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February 10, 2016

Virginia’s Moran Announces Retirement From Congress (Updated) (Video)

Moran will leave Congress after 2014. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Senior appropriator and progressive stalwart James P. Moran will step down at the end of this year, making him the third House Democrat in just three days to announce his retirement.

The 12-term Virginia lawmaker announced his decision in a Wednesday morning statement obtained early by CQ Roll Call.

“After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives, it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge,” Moran said.

Moran represents a strong Democratic district that encompasses the inner suburbs of Washington, D.C., including Alexandria and Arlington. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will likely not have trouble holding the seat in 2014. (To see which other House members are leaving Congress, check out Roll Call’s Casualty List.)

But with Moran’s departure, the House does lose a member with deep ties to the institution. In his 23 years in office, he served all but two terms on the Appropriations Committee, and he’ll leave in December as the ranking Democrat on the Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee.

“My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,” Moran said in his statement Wednesday.

The timing of Moran’s retirement announcement is significant in that respect: It comes just hours before the House is set to vote on a historic omnibus spending bill that could restore Congress’ power over the federal purse strings.

Moran could be gaming to leave Congress on a high note.

“I’ve seen the appropriations process at its height, and more recently its nadir,” Moran said. “When the appropriations process is working, the government functions on behalf of the people, the economy is stronger, and the country overall becomes more inclusive, egalitarian and productive.”

The omnibus on the floor on Wednesday, Moran continued, “represents a budgetary cease fire, and I hope a historic turning point in getting this necessary funding process back on track.”

Over the years Moran has served on Capitol Hill, his professional accomplishments were sometimes overshadowed by personal scandals. Brash and occasionally outspoken to a fault, he has shoved members leaving the House floor, suggested that the Jewish community pushed for the U.S. invasion in Iraq in 2003 and possibly squandered a small fortune in the stock market. In 2012, his son resigned as field director for his father’s re-election campaign after he was caught on camera advocating voter fraud.

But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power structure, trusted by leadership to take reliable, liberal, party-line votes.

“I prepare to leave Congress feeling very fortunate,” said Moran, “grateful for what we’ve accomplished, and optimistic for the future of Northern Virginia, the Washington Metropolitan Region, and our nation.”

Read Moran’s full statement below:

Washington D.C. — Representative Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Interior Subcommittee and senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, announced today that he will not seek re-election.

“After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives, it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge. It’s been an honor to represent Northern Virginia. I couldn’t be more fortunate to have spent my career working with such wonderful people trying to make this one of the best places in the world to live, work and raise a family.

“My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been as an appropriator. I first served as staff to the Senate Appropriations Committee under Chairman Warren Magnuson in my 20s. I’ve seen the appropriations process at its height, and more recently its nadir. When the appropriations process is working, the government functions on behalf of the people, the economy is stronger, and the country overall becomes more inclusive, egalitarian and productive.

“With the Murray-Ryan agreement, and the work Chairman Rogers and Ranking Member Lowey, and their outstanding Appropriations’ staff exerted to reach the omnibus budget deal we will vote on this week, we’ve achieved a bipartisan agreement that deserves support. It represents a budgetary cease-fire and I hope a historic turning point in getting this necessary funding process back on track.

“To my family, friends, staff and supporters, thank you for all you have meant me over the past four decades in political office. What has kept me motivated all these years is serving you and our community. I prepare to leave Congress feeling very fortunate, grateful for what we’ve accomplished, and optimistic for the future of Northern Virginia, the Washington Metropolitan Region, and our nation.”

  • I_Go_Pogo

    First good deed he’s ever done as a public grifter- I mean, Congressman.

  • BillBissenas

    It’s about time. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Dem scum.

  • Icob

    Another complete whack job hits the bricks…. now if only the government teat suckers and tree hugger greens in his district stay home we can get another conservative in there.

  • Mina Moffo

    The behind the scenes polls are showing that Democrats are going to lose alot of seats in 2014.

  • I_Go_Pogo

    In a just world- certainly.

  • RightinTexas

    Yes. Time to retire Gaffer Moran. No point in dying in office. It’s time for voters to turn the “composte pile” of public servants.

  • RightinTexas

    Even in an un-just world. Excrement finally hits fan.


    Good. We have enough sleazy vote buyers(with OUR money). We need to send his collegues out in 2014.

  • FrancisChalk

    Another dishonest democrat leaves. Can there be any doubt that additional crooked allegations will surface shortly concerning Moran?

  • Largebill

    So Congress is potentially getting slightly less corrupt and disgusting. I suppose that is good news, but I’ll hold off celebrating since a district that would elect that reprobate isn’t likely to name a decent successor. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • acyl72

    Don’t worry. He has his “seperate but equal” healthcare, pension, exemption from laws and regulations and millions of dollars in some offshore bank acccount. He’ll live out his retirement like the ruling elite he is while while the private sector serfs take care of his properties and toys.

  • jb

    Did his son get jailed for conspiring to commit voter fraud in 2012?
    Dishonesty runs in Moron’s family.

  • steve_from_virginia

    Moran = a reliable stooge of defense contractors. Look for his replacement to be more of the same.

  • vernwalters

    To repeal certain provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and revive the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, in the manner provided in the Banking Act of 1933, the so-called “Glass-Steagall Act”, and for other purposes. HR 129 to end bailouts is co-sponsored by Moran. That shows enough good sense and backbone to deserve to be honored.

  • ojfl

    Twelve terms. My goodness. It was about time. Too many professional politicians in DC.

  • The_Black_Jesus

    He will be readily replaced by another Democratic hog at the federal trough, eagerly grunting and squealing for more dollars for his colony of government-supported constituents.

  • vernwalters

    Term limits don’t apply to transnational corporations anymore so why should they apply to the peoples’ representatives?

  • Bandit Keena

    Good – hopefully this POS will take his sub-human son with him

  • The_Black_Jesus

    On your planet, are CEO’s elected?

  • ojfl

    Would you care to elaborate Vern?

  • inspectorudy

    Maybe his next “Term” will be in the federal prison system!

  • Robert Jesionowski

    You need to learn the difference here. The correct anaogy for disbanding an evil transnational would be disbanding the criminal organization known as the Democrat party. Come to think of it, the Republicans fall into that category too.

  • Robert Jesionowski

    Don’t interrupt, He’s on a roll. Next thing we’re gonna hear about is when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor.

  • Robert Jesionowski

    Wait to see what the replacement looks like. Might make Pelosi look sane, and Moran look honest. Face it, you live in a country that elected Obumbles twice.

  • jr

    “The 12-term Virginia lawmaker …”

    Please, please, please, please everyone YELL FOR TERM LIMITS!!!

  • radioone

    And, “somehow” they manage to become quite wealthy.

  • iconoclast

    Hope this progressive and anti-semitic pos has a miserable retirement and suffers from some wasting disease.

  • Steve_in_SoCal

    About time. Perhaps he can get back to that fatherhood thingy and beat the snot out of his kid for hitting his wife.
    Or maybe not.

  • chunkstyler

    Proof that you can be an awful miserable human being, but as long as you steal from the tax payers, greedy dems who live off the govn’t in VA will vote for you. North VA and DC is full of horrible greedy human beings who claim they are for the little people.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Nice soliloquy Jim but you could have said this in one sentence. Even though I would win my next election I’m retiring because I don’t have the fight or energy to deal with the results of the post November 2014 midterm where I’ll have Pugs to right of me, Pugs to the left of me and here I am, again, caught in the middle with you..

  • Smitros

    Doesn’t that (allegedly) beat all . . .

  • David Funk

    I believe that it is pretty common pratice for the board to vote on the CEO.

  • Escher’s House

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Escher’s House

    There was nothing “professional” about this bum.

  • JoeKlip

    Good riddance. America doesn’t need another crook in government.

  • bittman

    Another Progressive Democrat who voted to cram Obamacare down the throats of all Americans is gone; but so many more left to vote out of office in 2014.

  • Sencho

    Every time I’ve read about him I’ve had the urge to contact the editor about his name being spelled incorrectly. Then I always remember that that second letter is supposed to be an A even though he acts as if it’s an O.

    Barnum and Bailey will be hiring him in no time.

  • Sue Bell

    Jim Moran has been an amazing champion for animals and will be missed. He has helped fight against cruel gas chambers, puppy mills, dog fighting, etc. Politics aside, a man in his position who makes animals a priority is a champion.

  • The_Black_Jesus

    By stockholders, dopey – people who have invested their money in the company. And the more money you invest, the more your vote counts.

    Just to be clear, this is nothing at all like people voting for politicians who promise them the most of other peoples’ money.

  • ojfl

    Funny Escher’s.

  • John (magnum)

    Now if the majority of those in the dem/socialist/communist/terrorist party would just leave the country !!

  • Edward Boothe

    I think there are a lot of DemocRATS in the Congress who wish they had never herard the name Barrack Hussein Obongo.

  • VetMike

    Many of them see the writing on the wall. ObamaCare has been such a disaster and many of them have their name attached and they realize they are in some serious s**t. Keep hammering on that TEA Party. Go to any town hall meetings and ask hard questions. Support candidates that speak against it but demand that they have an alternate plan. Tell your RINOs that their days are numbered also. Don’t expect to win every fight or even a majority of them. But if we win enough we can maybe start the turn around. If not there will be civil disobedience like the country hasn’t seen before.

  • originalFRED

    After 35 years of…. he is left with zero integrity.

  • Edward Boothe

    Blacks Law Dictionary defines Fraud as consisting of some deceitful practice
    or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his rights.

    Could someone please explain to me why lying to the American people 24 times
    to deceive them, does not add up to 24 counts of fraud, and how 24 counts
    of fraud could possibly not add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors and
    Impeachable offenses.

    In addition, numerous Constitutional violations can be added for bypassing
    Congress, and usurping total control of our country illegally.

    Please folks; think long and hard before you vote Democrat in the 2014
    elections. We have an individual in the White House who has, by his own
    admission, completely cut out the Legislative and Judicial branches of the
    government, in violation of the US Constitution, and usurped total authority of
    the United States government, and has for all practical purposes set himself up
    as a dictator.

    If we win the Senate and House of Representatives in 2014, we will have the
    votes, and the grounds to remove him from office before the totally destroys our

  • bkreeder

    Enough damage done…..time to move on

  • Bytor

    Any time an incumbent from either party leaves, it is a good thing…

  • cubeless

    “things work the best when i’m the one deciding how to spend other people’s money”… bye…

  • Clover11111

    What’s better? Quitting now or losing an election later?

  • originalFRED

    i’d love to see him impeached but even if Obama is not removed from office a year long impeachment trial will halt almost all legislation and save us from more government overreach.

  • Nfld

    This would be funny…….if you could count.

  • Dugway

    Good job Nancy. Good job, barry. Harry, you are doing your part too.

    Keep up the exodus!

  • originalFRED

    1 2 3 BWAAAhhaahha Mor 0n!

  • Dugway

    Won’t matter, they’ll still vote. Heck, they’ll still be voting in 50 years!

  • itchy

    Appropriator? You mean thief?

  • SeanR64

    Animals? What was his position on late term abortion? You know. That was the procedure where babies were partially pulled out of the womb, had a suction hose attached to the base of their skull and it’s brains were sucked out. Moran voted NO on ending partial birth abortions. You idiot leftist. Animals? You have got to be kidding me!

  • The redhawk

    So ris Chickening out after being a BULLY at Town Hall meetings..Gee what a disappointment not to see this JACK A*s braying Guts no Glory for MO R ONS!

  • Dugway

    Blacks’ Law Dictionary?

    How come Chris Matthews hasn’t labeled that “racist”? Is he even still working for MSNBC?

    Chrissie Matthews, where arrrrrreee yooooouuuu?

  • Corpseman57

    James P. Moran voted FOR obamacare. No one will remember anything else he did.

  • roosterCrow4

    I wonder if these three were told to step down if they didn’t want the NSA dirt collected on them to come out?

  • The redhawk

    The RATS are Running to COVER…This DOUCHE B ag is as useless and a Bag with Holes in it

  • Corpseman57

    He voted against the dog, cat, and horse abortion bill. He showed videos of animal abortions which horrified PETA.

  • politicianssuck

    all these democrats quitting because they support Obamacare shows 3 things…1. they are cowards…. 2. they are liars… 3. they are only in it for the money…..

  • Bob-O

    I honestly hope those polls are true, however I just don’t see it happening.

  • violetvirginia

    Is he avoiding another scandal? Can’t believe he leaving the butter tub he has been wallowing in for so long in Northern Virginia. Hope he is heading home to Massachusetts and out of here for good.

  • cscape

    Now you can take your law degree and defend various enemies of the state

  • rickroland

    The word “retirement” should never, ever, be associated with any Representative, Senator nor staffer (or any other personnel) in the Legislative Branch. They should be limited to a total of three terms for a Representative, two terms for a Senator then THAT’S IT! No pension, no “retirement” funds nor benefits, nothing but maybe a nice certificate saying “Thank you for serving your country.”

  • rickroland

    Even from the grave.

  • chronovisor

    i think he should change the spelling of his name BACK to the original spelling…james p morOn…(i am assuming the “P” stands for peabrain???)

  • Ed

    Yes, it’s better to retire than to get voted out.

  • chronovisor

    yeah about 11 terms TOO Long

  • rickroland

    “Professional”, maybe in how the term is used to describe one of the oldest professions.

  • mark830

    It’s called getting ought while you are on top. Like boxers, they know if they went into the ring again they would loose.

  • ronchris

    Drunk, corrupt and racist is no way to go through life, son.
    But it helps if you’re a fatcat democrat congressman representing loads of rich lobbyists, SES, and GS/GM-16s.

  • Shep Schultz

    Good that Moran is leaving under his own steam. Now if we can just talk Virginia voters into recalling the RINO Goodlatte…

  • rickroland

    Well, the progressive arm of the Republican Party, yes.

  • rickroland

    Great Animal House reference!

  • Edward Boothe

    Very true original. If the GOP regains the House and Senate in Nov, they might just go for it. Especially If he kept bypassing them.

  • Shep Schultz

    Reminds me of a firm were I worked. The observant employees left before the total collapse.

  • Bojangles

    Yea, we’ve done enough damage, better move on before we’re blamed for it.

  • mark830

    I wonder how many millions he accrued while congressman.

  • alleycat22

    How sad a progressive calling it quits. probably run for president… Hillary is not lunie left enough for these freaks!!

  • zagnut64

    What a G-dam hero, sucking off those of us who provide for his family and lifestyle. With any luck he will be by a bus on his way out.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    35 years as a public servant? Now, if he said, a 35 year servant to the lobbyists, democrat party and himself, I might believe him.

  • seabass3

    Watch they will all become Lobbyists now where they can really get some ca$h out of the tax payers.

  • zagnut64

    Because they represent those corporations and not the public, but you knew that already.

  • rickroland

    Some Dems are waking up, which is why some of them are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.

  • Cahoots

    Notice how progressives are “stalwart” while conservatives are described typically as “outspoken” or “brash”

  • Arnold

    Now, start the indictments. These people need to be held accountable for the shredding of the constitution.

    Take away the pension, he got that on the back door deals.

  • SamHamilton

    Progressive stalwart? The guy was a reliable vote for big business. Not saying all those votes were the wrong ones to make, but he voted opposite progressives many times when it came to big business issues.




  • violetvirginia

    Sue , You have been snookered Wake up!!

  • NWObama

    The rats are leaving the ship. It doesn’t matter. We’re coming for ya anyway….

  • SamHamilton

    This article described Moran as brash and outspoken to a fault.

  • rickroland

    I think we should use Charles Manson as the yardstick to measure Pelosi’s sanity. And, in my view, Charles Manson (as insane as he is and has been) is higher on the sanity scale than Nancy (former Shrieker of the House) Pelosi.

  • rickroland

    Yes. 😉

  • demodoormatt

    moran. Just go away and die.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Like rats on a sinking ship.

  • MinistryofFear

    He did get one thing right. The one about the Jewish community pushing for war with Iraq. You can throw in Israel in that.

  • Destructive Politics

    take away their pensions!

  • EllieEnlightened

    First these libs ruin our healthcare then run. Cowards. They don’t have to worry though do they.

  • EllieEnlightened

    4 Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was wrong. She said they would embrace it.

  • BX

    ROT in the private sector.

  • Don Anastas

    Omnibus bill restoring Congress’ power over the purse?? The Constitution stipulates as much. DUH!

    Congress – both parties – have prepared the Omnibus bill full of $1
    trillion in goodies. Obama will sign this with his magic pen further upending
    the economy.

    The political class only worries about its next election,
    not America. In fact, the latest crap-sandwich-buffet is finished –

  • Troy

    These people need to be forced into the euthanasia machine.

  • NWObama

    Or need to be assessed by an ObamaCare death panel.

  • CallMeIshmael

    Oh no! Don’t go! We were so looking forward to defeating you in November.

  • Jessica 981

    They’re retiring because they don’t want to defend this garbage law and this corrupt administration.

  • Hawgz Wylde

    Actually she is, the Fabians are pulling a bait and switch like they did when Blue Dress Billy ran for a second term. He was on his way to getting schlockered according to the polls and “moderated” and won the election. Hildabeast is an Alinskyite leftist to the core…

  • William

    I think all these retiring pols should be well taken care of…in prison.

  • Goldwaterite

    If there were a real Justice Dept., this reprobate Rep. would be “retiring” to the federal pen.

  • CallMeIshmael

    Oh no! Don’t go! We were so longing forward to defeating you in November.

  • Escher’s House


  • John Brown

    Moran along with nine House GOP members that have announced plans to retire so far.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    MOVE TO CHINA YOU COMMUNIST JOB KILLING SWINE !!! Or, better yet, cut your throat from ear to ear you parasite vote buying Fascist !!!!

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    Wouldn’t that actually be 7,440,000,000 counts of fraud (24 X 310 million)?

  • Carl macon


  • ande850222

    Congrats on your lack of education. Enjoy the trailer or trailers that you live in.

  • John Brown

    Moran seat goes back to the Democrats.

  • lee

    Under the Obamacare train with him!

  • kentex1146

    These dirtbags have the audacity to refer to themselves as ‘public servants’.

  • Goldwaterite

    …because, in that district, “you can’t fix stupid.”

  • Country_Dog

    The scum wrecked our country while in office. Now out of office the scum will receive for life a lavish pension and a shield from obummercare. What is wrong with this picture? I want to be a representative!

  • ForestWilson

    Rats jumping off sinking, stinking ship…

  • elizabethrc

    I hope the member he shoved shoved back. Bullies continue until someone bullies them in return.
    Moran is a loud mouth attack dog who obviously has the ethics of an ally cat. His prime example would be his son, who followed the morals set by his father.

  • Edward Boothe

    Actually it was written by Henry Campbell Black, a white man.

  • Jessica 981

    Democrats are running away from Obama ONLY because this is an election year. They all have their own self interests at heart and they know that standing with Obama in many parts of the country these days is a political death sentence.

  • Quit_Lying

    they realize Reps WILL be taking over ..
    and they got their lobbyist jobs lined up

  • Stephen Gross

    At this rate perhaps a veto proof House.

  • ForestWilson

    He is going to serve on some Crony Capitalist Cabal created by some BS legislation…HE NEEDS AN AUDIT!

  • WrenchMan

    GOOD! You scumbag Democrats that just parroted the talking points having never read or even cared about the consequences of this disaster…. I hope every DemonRat swings because of this.

  • theotherken

    The start of a good trend, retiring Democrats.

  • Sam

    Moran is one of the biggest dirtbags in congress. It’s hard to imagine a replacement being any worse even if it’s a Democrat as is likely in that district.

  • Dave Speller

    “After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives…” – That’s the problem in a nutshell. Slopping at the public trough too long. Our founding fathers never intended the seats of congress to become a lifelong career – we need term limits or we’re finished.

  • jamesben

    This HUMAN DEBRIS is possibly THE worst, most ugly partisan Democrat in that filthy, corrupt party – and that’s saying something. GOOD RIDDANCE.

    RUN DEMOCRATS – RUN. I loathe Democrats – all of them.

  • Edward Boothe

    Blacks Law Dictionary defines Fraud as consisting of some deceitful practice
    or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his rights.

    Could someone please explain to me why lying to the American people 24 times to deceive them, does not add up to 24 counts of fraud, and how 24 counts of fraud could possibly not add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Impeachable offenses.

    In addition, numerous Constitutional violations can be added for bypassing
    Congress, and usurping total control of our country illegally.

    Please folks; think long and hard before you vote Democrat in the 2014
    elections. We have an individual in the White House who has, by his own
    admission, completely cut out the Legislative and Judicial branches of the
    government, in violation of the US Constitution, and usurped total authority of
    the United States government, and has for all practical purposes set himself up
    as a dictator.

    If we win the Senate and House of Representatives in 2014, we will have the
    votes, and the grounds to remove him from office before he totally destroys our country.

  • docscience

    Don’t worry folks, the Democrats will find someone just as corrupt to replace him. And the drones in occupied Northern VA will vote them in.

  • jamesben

    If this sorry, slimy gdamn m.effer ever shoved me – anywhere – including the House floor – he’d be sipping dinner through a STRAW until his shatter jaw healed.

  • Latino


  • jamesben

    True, and (or but) the G.O.P. MAJORITY (if it had any b alls) should o what it can, procedurally – as the majority – to bury his replacement in Congressional SIBERIA – a bad, small office, whatever possible to make life hell for these Dem freshmen.

  • calimani

    good riddance, thieving leftist trash

  • Raymond59

    Let me guess! James P. Moran and the other two (2) Democrats are going to use the traditional, standard excuse for retirement: “I want to spend more time with my Family.”

  • Old Hickory

    They’ve crippled America and now they’re trying to sneak away before the people they deceived notice the damage. It’s political Hit and Run.

  • dennis pitner

    Moran should be grateful that he hasn’t served a term in prison,this crook has seen the writing on the wall and he wants to get out just like Frank and the rest of these democratic thieves.Good riddance.

  • ImBackBishes

    He thinks he can avoid the round up of Demshevik traitors. You can run, but you can’t hide, dipschit.

  • Redtorino007

    Maybe they don’t want to be embarrassed this Nov

  • Edward Boothe

    The problem in Virginia is the racial makeup of the population.

  • Mike W

    Looks like he milked it for all it’s worth, realises that he along with the rest of the liberal democrat soclialist group of stooges has put this country onthe road to demise and he is running for the door with his loot before his policies slam the door shut.

  • Jake Pannel

    As Obama’s Pastor would say….. the chickens have come home to roost.

  • Shep Schultz

    In the Clinton impeachment there were 45 “yes” votes on the perjury charge, and 50 “yes” votes for the obstruction of justice charge. I think you might not remember what happened correctly or I may be misreading you.

  • mctalks

    Moran leaving is the best political news in a long time….and not just for VA….good riddance to that slimy left wing, anti-American turd.

  • GitRDunn

    When the going gets tough the ‘Taxocrats’ run…

  • jaz

    Don’t get too excited, people: “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will likely not have trouble holding the seat in 2014.”

  • sam860

    Look at the pack of liars running like little piggies… just ALWAYS remember that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR THE ABORTION KNOWN AS OBAMACARE! The LIARS that remain will continue to lie to survive and many IDIOTS will vote for them once again!

  • Shep Schultz

    What do you call 3 Democrats deciding not to run for re-election? A good start!

  • Ward Howard

    The more the merrier.

  • duck

    Good riddance to the rotten rats. Let’s see how well all that payoff protects their family a generation from now.

  • yakiddin

    Time to Flush the toilet.
    Time to Drain the swamp.
    Time to get rid of the SHlT.

  • reagan2012

    “My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,”
    Appropriator is to ———— as Companionator is to pimp.

  • FrankHerbert

    good riddance. one down, 430 to go, not counting the senate

  • ronfromflorida

    At least the War on the Middle Class is going well.
    Help Tea Party fix this country now.

  • Frizz

    Doncha just love these people “head hung low” attitude about their years of “public service” as if they’ve sacrificially given their lives for the “public”? I’m thinking “cushy” “gubment” job perks, pensions, and (did I say perks already?). “Those who can do, those who cannot teach and/or become liberal politicians!”

  • GM Off with their Heads

    I can’t believe they let this scum stay in for 12 terms?

  • Reydog

    we need more maybe all to retire on both ends of the floor. …we need new and young thinkers, that are going to take us forward. We have to limit terms for congress just like the president. These guys are staying in office too long, without accomplishing anything, because everyone has to be greased and payed. Get rid of all lobbiest and campain contributions. Keep big business out of politics. It should be what is best for the country, and the nation should decide as a whole, not the politicians.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    yeaaaa …………. America wins one …………….. as another democrat/bozobot runs and hides ……………… all to avoid accountability for HIS damage to America

  • reagan2012

    I guess that they didn’t like my prior comment

  • steve

    If the GOP would grow a pair and embrace a platform that includes term-limits, policies that encourage traditional, two-parent married households and TRULY less spending, they would win in a landslide.
    But the GOP never learns.

  • aTXn;D

    Does this mean he will now get to experience ocrapcare along with the rest of us?….sans the special congressional exemption from obama?….I hope so!

  • James Longdrycreek Ranch, TX

    Stop the retirement benefits and pensions. If he has not stolen enough during his 35 years in the House, he is a poor Democrat. I imagine he has a bank account has plenty of money.

  • Dnice

    yup , they think passing amnesty for a bunch of law breakers is the way to go…. They are dumber than I thought

  • Jack_Kennedy

    about time for pelousi to run and hide

  • Alvin Wesley

    Adios MOFOS!! All the worst to you scumbags.

  • Dodge

    Did he just say he’s proud of appropriating 17 trillion dollars of debt and greater than 100 trillion in unfunded debt on behalf of the American people. He’s a disgusting slug and if we go down, folks we’ll be looking for this loser as an enemy and traitor to the nation!

  • freeinpa

    Another one who has sucked at the public trough his entire life!

  • steve

    I lost my job three months after Obama’s coronation. I lose my prescription discount plan on February 29, 2014 and lose my health insurance on June 30, 2014.
    But yes, let’s make sure all the illegals are able to work here legally.
    Here’s a thought – the 1.3 million who are whining about losing their unemployment payments this month can take some of the jobs for which, apparently, corporate America cannot find workers.

  • You Didit

    23 years as a member of the House of Representatives, i agree Get the heck out, Proof there should be term limits .

  • FlPatriot98

    Looks to me like the rats are fleeing the sinking ship!!!!

  • bobclaville

    ALL of those retiring Democrats finally discovered HOW MUCH OBAMACARE will cost them, today, tomorrow, and even after they retire. OBAMA’S Singing “THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR”.

  • steve

    Sorry, the only thing I heard coming out of the Rev’s mouth was, “Whitey sucks!”

  • desselle0010

    We do not need to overthrow our government, we need to over throw these two sorry political parities.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    Any chance he will become a lobbyist?

  • AmericanKim

    No, the problem is all the transplants to Northern Virginia. I’ve lived here all my life and less than 30% of the people who live here now are actually from here. We’ve been steamrolled by the liberal scum from N.Y., N.J, Conn., and Mass…..they have destroyed a once beautiful and conservative place to live.

  • steve

    “Servants” don’t usually leave an employer with 6 figure pensions and millions in the bank.

  • devan95

    Except in Morons case, the govt. union thugs in northern VA will elect someone who is even more of a commie sympathizer/activist….

  • Layla

    One of the most corrupt politicians to ever hold office. Would like to have seen him removed in handcuffs. There is still time.

  • iconoclast

    Party members deserve their perks. That’s just the way the progressive/socialist/fascist looters roll.

  • devan95

    They fear this: Will Obamacare be repealed or won’t it? Will Congress fund it or won’t it? Will the web site be fixed or not? Blah, blah, blah. We the people just need to do what we need to do and Congress be damned. Resist. Refuse. Revolt. EXEMPT OURSELVES! We did not comply with Prohibition and we simply should not comply with Obamacare. For religious reasons. For privacy reasons. For the cause of liberty and freedom and in protest of the idea that the federal government (under one party rule, no less), can force private citizens to purchase anything with our own money. Are we citizens or subjects? Mice or (wo)men? Just say NO to socialism and to the corrupt, unionized, far left IRS: the gestapo of America’s political class. After all, the federal government ignores millions of illegals who are breaking U.S. immigration law every day. Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. All we have to do is just say no to a scheme we all know is un-American and a violation of our most basic founding fundamentals of privacy, self reliance, limited government and individual freedom.
    How To Opt Out Of Obamacare. Know your options and become savvy self-pay patients. Join a health care sharing ministry. These are voluntary, charitable membership organizations that agree to share medical bills among the membership. They function similar to insurance, and are probably the best alternative to conventional health insurance. There are four of them, at least that I know of. Three are open only to practicing Christians (Samaritan Ministries, Christian Healthcare Ministries, and Christian Care Ministry) while a fourth, Liberty HealthShare, is open to anyone who agrees with their ethical commitment to religious liberty. They operate entirely outside of Obamacare’s regulations, and typically offer benefits for about half the cost of similar health insurance. Members are also exempt from having to pay the tax for being uninsured. From the article by Sean Parnellhttp

  • iconoclast

    A great example of the professional parasite without a clue about how Americans–who must obey the law–work and live.


    “The next challenge…”

    Doesn’t have a hope against Hillary.

  • lessthantolerant

    Obviously they have stolen all they feel they can ad want to get out while the getting is good.
    Scum like these guys should be fined $10 million dollars for all the damage they have done to America and then sent to Cuba where they belong.
    Instead they will enter private practice with one of the dummy lobbyist companies set up to continue sucking the life blood from the American taxpayers.

  • Shep Schultz

    Aw. Shoot. I am not familiar with the district.

  • martialmedia

    Like rats off a sinking ship!

  • gram56

    No doubt a lucrative consulting. .job awaits them all….thanks to their “sponsors”

  • freedomfighterx

    bye bye commies, now go f’off

  • Waiting4

    “But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power
    structure, trusted by leadership to take reliable, liberal, party-line

    And this is the primary reason Congress doesn’t work well – an entrenched power structure that simply exists to perpetuate itself.

    “The merry-go-round is beginning to taunt me,
    Have I stayed too long at the fair?
    There’s nothing to win
    And there’s no one to want me
    Have I stayed too long at the fair?
    Too long at the fair!”

  • CptNerd

    His district is gerrymandered 5:1 Dem to Republican, at least it was the last time I voted here. My voting precinct is even more heavily Dem, and so my vote is basically “thrown away” regardless of who I vote for.

  • James Smith

    Leaving before their arrests, bye and don’t come back.

  • LLinLa

    Kinda like a dangerous disease, huh? Reminds me of Islam . . . nothing to speak of and then one day . . . metastasis! Ultimate result: We become Europe.

  • alex


  • gfstiel

    They will never find out how much damage they have caused. They have government paid health care for life.

  • jimt5367

    Rats jumping from a sinking ship.

  • Shep Schultz

    Dammit! I feel for you.

  • dnhook

    Looking at the Casualty List, it’s obvious that we have too many career politicians. It’s time to limit these folks to 2 terms – period.

  • gfstiel

    unfortunate his district is made up of blue collar government workers. Illiterate foreign Arabic speaking taxi drivers and Chinese immigrants. Not a chance they will vote for anything other than anther Democrat.

  • Libertarian Advocate

    Pretty much all of NoVA has been colonized by the Progs

  • terjeanderson

    So we can infer from, the fact that more House Republicans than Democrats have announced their retirement that the GOP faces “total collapse”?

  • HookLineandStinker

    This guy is a large part of the problem in D.C., career politicians. (other than being a lib Dem, that is.)

  • Layla

    His constituents, however, have lost homes, jobs and now their healthcare.

  • Me1976

    That’s a good little prog…..trying to make fun of people who may be less well off than you and using stereotypes.

  • Shep Schultz

    What a fine example of Democrat inferential thinking! Of course we’ll never actually examine any of the reasons for any of the retirements.

  • kgregt

    Same thing is happening in my state Kim. They move down here and tell us how inferior our state is to the state they just left.


    to quote Curly Bill “well….bye”

  • jerrylapple

    Medicine Show con man; Liar emeritus; dangerous traitor; proven incompetent;
    lousy chiseler………….HEY! that’s Obama too!

  • ojfl

    At least with the oldest profession one gets what one pays for Rick. Politicians, not so much.

  • NatureGoddess

    The ONLY smart Dems are the ones that are leaving. Guess they can see the writing on the wall.

  • Uncle Milo

    They can go the hard way, or the easy way. One way or the other they are GONE. 2014.

  • jrice2n

    They did the same in Vermont, what is wrong with them, destroying great places then moving on to destroy again.

  • Uncle Milo

    Impeachment !

  • icantcare

    So they vote for oblunder care to ruin the country then go hide in retirement and leave as millionaires after they lied cheated and stole from the public. I hope they eat sh-t

  • Soppy

    Go home and drop dead Moran. You’re a maggot.

  • evoval

    “The TIME for America to leave Afghanistan” Wars are won with all out defeat, total victory or total annihilation of the enemy. Not a time schedule Congressman. Its this leadership attitude why we have more enemies than ever, no respect and haven’t won a war in 60+ years.
    Goodbye and good riddance!

  • staff office

    How about you *hit bags leave the country? Jumping ship before mid terms, how noble.

  • NatureGoddess

    I find it ironic that the Dems got taken down by one of their own. They back Obama till the end.

  • Rosewould

    Add another to the Nuremberg list.

  • rural_americans

    Another villain with a fat Swiss bank account.

  • icantcare

    They are a virus spreading out of control CDC calls it Libtard syndrome symptoms are lack of common sense and low IQ. The cure Soylent Green

  • L!b@r+y

    In the corporate world this is known as quitting before you are fired. Looks better on the resume.

  • Jim Hise

    Goodbye to bad rubbish, and don’t come back.

  • Obama_Dogeater

    Fine job ruining the country, you a-holes.

  • MeMe

    The trolls are leaving the building. May they be replaced with real humans.

  • Joe Smith

    “My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,”
    Translated => “I love to spend other people’s money on anything I damn well please. Thank you, and God Bless The United States of America!”

  • Joni Olson

    he certainly won’t be missed in this camp !!!

  • MeMe

    What’s the matter are there pockets completely full of our hard earned tax dollars and now they need to go home and empty them?

  • Demlies

    A single tear runs down my cheek. One less liar in Washington.

  • Mike Alan

    yes yes, I want to spend more time with my family

  • Gunny G Alz

    Another Democrud SCUMBAG gone!

  • jqc1970

    Rats leaving the ship they helped to sink. LOL

  • prosecutor

    Give credit where a little credit is due. Jim Moran was a thug’s thug.

  • moretruth2power

    Leave it up to a left wing kook to create this bizarro world argument. In other news; A Democrat who’ s son was caught advocating voter fraud? Say it ain’t so! LOL!

  • DrColostomy


  • walterc

    Never underestimate the GOP’s ability to form a circular firing squad in the face of victory.

  • Jim Quinn

    Next chapter in his life,,,hmmm what could that be? Male prostitute, or a lobbyist, seems like one and the same..

  • CptNerd

    Well, he was grooming his son to take his seat, which may still happen.

  • David Funk

    Stockholders elect the board, the board elects the CEO.
    And yes, nothing like voting for politicians, because it is pretty easy to fire a CEO, and if the CEO lies to the board, once he is found out, he’s history pretty quickly. I dare say that any CEO (other than of a Mafia enterprise) with Moron’s record would be history.

  • tpaine1

    He has the right last name. There are few people dumber than this guy, but I’m sure he’s quite wealthy after his “public service.” Typical lying Democrat.

  • tpaine1

    Yeah, but the “opt out” is just good for as long as Obama says it is . . . until, of course, the courts get hold of His Majesty’s Imperial Ruling. Holder is running out the time line.

  • cccdude

    What you mean is in 35 years you’ve stolen enough money from the people that you can now retire in luxury at our expense. you’re welcome, do I at least get a Christmas card?

  • JeffR

    So long… Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • suckcnn

    Well stated…He is an idiot

  • Robert Mull

    They are dropping like flies, I guess that when Debbie Wasserman Schultz said they would be using obama nocare for their re-election she was lying just like obama was.


    The ILLEGAL Kenyan Occupier of 1600 is still there.

  • ande850222

    Wow 7000 some comments. You must be a HUGE loser or some retired disabled nobody who has nothing better to do all day than hate everyone else. Shut up.

  • josetoyou

    They see the writing on the wall…liberals are in trouble.

  • techwimp

    Moran, and these other Democrats, are only leaving because they know they will be voted out. This will give some new fresh-faced Democrat, how didn’t vote for all these bad policies (i.e., Obamacare, etc.), an opportunity to keep their party’s seat instead of it going to a Republican. Everyone wants to vote out the incumbents, especially these Democrats in the mid-term elections, so this is just a bait and switch so Republicans won’t gain a seat.

  • AmericanKim

    Better watch out or you’ll have a Saudi Arabian Embassy a mile down the road and a state approved “Islamic Studies” curriculum-based K-8 school at the top of your street….no joke, they have taken over our district and ALL since Obama became “president”….The “Embassy” is a “Cultural Mission” embassy with a directive to bring as many Saudi students as possible to the country, disperse them to our public schools, community colleges and universities to start “cultural” student groups focused on teaching acceptance of their culture to Americans…

  • onceproudamerican

    Gotta laugh! Remember how last Novemeber all the ‘experts’ wre saying the Republican Party is ‘dead’…? ‘Experts’ are the ones responsible for causing this mess we are now in! Experts + Americans who make the mistake of ‘trusting’ politicians… The Framers never thought we would be so foolish as to trust someone seeking power!!

  • MissSterious

    The next chapter of his life should be lived out at Leavenworth.

  • Blair McKee

    Isn’t it troubling, at least a little, that the article can blithely state that this seat will certainly stay a safe D because it is in the inner ring of suburbs of our nation’s capital? Isn’t it just a little bit disturbing that gummint workers overwhelmingly vote for one party? Do my liberal friends not see the inherent danger in that? I sure do.
    Of COURSE good riddance to a twelve-term incumbent, who is, no doubt, infinitely more wealthy than when he started in “public service”. And OF COURSE he’ll find something equally lucrative to do with his golden years. Term limits would be unnecessary if we just kept throwing these guys out after a few years.

  • Crozetian

    Wow, just about the same number of upvotes as comments. Nobody agrees with anything you say. Can I safely say you are a libtard loser? Maybe it’s you who needs to shut up. Or are you getting Obama money for your comments?

  • Spooky3

    Just another carrier of the lethal liberal virus infecting America. SOB should be going to jail for the tyranny and treason he has helped to perpetuate against the rest of us.

  • ArJay

    yep….. demagog comes to mind

  • Dwayne Keith

    The fact that government workers overwhelmingly vote Democrat should reinforce with voters that voting Democrat promotes bloated government and increased indebtedness. The only things Democrats do well is tax and spend.

  • Koibaby

    Wife beater drunk!

  • h2k

    Horrible representative. He taught his son to register voters fraudulently, too. What kind of country uses an electric bill as proof of citizenship?

  • canineok

    The heart of welfare America.

  • CQeY0bAz2NNe

    He has sold enough money, so he can retire knowing that he had a hand in destroying America as it was founded.

  • Piquerish

    Ah … one less … two less … three less libtardic “Morans.” It’s a start. Sic Semper Tyrannis indeed!


    …the best part about these demonRATS retiring (code for becoming lobbyist)…is that the democrat party is going to be left with only the really crazy rats!

  • Piquerish

    There it is.

  • Americaweeps

    Rats fleeing a sinking ship.

  • canineok

    Perfect!!!! Notice they are taking their chest of loot they stole, too.

  • Spooky3

    We patriots should register as democrats in each of these low information voter districts with a half dozen or more announcing their intention to run for Senator or Representative. Talk the lib talk (give me more, give me more) and walk the lib walk (trousers zippered in the rear) and we should do very well in the primaries as well as the general. When we take our seat inside the self enrichment zone in DC, well……..let the party begin.

  • canineok

    Really? I thought he was a Sunday School teacher.

  • Moose442

    Indeed. But WHO will Replace Them? Odds are THEY Will be a LOT

  • canineok

    Remember when Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the Democrats would run on the success of ObamaCare. Looks like Congressman Jimmy new better. Debbie couldn’t get pregnant at a g__g b__g.

  • JonathanSwifter

    A Moran-like figure, and his voter-fraud-committing son, are spoofed, and have their ears boxed, by Ben Franklin!, in: Foundering Fathers: What
    Jefferson, Franklin, and Abigail Adams Saw in Modern D.C.! Second Edition (

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    Why don’t they tell the truth- they are finally getting smart about their “Leader” . Let’s hope the other fools in the senate and house do the same – both parties.
    Someone made a comment that perhaps the administration has something on all of them. Hence their unwaivering support of this marxist in the WH

  • thetoysurgeon

    You can always tell the libard, they accuse, attack, and use choice words to show you their IQ. Who’s hating who?

  • Rascal69

    So, in other words, he’s a POS based on the information provided in this article.

  • Wmn04Ken07

    Fabulous. The rudest, crudest living representative alive is cutting bait. Oh happy day.

  • thetoysurgeon

    I wonder how big his bankroll is after supporting (lying to) his sheeple constituents.

  • thetoysurgeon

    You can run but you cannot hide.

  • Rascal69

    You were right the first time.

  • BikerBen

    You can run but you can’t hide.

  • Spooky3

    Finally, the pesticide seems to be working. Keep spaying people, spray until you are exhausted and then…,spray some more.

  • Rascal69

    I just answered a phone poll asking many questions about Obamacare and how I thought it affected my own healthcare plan, as well as the country. Somebody (seemed to be driven by a Democrat Congressman) is getting really nervous about the 2014 elections and my answers aren’t going to make them feel any better.

  • sh

    They can’t stand sunlight, either.

  • charlesmountain

    Soetoro best enjoy his last days of pretending to be pResident…
    Soetoro’s birth certificate and Selective Service are forged. His SSN is fraudulent.
    The media is jumping ship. Democrats are scurrying for cover.
    They’ve been covering for an illegal alien who has ultimately sent thousands of people to their death.

    The final death blow will be when Sheriff Arpaio’s forensic evidence
    of forgery proving clearly that Soetoro is an illegal alien is entered
    into the upcoming Alabama Supreme Court case.
    The One is about to be exposed.
    The Day of Reckoning is near.
    It will be breathtaking…

  • Spooky3

    Well said my friend.

  • ande850222

    Get an education. Maybe then you won’t say things that are so stupid.

  • Liberalsgohome

    Isn’t “appropriator” another word for spender? Also, aren’t all congressmen and senators spenders?

  • Spooky3

    Nor can they swim. Overboard with them all.

  • TaxpayerX

    The really smart political hacks know when its time to take the money and run.

  • Ironside

    Good riddance! I had to put up with you for the first 15 of those 35 long years.

  • AlbPerez

    Public servant? Yea right! These guys are so egomaniacal they probably believe they really are serving the public when they are elected as members of congress. They are self-servants!

  • WendyinOK

    Good riddance!

  • DesertStormVet1

    Can we get Pelosi to leave as well??

  • mark830

    The problem with congress isn’t too complex.
    They are crooks.
    They pass Obama Care.
    It is called a tax by the supreme court.
    They exempt themselves from paying the tax.
    Does something smell wrong here?
    It does to me.

  • Gutz_Otoole

    Appropriator?? That’s the hard way to say “spender of other people’s money.”

  • notanobamaliar

    Now that the democratic ship is sinking the demo-rats are deserting the ship.

  • overthecoastline

    “After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives, it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge,” Moran said.

    What would that challenge be, Congressman Moron…..continuing to live off the public dole via your over-inflated pension?

  • cristo52

    Bully and a thug.

  • Yogi Bears Tie

    Sounds like a real tool that could be best described as “the problem with Washington DC”.

  • Dave27

    They know they are on the Titanic.

  • johnsmith500

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You and almost all democrats and other creeps in the Congress.

  • NormHill

    Good riddance…

  • Mike Salus

    No he can vote for whatever he wants and no repercussions..

  • Mike Salus

    They’re like locusts. They destroy a beautiful place until NOBODY wants to live there because of Democrat Poverty polices and then they fly to a RedState and start voting for the same A-Holes that they did before. The once great state of Colorado is a prime example. The Lib / Comm’s went there from kalifornia and turned it into a craphole. If you move to a Red state from a blue state, you should not be able to vote for 10 years.

  • Americaweeps


  • Jerry Schmitt

    how does that go the rats leave a sinking ship

  • 7thFleetVet

    “After 35 years as a public servant.” That is about 30 years too long.

    Good riddance to this Leftist-Liberal.

  • Shep Schultz

    Who on Earth would downvote this simple statement of fact? Let me remind the Libtard who did; The truth only hurts when it should.

  • Jim Wolfson

    Go away, Möron; after 35 years as a useless, cörrupt, greedy democRat parasite on the taxpayers’ back, you’ve done more than your share of harm. And now you want to suck on the taxpayer teat for the rest of your worthless life.

    And FÜ BO, you PÖS.

  • Richard_Iowa

    Kudos to him. He pulled a “Kennedy” was able to move into his older years without working. And, he now has good retirement and healthcare plans.

  • Joe Smoo

    The rats are jumping ship. Wonder what is up?

  • 2BFree2B

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice of those old geeze liberal demoncraps croaked after they finally figure out they are worthless and quit…”however bad things seem now, they are going to get better” especially after the demoncraps “retire” one at a time.

  • Brian

    Another failure of a legislator leaving 20 years too late.

  • PVMan1

    Gettin’ out while the gettin’s good.

  • John Schmidt

    But Jr. just finished filling out all of the thousands of absentee ballots! “Thanks Dad for the carpal tunnel”

  • iceboxjones

    Begs the question doesn’t it!

  • nick

    They have destroyed America and raided the treasury and are now jumping ship PERIOD! They will go into hiding.

  • obozo1

    Scurry away rats, someone has to pay for this outrage.

  • philster7656

    I’m not surprised his district votes Dem. After all, it’s mostly people who “work” for the government. But I am surprised he was never beaten by a challenger- he was such a jerk I can’t believe his enemies within the Democratic party weren’t motivated.

  • wandrako

    Goodlatte used to be a real conservative but boy has he changed lately.

  • wandrako

    He didn’t vote for Obamacare.

  • Bteri

    Good riddance to this foul mouthed dishonest partisan, and his piece of garbage son too

  • wandrako

    And put in two worthless senators that are just a rubber stamp for Obama. Anything he wants they vote. We are hearing from Warner for the first time in five years because he is up for election.

  • wandrako

    They will not allow the school system to review their programs.

  • wandrako

    Anti-semite and hit a small boy running by his car or something a few years ago.

  • wandrako

    His son was caught teaching some dem workers during the campaign for Obama how to cheat.

  • Brian James Allen

    As a constiuent capable of research beyond bumper sticker rhetoric let me be among the first to ask that you don’t let the door hit you on the way out… Whatcha gonna do now? Work for Al Gore?

  • KC135TopBoom

    Another one bites the dust, and another and another one bites the dust…….

  • KC135TopBoom

    They will vote many more times……in the same election.

  • LysolMotorola

    Rats leaving a sinking ship. Too bad that because of scum like him the entire nation is sinking.

  • John Seymore

    I live in Vaginny….he is pure scum…

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    LOL, now that the democrats have destroyed America they’re running like rats from a ship they sank, I guess they think when the time comes the people will have forgotten about them and not hold them accountable for what they’ve done, I think they are dead wrong…

  • Barry Mole

    No worries. The Dems have pro-amnesty RINOs like Cantor and Goodlatte in Virgiania. The state is a toilet now. Amerika has one party rule.

  • Kathleen3

    Moran resigning…..prayers answered. He is one of the worst.

  • toomuchgovernment

    but the ‘machine’ will make certain one as ‘scummy’ as he will be put in his place..

  • Callawyn

    Clear sign House D’s know they have ZERO chance of retaking the House this year.

    Being in the minority in the House SUCKS, far worse than being in the minority in the Senate. You have no power. You can’t get your agenda even debated, much less passed. Contributions to your campaign, and the various perks that allow Congresscritters to get filthy rich, don’t come your way because you have no power, etc, etc, etc.

    Expect to see a LOT more House Dems suddenly finding the urge to “spend more to with my family” this year. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 10:1 ratio of House D’s:R’s retiring this year.

  • Callawyn

    D’s have no principles. Once a D gets a safe seat, its theirs for life.

    The only way he’d have drawn a challenger is if he wasn’t enough of a scumbag socialist.

  • yorugua

    Interesting two consecutive paragraphs from the article:

    “In 2012, his son resigned as field director for his father’s re-election campaign after he was caught on camera advocating voter fraud.
    But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power structure”

    Repulsive father and -not surprisingly- repulsive son. Pure reflection of today’s Democratic Party.

    How come the voter fraud “incident” was not a big deal in 2012?

  • arlngkent

    Well, as turds never do anything that isn’t in their best interests,I await the other shoe to drop.

  • dkn1234

    Good riddance! Get a decent non-Democrat in there who will look out for the people instead of looking out for obama, Pelosi, reid, and hillary….

  • Dingbat7

    You won’t get a conservative in his seat with all the illegals and Beltway Bolsheviks in his district…

  • Dingbat7

    If you look up “useful idiot” in the Stalinist dictionary, Moron’s picture is there as an illustration.

  • lyingmedia

    Lifetime embedded leftist in government and we wonder why America is on track to become a third world nation.

  • Edward Teach

    Same thing happened to California….

  • Dingbat7

    I had to laugh when he b’slapped the little black kid for looking into his Congressional limo at Cora Kelly School in Alexandria (1995 or so)

  • JohnJGalt

    Q. What do you call three Democrats leaving the House?
    A. A good start.

    Clean House, Senate too.

  • Dingbat7

    But we’re left with Gerry Con-man-elly – another drunk potato-head commie carpetbagger from New England…

  • MOE

    Hopefully the Republicans will get control of the Senate and the House. Then maybe we will see an impeachment of a President. Who does not uphold law,
    does not adhere to the Constitution and supports Islam.

  • Zach Martin

    Wait a minute, he’s a Pro-gressive. Don’t they care about the impoverished and less fortunate? Don’t they?

  • Veritasortruth

    Yes, you are correct AmericanKim. I grew up in Virginia but not in the Northern Virginia suburbs. However I have family and many friends in this area. This part of my family have lived there (NOVA) for over 100 years. So they have experienced the changes you have seen. They are sick of the changes that have happened in NOVA. They say the same thing as you, that the area has been ruined. It has all the traffic and conjestion of LA (in addition to the high cost of living), with none of the California amenities. And NOVA has changed the politics of the state. NOVA has turned Virginia Blue. With the exceptions of the other parts of the state that have large black populations, the rest of the state is Red.

  • Veritasortruth

    New Yorkers destroyed Vermont at least for the most part. You can throw in urbanites from some other sections of the Northeast as well.

  • Veritasortruth

    Any chance of Warner being defeated?

  • GovSlacker

    Another lying liberal loser is leaving Congress. After $18 Trillion in deficits. it is time to move on. Unlike most of his colleges he is choosing not to die while still a member of Congress. Now if he could only convince the rest of the Democrats to do the same, it would be much appreciated.

  • reader

    Good riddance to the leftist, liberal. Only problem is the idiot voters of his district will just vote for someone just like him.

  • gommygoomy

    It’s called: Rats leaving a Sinking Ship.

  • Veritasortruth

    With California it’s a little more complicated. California has been ruined by overseas immigration and people coming across the souther border. This is the problem MORE than transplants from other states. Parts of Los Angeles have been ruined by New Yorkers.

  • gommygoomy

    (_!_) ?

  • BlockTheTruth

    Retiring won’t do them any good because in the end they will probably be hung for treason along with gay 0bama,but there is no doubt in my mind that they will burn in the lake of fire…..

    The Holy Bible

    2Petter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.


  • Shep Schultz

    It happens. I feel sorry for the folks in his district. Obama must have the same sort of dirt on Goodlatte that he has on Justice Roberts.

  • BOStinks2

    Quickly leaving, eh? Did someone open up the skeleton closet?

  • David Kachel

    Three days, three communists gone. Not bad, but we can do better.

  • reader

    Mr. Moran, one last thing. Thank you so much for all those yea votes over your four decade (term limits anyone) run that helped amass the 17+++ trillion dollars of debt.

  • wminaz

    Moran says his chosen role in Congress was “…as an appropriator”. You can’t make up anything more “appropriate” for a big spender.

  • Eagle0542

    Yep after 35 years of running up a $17 Trillion dollar debt we get to pay him a pension only those of us in the private sector dream about. Thanks a pant load!

  • levotb

    That’s right, Shep! Badlotte has GOT TO GO!!

  • levotb

    Wrong! The problem with VA’s become a welfare state and there are far too many RINOs and not enough Conservative voters.

  • levotb

    …protecting the crimigrants they love!

  • MrThroatpunch

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship! You think they can smell something we cant?

  • levotb

    …of their scumbag culture…

  • levotb

    It isn’t just Obama allowing this. It started under Clinton but ramped up under G.W.Boosh. The Republican Party has strong ties with Islamist orgs such as the money-funneling CAIR. Until the GOP has severeed ties with CAIR and other groups promoted by the traitor-Islamist Grover Norquist, nothing’s going to change.

  • flicker66

    Good riddence to bad rubbish !! Do not shed a tear , he will land on his feet with a new position , a lobbyist

  • levotb

    So is Idaho. A lot of lefties from CA moved there years ago. It used to be a solidly red state, Montana as well.

  • VioletLoganGirl

    On to the private sector, he claims to despise, to make millions before he dies.

  • VioletLoganGirl

    They all know where its going. Out to feather their nests before nuclear winter arrives.

  • boondoggles

    Do our best to stop vote fraud. They are seasoned pros at it. Vote out every single dem that runs. Do not vote for a single one and vote out RINOs as well. Heck our neighbors could do a much better job than the ones we have now.

  • levotb

    Actually, Verita, L.A. was overrun by Mexican nationals and before them, MS 13 Salvadorans after the LAPD allowed Special Order 40 to pass, basically giving “a green light” to gangbanging Central Americans. The Mexican gangs came later and now dominate. But in sheer population takeover, it’s been all Mexico.

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    Nothing like a white guy representing a black district. Another rat fleeing the USS American Republic, a republic he helped to destroy economically and morally.

  • Heather Sharp

    Sounds like the scum-bag democrat character in Netflix’s House of Cards. Or any democrat I guess.

  • boondoggles

    Dodd and Frank sneaked out after they destroyed the housing and banking market. These people are pathetic in terms of morals. Good grief, I often wonder how theylive with themselves.

  • levotb

    Try living in CA if you’re a Conservative! Our votes never count. It’s winner-take-all.

  • levotb

    He’s just another stooge for the Chamber of Horrors…

  • levotb

    In private chat rooms, they’re called “OBOTS”, Crozetian!

  • Dvwrld

    Jim Moran,
    Bottom Feeder!

  • AtlEsquire1973

    So TRUE- How isn’t Goodlatte challenged in the primary, that snake oil salesman. Weak RINO, Boehner kiss a$$.

  • freeinpa

    Otherwise known as a Democrat politician

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Democrats- the party of Locusts- they are now trying to do the same to Texas- God help us.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    everyone is so correct- why don’t I ever hear an immigrant with a British, Italian or other European accent. I would love to get into a cab and hear an Australian accent from the driver- but its aways someone chanting the Quran or Karon or whatever the hell its called (and they are always on the phone). What are we doing????

  • ncpg

    So little time, so many Democrats.

  • Rob

    But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power
    structure, trusted by leadership to take reliable, liberal, party-line

    “I prepare to leave Congress feeling very wealthy,” said Moran,
    “grateful for what we’ve destroyed, and optimistic for the future of
    Northern Virginia, the Washington Metropolitan Region, and our police state.”


  • Jimbo Jones

    Dont believe anyone who tell you that you can not do a better job than anyone of these retiring bums.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    His website says different, just another anti-American dem, aka socialist/progressive/communist.

  • KikiEm

    Oh Yeah…..they’re all gettin’ outta Dodge. Rather than stay and acknowledge the devastating destruction this Administration is inflicting on us, they are running for the hills. Where do cowards go to hide?

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Pres Bush has been gone for FIVE years; isn’t it time to stop blaming him? Who has had control of our country the past five years? Hint: note terrible condition of our economy and degradation of our military.

  • Steelyal

    You Lib/Progs want Socialism??? Hitler, Stalin, Mao 210 million murdered. Wow what a scheme.

  • Steelyal

    There will/should be a program to extract all Progs from this nation. Worse than Polio, Aids.

  • BigDaddyDK

    Well, it’s a start.

  • Steelyal

    Better Education,Morals, Jobs and less Violence.

  • BigDaddyDK

    Agreed. I lived in Virginia for a very long time as well, and I saw the state go from solidly conservative to what it’s become today. Sad.

  • BigDaddyDK

    Not when the GOP keeps putting up retreads like George Allen. There’s a need for a fresh infusion of conservative thought into the party.

  • Crispyone

    isn’t this the same scumbag that accused our troops of killing women and children in Iraq?

  • HWarrior13

    His district is in a deeply government teat sucking district, he be replaced with another government teat sucker easily.

  • HWarrior13

    K Street

  • jrice2n

    Oh no, not Idaho.

  • U.S. Grant

    Lets see what the net worth of these civil servants has turned into in their years of public service?

  • jcwink

    Political ruling class fleecing the country right before our eyes.

  • KikiEm

    OF COURSE ! What was I thinking ? (This Town)

  • TheBruce

    He realized that (he helped) the Titanic strike the iceberg and now he’s running for a life boat. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Commentary Cat

    he will retire to a life of luxury you and I will never…ever be able to afford. Moran is already worth over 9 million dollars – now he gets a retirement that is tax free, pays for his primary residence up keep and modernization and allows him to write off 100% of all travel.
    You allow this to happen – you and I are going to pay for it until he dies, and then his wife dies.

  • whyIoughta

    Look at the loser governor we have. I’m just sick about it! He’s a pig with no lipstick!

  • Diogenes71

    Maybe Moran’s son will run for his father’s seat. He is well credentialed – accused, and apparently – guilty of voter fraud. .

  • Tumbleweed

    Remember that the democrats passed Obamacare! Vote all of them out!

  • King Lear

    These rats are exiting the USS Obamao early….criminal pieces of traitorous trash.

  • Diogenes71

    No conscience. Just pushing the progressive/socialist/ communist agenda. Nothing else matters.

  • GuardAmerican

    Rot in Hell, Moran, next to Geo. Miller of California.

  • Diogenes71

    New Hampshire, too. They are fleeing from Taxachusetts and bringing all their bad habits (liberalism) with them.

  • 1reallytaxed1

    You can’t fire me, I quit !

  • Bud Combs

    He won’t be missed. Good riddance.

  • Bud Combs

    Exactly. I grew up in Northern Virginia. Been here since 1972. Transplants from Libtard states and foreigners have taken over. Totally know what your saying AmercanKim.

  • BigDaddyDK

    You had a bad encounter with a pig one time, didn’t you? I personally have no animosity toward pigs that would ever lead me to make such a vile comparison.

  • Dan Defoe

    If only Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, McCain, Graham would announce retirement.

  • Robert Jesionowski

    Toga! Toga! Toga!

  • Sencho

    Wasn’t a mathematical error, it was a grammatical error. Fixed now, thanks for alerting me.

  • JohnWolf

    Are the Democrat Rats jumping ship

  • silentfor56years

    My definition of a Liberal Progressive the likes of this guy Chuck Schumer – Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama etc are the latest group out of the past 5 or 6 in history to proclaim that the only reason socialism/communism has failed is because THEY weren’t in charge of it. And that is why they are so pro gun control. Good riddance.

  • David Johnson

    My blood boils when these lying, malicious, self-serving Congressional dirtrbags have the audacity to call themselves ‘Public Servants’. They go down there and in just one term set themselves up for a lifetime of top shelf medical and financial benefits that they have voted for themselves. The fact that these democrats passed the monstrously offensive Affordable Care Act without ever reading it, and exempted themselves from it, is beyond contempt.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Thanks for your service. Now drop dead the day after retirement and save taxpayers the money. That would really prove you are a public servant.

  • J Kevin Brent

    Internal polling at the DNC must be apocalyptic if this entrenched Nazicrat has been asked not to run again. The pig voted for Obamacare, and even those feral beasts in the People’s Undemocratic Republik of Northern Virginia are mad about it.

  • Me1976

    That’s what they say. It’s like with gay people. They say they like them and support them, but then you make them mad and they’re the first to call you a f*g.


    These Democare dirt bags set up this horrific healthcare system and now they bail with their golden parachutes .
    The damage this man caused , not only with his support of Democare, but just about every other issue he voted on , is beyond repair,
    If people keep voting for criminals like this dirt bag for 12 terms/35 years, we will continue to sink.
    This rats are bailing out of the ship, before it hits the fan.
    Don’t worry, he will get another job and probably has it lined up today.
    He will become a lobbyist.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Enjoy it while you can, because when the SHTF, Americans will be coming after past & present elected officials worldly goods and taking back what rightfully belongs to them.

  • JDasien

    Well, bye.

  • DrChambers

    Take this trash out to the dumpster then burn it. Then send the ashes to the White House so moochelle can have some d ouche bag tea.

  • Bruce Darling

    Good riddance.

  • SuzyQ

    One word. Termlimits.

  • SuzyQ

    Must be Florida.

  • ab-704

    Get a job, Moran.

  • DietSoap


  • crabcon

    Uhhh…meet the new boss same as the old boss

  • John___Galt

    Run, liars, RUN!

  • John___Galt

    They ought to be imprisoned or worse.

  • John___Galt

    It’s too bad our enemies aren’t competent enough to get to DC.

  • John___Galt

    cuz it was in their favor.

  • John___Galt

    I like it: FUBOUPOS…

  • John___Galt

    Maybe he’s stepping up to a lucrative abortionist position in DC, where he can kill people without the usual political delays.

  • dixhandley

    All dems are pure evil. Republicans not far behind, but liberal dems are paving the way for the anti-Christ.

  • dixhandley

    Moran is one of the worse ever!

  • HWarrior13


  • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty


    DEMOCRATZI = A shadow of another party promising ‘hope’ and ‘change’ in Germany many years ago…that ended giving up their citizens nothing but destruction and tragedy!

    LOONATICS= A group of people…who think that when you are deeply in debt you need to spend more to get out of it!

  • 1NonPermissive

    An entrenched enemy of the United States is Jimbone.

  • ocdetf

    Good riddance scumbag.

  • dondoc

    Moran retiries rich and fat like all political hacks who have milked the taxpayers dry. The laws they pass apply to everyone but them. So long, goodbye!

  • jamie

    Thank you Lord. Another sees what Obama has done. Cursed the Dems for many years. Chicago politics don’t work in DC

  • Anti-Malware Links – You don’t retire from Congress; Congress retires you.

  • thaidude

    Good riddance to bad garbage.

  • President Broke Obummer

    Do you have a list of the Demonrats who didn’t vote for OwebummerCare?

  • President Broke Obummer

    Losers….I guess OwebummerCare is coming home to roost.

  • noodles5

    They are bailing out like rats. True democrat cowards that they are. He is one of the worst. Millionaire Democrat bozo.

  • JhoffaX

    And nothing of value was lost..

  • BahiaBob

    When a liberal retires, it’s a good day for catchin’ fish and a lifetime of crabs……

  • MichaelGuy

    Time for the Democrats to retire back to their Dachas. Another progressive politburo apparatchik will live lavishly and luxuriously on the blood and sweat of the productive. Even in retirement Democrats are parasites. But keep voting Democrat until the whole country looks like Detroit.

  • MichaelGuy

    Our Congress and White House is committing economic treason more perfidious than Benedict Arnold. Our “representatives and executives force us to cosign loans, but fail to mention what the terms, conditions and pledges of collateral are. Loans require collateral, such as national parks and off shore drilling sites and conditions, such as having the EPA shut down competitive (union) mills, mines and factories. As Solomon said, “the borrower is the servant to the lender” and our President and Congress act as servants to the Communist Chinese elite who have profited quite well from free trade, the Sunni oil sheiks of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the ever duplicitous ,Zionist, Foreign or American-Israeli plutocrats who own or control the Federal Reserve Bank, AIPAC, World Bank, IMF et al. Thanks to both parties America is now a subservient, indebted fief to the lords of Beijing, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and its suburb,Manhattan

  • Justin

    No problem. The Communist Democrat party will just replace him with another one. People in Northern Virginia are the Morans that turned that state blue — Virginia voted for Ob*ma twice and recently elected Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe as their governator. Morans.

  • xzan

    You people make me laugh. There is no difference in democrats or republican. They are like two packs of wolves fighting for our flesh. Wake up!!!!!

  • Sterlitz007

    Racist rat jumping off of a sinking ship.

  • Ham12

    Rats abandoning a shinking ship.

  • LostCountry

    “My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,”

    Appropriator: To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission.

    Moran has been lying, cheating and stealing from the people of Virginia for a long time now.

  • meadowlands

    Probably going to dry out

  • Bill30097

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Robert Trip

    More like ‘fornicator.’

  • Robert Trip

    The smart ones know when the boat has a big hole in it and it’s about to sink.

  • rockhall

    They did the same to the Pocono’s. Wherever they go they take their commie ideas with them and overwhelm the local political structure. Monroe county had to spend millions for new schools and when the economy tanked the metro NY left.

  • RMcG

    The ship must be about to sink since all the rats are trying to leave.

  • TheRight Stuff

    As you know, the ones that didn’t were out of political necessity. Funny how they said how popular it was but they had to provide cover for a good many of them.

  • buttaboom

    OH no!
    Does this mean that we won’t have to listen to the constant droning Morgan’s
    positions on everything the house considers? Another politician who couldn’t
    get elected for dog catcher outside of their district.

  • TheRight Stuff

    My sister is a lib that lives in NC. She’s been down there for a good 35 years and we’re originally from the north east- Philadelphia. Even she’s getting sick of the rest of the northeasterners that screwed up their states and are moving south. I live in NV and have only been here 4 years but locals tell me the same thing- very few people here are from here and it used to be a red state. There are so many from CA, WA and Ill it’s amazing. The latter are mostly south Chicago so you know that that means. Liberals and liberalism is like cancer- kill the host and move on to the next cell.

  • TheRight Stuff

    I swear the Democrats are the enemy within our forefathers warned us about.

  • James V.

    These Dems see the handwriting on the wall. They work from the playbook of lies, deceit and obfuscation, like their Dear Leader, and, they know that Americans are p*ssed, and will not stand for it, any longer. Buh Bye, libs

  • TheRight Stuff

    The sad irony of it is that a good part of Europe has recognized the error of their socialist ways and are changing policies. I’d emigrate to Switzerland if I could but they have very strict laws. I was looking at the crime statistics the other day. Listed by nationality were 22 countries. The top 17 were immigrants from a series of African and mid-east countries. The bottom five were from European countries and a fraction of total crimes committed. They’ve passed legislation that if you’re an immigrant and commit a crime you are automatically evicted from the country. No appeals or wishy-washy excuses. They’re more American than we are, considering the damage Democrats have done to our country.

  • Kedzie

    Geezers like this should have departed long ago from both parties. Unimaginable how much damage this Democrat did to this country over the length of his career. Sickening to think about it.

  • republicanprincess

    good riddance

  • Layla

    Public Servant? More like Menace and Opportunist.

  • republicanprincess

    really……i havent researched that but i dont believe it…he is a nutjob

  • republicanprincess

    ok now i have researched and moran VOTED FOR OCARE…………cha ching

  • Darlena1956

    Good, Goodbye!

  • Bucksaw

    Good, a couple more thieves out the door. They’re afraid to get their butts waxed in the next next election.

  • Superpower

    Good, save yourself the embarrassment of the fact that you sold America down the river. GTFO!

  • 4dees

    Another corrupt Democrat leaves. Hallelujah!!!!!

  • Bucksaw

    Typical tactics of vermin!

  • TheRight Stuff

    There’s a part of my mind that says, from initial early events, many areas of states wanting to form their own states because they want to break free of the concentrated areas of poverty, like NoVA. They breed like rats because they get more government goodies, whereas responsible people are having fewer children because they believe in self-determination. Initiatives in Colorado and CA are just the beginning. I can see Illinois getting fed up with having to support Chicago and the rural area looking to form their own state as well. It won’t happen overnight but once the dam is broken many will do the same….Hey, the Soviet Union imploded due to economic stress to form independent states based on common culture and beliefs, it can happen here.

  • Escher’s House

    One bum at a time, my friend.

  • xian

    wading hip-deep into the derp, I see

  • wandrako

    He was a dem years ago and then turned independent and I think he is republican the last several years. He was repub in ’10 so didn’t vote for it.

  • Layla

    92 MILLION AMERICANS out of work. THAT’S your legacy, you swine.

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    780,000 more women are unemployed today than when Obama took office. What’s really depressing is that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi aren’t included in that number.

  • Blair McKee


  • One Thirsty Bear

    Ironically perhaps, the unjust plunder that destroys morality, liberty, and justice is usually undertaken in the names of social justice, fairness, progress, and equality.

  • Veritasortruth

    Yes, a very astute observation.

  • wandrako

    I don’t know about website but he may have been an independent then but is republican now. If he was republican when that law passed he did not vote for it since there was not one republican in the House or Senate that voted for it.

  • wandrako

    I thought the subject was Goodlatte. If you are talking about the worthless Moran you are right. He has always been a stupid dem.

  • wandrako

    I think they all did. Not certain.

  • rr_nyc

    Hope he goes to jail with his son. Those two make McDonnell look like the Virgin Mary.

  • madmilt

    “My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,” Moran said in his statement Wednesday.

    And by no stretch of the imagination would Don Beyer (the current D
    candidate) be any different. Keep throwing these thieves out.

  • vernwalters

    I have a somewhat narrow interest and mostly follow the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall standards which was an issue Moran supported. Ending QE and preventing the Dodd-Frank stipulation in Title II for bail-ins made our nation safer from Wall St bondage and with this protection we could go forward with NAWAPA to hire 6 million people ensuring a taxbase to really run a nation. Moran had to withstand a lotta lotta pressure to push for ending bail outs so deserves to be praised for this as does anyone who stood up for the people against the Wall St. bull. At some point in history businesses that became incorporated had a time limit as corporations, I’ll have to google that but things have surely changed.

  • vernwalters

    “When American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. After fighting a revolution to end this exploitation, our country’s founders retained a healthy fear of corporate power and wisely limited corporations exclusively to a business role. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence elections, public policy, and other realms of civic society.” That’s an interesting bit from googling. Probably a lot more to it than that from historian more knowledgeable like Zinn or my other fav Toney Chaitkin. There are, of course, historians who like Remini who would definitely dis these historians.

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