Jesse Jr. and Charlie Rangel when the Dems arrogantly criticize Sanford.

  • DogbiteWilliams

    More Republicans show their hypocritical contempt for family values when a Repulican is the transgressor.

  • James Varney

    Mark Sanford is a traitor to the cause of conservatism just like Todd (“legitimate rape”) Akin. Both are egotistical narcissists who put personal ambition before the cause of freedom & liberty.

  • Len Silva

    You forgot to mention that Larry Flynt, publisher of hustler Magazine is also a big supporter of Sanford. That should do it.

  • BushCheney2012

    This was all Jenny’s Sanford’s fault, she let herself “go” and forced Mark to outsource their martial relations to Argentina. Now Jenny is one of the “takers” that Mitt warned us about with her excessive alimony and so called “child support” demands! Typical lazy and unmotivated US worker that Mark so often talks about! Besides, Gov Nikki Haley supports Mark Sanford – Adulterers are US! or is it “Birds of a feather?”

    Mark only used our Tax Dollars because he could get some hot Argentina poontang, and any red blooded family values guy can understand that, I understand why his hysterical and emotional opponent does not.

    Further, his son put Mark in a bad situation (and should apologize to SC Voters) by wanting to leave the Superbowl party. What was Mark to do – the only place this new technology called “Television” is available is in downtown Charleston and Jenny’s house.

  • Gibbsdithers

    One of the most troubling aspects of Sanford is that he ‘cries’ on television. For being caught cheating on his wife. He opened the flood gates and tried to pull a ‘Democrat Apology’ for a breech of trust. Except that sort of thing only works for lying, pilfering, immoral Dem’s and will never work for a Republican. You can have cop killing and domestic terrorism on your resume and as long as you are a progressive Democrat, you can land on your feet and insinuate yourself into academia to infect our children with anti-American propaganda. You can even count yourself among one of the inner-circle of a sitting President (though he won’t act like he knows you). Boehner seems to have ‘dried up’, so perhaps Sanford might want to consult with him on just how he achieved that because anything beyond Obama’s ‘misty’ waterworks is really grotesque. Obama chooses to simply flick away the welling tear when he’s cashing in on emotional issues such as his gun grab farce or his immigration baloney. But reading this blog and all the attacks Democrats are making when the biggest, scariest, most hair raising frauds in the history of the UNIVERSE are scurrying around our White House like roaches is enough to make a person ‘LOL!’

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