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February 7, 2016

Wednesday Fundraising Roundup

Fundraising may not exactly be en vogue during the government shutdown, but releasing and filing last quarter’s numbers is.

Here is the latest in House and Senate third-quarter fundraising:


  • #GASEN: Republican businessman David Perdue invested $1 million in his Senate campaign. He will report $1.8 million raised and $1.3 million in cash on hand.
  • #MNSEN: Republican finance executive Mike McFadden, challenger to Sen. Al Franken, will report $700,000 raised and $1.2 million in cash on hand.
  • #IASEN: Republican Joni Ernst raised $252,000, according to The Des Moines Register.


  • #NV03: Democratic National Committeewoman Erin Bilbray raised $253,000 and will report $185,000 in the bank.
  • #NC07: Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre raised $189,000 and reported $524,000 in cash on hand.
  • #NE02: Republican Rep. Lee Terry raised $389,000 and will report $558,000 in cash on hand.

Emily Cahn and Kyle Trygstad contributed to this report. 

  • Montesquieu

    Collectivists attack individuals by claiming that they are greedy while asserting that collectivists are somehow solely altruistic.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Since prices serve as the free market’s communications beacons, government attempts to set prices of goods and services distort the signals that guide market players.

  • Patrick

    Wow, McIntyre really needs to take his fundraising to the next level if he hopes to remain competitive in his surly-brutal race to come. I’m definitely surprised his haul wasn’t larger, especially when you consider both the daunting demographics of his district and the fact that he should have no trouble raising the necessary funds at this point in the cycle (ie-he sits on the Armed Services Committee). With the race he has on the horizon the campaign should really be posting hauls around $500k in Q3.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Those who seize the opportunities afforded by liberty also have a moral obligation to address directly resulting negative consequences.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Where would money like those amounts you suggest for McIntyre come from?

    McIntyre has been elected and re-elected without campaign contributions anywhere near that level. Good grassroots campaigning might yet matter more than big financial contributions.

  • Defend Liberty

    While the liberty school works to limit the state’s coercive powers, the emphatic democrat knows only majority opinion as his a single rule.

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